Writing Essay Introduction -5 steps to Write a Catchy Introduction for your Essay

Writing Essay Introduction -5 steps to write a Catchy Introduction for your Essay

Writing Essay Introduction can sometimes be confusing especially when you don’t have enough information about the subject. The Reach and Viability of an Essay are dependent on the Solidity of the Introduction. It takes one Bad Introduction to ruin a Beautiful Piece, but when it is well written, it ushers the reader into a more pleasant reading experience. A well-written Introduction is the Selling point of the work.

The Introduction to every piece of writing does two things

  1. Catches the attention of the Reader: In order to get the reader glued to your writeup, your Introduction has got to be Catchy. The Introduction is the second point of call to every Writeup, not just essays, it is next to the Topic and so in order to get the reader to go through the entire text, you have got to write something enticing so as to make the reader go all the way through your writeup.
  1. Gives a Background Information: The topic for discussion is written already and then the introduction comes next, the Introduction provides a guide to the Essay, it is more like the usher trying to direct you to the main issue on the ground, hence, it has to provide some highlight of what is to come. The background information presented in the Introduction will stick to the readers’ minds while going through the Essay.

It is important to understand that when writing essay introduction,  the type of Introduction needed is dependent on the type of essay you are writing. The type of essay you are working on shapes the tone your Introduction will take. For example, if you are writing a Descriptive Essay, you will need to sound pretty Dramatic in your Introduction. When you are writing an Argumentative Essay, you will need to state a little bit of fact in your Introduction and then present your thesis (I will throw more light on the text).

Most Persons have issues with writing a Nice Introduction to their Essays; it is quite normal. The ideas could be down and well outlined or even developed but the Introductory part becomes difficult to articulate. Your problem is not peculiar to you, with a little help, you should be able to give your Essay a sweet touch and make it Super Interesting to read. In this article, we will be putting you through procedures to achieve that perfect Introduction to your Essay.

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In order to achieve this in Writing Essay Introduction , it is important to note the following points

  1. Add a Statement of Fact: The Introduction when written with a statement of fact first of all gives you some form of Credibility as a writer, it crowns up your entire article with Validity. The fact presented must be in line with the topic of discussion. You must understand that the audience will not entirely believe your work but when you present facts on the topic it gives an indication that the writer is quite knowledgeable and is worth believing.

E.g. If you are asked to write on the Topic; “Prevention is Better than Cure”. You can start by saying, “The World Health Organisation in her 2020 statistical analysis revealed that more than 30% of the entire world’s population are living with HIV/AIDS. This Virus up till now is yet to have a generally approved Drug. With the Alarming rate of Carriers, can we say we are headed for a complete outbreak; can we adopt any measure to see that we stay free from this deadly virus? Yes, we can!”

The statement of fact presented will validate every other thing presented in the Essay

  1. Be Brief and Concise: So many Persons make the mistake of writing lengthy texts when they are writing their essays. We should understand that the length of the Introduction is dependent on the length of the intended writeup. This is an Essay and most times is likely to be within 1500-2500 words. Writing long introductions is certainly not the way to go. It is important to note that “in the middle of too many words, the mistake is inevitable”.

Making an introduction as long as possible will not increase its drive, you might end up giving away your entire article in the Introduction, making the reader know everything you need to say can make him not bother reading further. In a normal essay, 2-3 sentences are enough for the Introduction. Also, the use of clear terms is necessary. When writing an Article, using simple, clear and understandable words is very important. The reader should be able to understand you from the word go. This applies to the entire Essay. If you are not limiting your Essay to High Intellectuals, it is good to keep the Grammar off.

  1. Add a Question in-between: This helps to fine-tune your Essay. Adding a question leaves the reader with something to ponder about. This thought-provoking question makes them think for a while, it makes them stay glued to the article for the entire answers to that question.
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E.g. If you are asked to Write on the Topic; “Education, a necessity for Nation Building”, you can go like this, “Education is the bedrock of any country’s future. Education guarantees a sustainable future for the progress and prosperity of the nation. Moreso, no country thrives above the level of education its inhabitants have. Owing up to this fact, considering the present educational status of our nation, can we really say we have a sustainable future? Not quite.

  1. Present your Thesis: Your Introduction must carry your school of thought on the particular topic you are writing about. You must state your own view concerning the subject at hand. If you check the two examples given above, you can clearly see the writer’s opinion on the topic. This statement most times comes at the last part of your writeup, making the reader know the direction the Writer is seeking to take before looking at the points given to back up that point.
  1. Play on Words: This feature centres on creativity. This creativity is necessary, especially in Expository and Descriptive Essays. You have to learn to deliver sumptuous lines and put a smile on your writer’s face through your creative writing. Most persons allow their Essays to be Stereotyped, they let themselves be Boxed into a corner. Be free, to state your points but then add some pleasant tenses.

E.g. If you are asked to write on the topic, “61st Independence Celebration: Nigeria, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”. You can go like this, “The Grandest of all, the Most Populated Black Nation in the World; with Over 150 tribes and more than 250 languages spoken, Nigeria has taken its place as the Giant of Africa. The diversification and dynamism of the Country coupled with its Aesthetical Features make it a Hot Spot for Tourists.

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Never forget their Industrious and Cheerful nature, Nigerians are Happy People. It is still to know if this happiness emanates from an assurance of a Safe Heaven or an acceptance of Fate, or Probably the efforts of our Heros Past or the Optimism in the next generation; either way, the Land is Green”.

You can take this further but then, the subtle excitement that it will trigger in the reader’s mind will be a propelling force to go all the way with the article.

Getting a Perfect Introduction for your Essay is not impossible, you can adopt these tips and you will surely achieve your desired result. If you get stuck, you can write the Body of the Essay before writing the Introduction, it will help you get more ideas for the introduction. Remember to keep it brief, you have an entire Body to state all your points so keep it brief and use simple terms too.

Your thesis is vital in the Introduction, so do not fail to add it so that your writeup can have a direction. The question you ask in-between must be a thought-provoking one, such that your reader tends to see reasons with your line of thought. Creativity is an important ingredient for a Catchy Introduction, learn to play on words, and if possible, be dramatic in your Introduction, it captures the reader’s attention.

In Conclusion in Writing Essay Introduction, everything you write in the Introduction must relate to the Topic, your Introduction takes a downturn when you deviate from the subject at hand, you should stick to the theme of the essay so as to carry your audience along with an archive Perfect Essay.

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