Writing Essay Competition -5 Things to know while writing for an Essay Competition

It might be easier for a lot of people to write essays for personal projects but it becomes more complicated when it is a competition. An Essay competition requires expertise and creativity. The creative ideas injected into an Essay are what makes it better than the other competitors and this is the purpose of this text, to help you write Outstanding Essays for competitions.

Have you cared to wonder why so many Essays seem to hold great promises but end up not scaling through?

Do you feel like improving your writing level in other to stand a chance against other contestants in a hint for the grand prize?

Have you tried adding life to your Essay, with creative ideas and all but cannot seem to persuade the Audience and Judges about the viability of your Write-up?

You are certainly not alone on this, in fact, it leaves you asking yourself so many questions as to what exactly is required. You are not doing badly, you might just need an extra push; this is why this article is meant just for you. In this article, I will be telling you important things to know and things to apply in order to win an Essay Competition. Here is the ideal process when writing your Essay.

  1. Study the Instructions Properly

Every Essay Competition comes with a set of rules. It comes with a required number of words or sometimes paragraphs, a submission deadline, etc. It is advised that you memorise the rules so that you do not get disqualified for ignoring them.

  1. Make Proper Research and Outline findings

When writing an essay, you are expected to Brainstorm for information regarding the topic at hand. No matter how easy the topic might seem, you still need to know more about it. Read books, check for online sources, make findings, and compare scenarios, this will help you gather as much information as possible. When you must have gathered the data, write down your points clearly.

  1. Write the First Draft

The next step is to write a mock essay. It does not necessarily mean that you will not get serious about it, it only means that you are just trying to get going with your Write-up. In this first draft, you try fitting in the points you have gathered. It gives you an outlook on how your essay will look when it is finished.

  1. Edit and Proofread the Work

The first draft is then moved in for editing. In this process, you check for spelling and grammatical errors and also check if the points are clearly stated. This should be done with maximum concentration as some things might end up being missed during editing. Another important reason why this process is crucial is that it helps you see if the points you have are sufficient enough or whether you need to do more research.

  1. Write the Final Draft

This is the phase where you write the Essay Properly for submission. The final draft is the end product of all your efforts so far.

  1. Submit your Essay

This is when you send the Essay in for Examination. Ensure that you follow the guidelines provided in the rules of the competition.

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This is the step by step process required to achieve success in your Essay Competition but it does not end there. Below are Vital Ingredients that can help you Scale through in an Essay Competition.

  1. Invest in Research

An essay should not be written out of the Blue or in a haste, take your time and make some findings on the subject. This is the most important thing in the Essay process. The Soul of any Essay is Evidence, without it, the work will just be another unserious Write-up. Some Essay topics may require you to interview a few persons for more facts, you need to do so, write them down and back yourself up very well.

  1. Write a Catchy Introduction

The Introduction of an Essay carries is the Selling Point of that work. Adding an amazing fact in the introduction will certainly catch the attention of any reader. The last thing you will need as a writer is to have the judges find your essay less interesting right from the start. Your thesis point comes under this part so you must find a way of making it as convincing as possible.

  1. Add Some Creativity

This is the most interesting point to consider. You need to add a creative touch to your Essay and make it as splendid as possible. You can play on words and add some tenses that can help you achieve perfection and wow the reader. A description is also another creative ingredient for use. When you describe scenarios in your essay, you paint a mental picture of your choice in the reader’s mind. Make sure you have as many descriptive sentences as possible.

  1. Give it to someone to Read Before Submission

Adding it here and not in the steps is not an oversight, it is just to make you understand that it is not compulsory but necessary. After writing the First Draft and editing the work, allow someone else to read through your work. It will help you see your essay from another person’s point of view. This process though has issues related to it as you might end up losing all interest in the essay if the person gives it a thumbs down. It is advised to show it to someone you know is knowledgeable in either writing or in the given topic.

  1. Give it a Professional Touch

You should strive to make your Essay look Special by using a good format for it. You need to make it as neat as possible. Judges love well-written articles especially when it is properly structured.

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Winning Essay competitions is a Product of Hard work and expertise, you cannot expect to receive the Ultimate price when your Essay is below standard. This is why we have taken the time to explain to you in detail things to know in writing your essay so that you can stand a better chance.


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