Hire a Virtual Supervisor

You submitted the first phase of your writing to your supervisor over five times, and he/she keep making corrections. You don’t know what you have done wrong, and you do not know what you need to do right for your supervisor to let you go to the next chapter. 

If this is you or you are facing something like this, have no fear; it is just a sign that you should get yourself a virtual supervisor. We have members of staff that can serve as virtual supervisors and help you in ways your supervisor might not want to.

Virtual Supervisor

Who is our Virtual Supervisor meant for?

Are you a book writer, blog writer, student or an employee of an organisation?

You have a writing to do or already completed a work but need an expert to have a look by reviewing what you have done to guide you on what you need to know about the paper.

Are you interested in handling your wrting or research report by yourself while producing the best and desired output? You will be assigned a Virtual Supervisor who will lead you all through the journey. This is an opportunity to receive the needed attention your writing desires.

Look no further!


  • Up to 50pages (12,500 words)
  • ₦500 per extra page
  • 1 Free Turnitin Check
  • 3 total hours of zoom call/meeting
  • Suggestions for improvement per Chapter


  • Up to 70pages (17,500 words)
  • ₦500 per extra page
  • 3 Free Turnitin Check
  • 5 total hours of zoom call/meeting
  • Free Grammarly Report
  • Suggestions for improvement per Chapter


  • Up to 200pages (50,000 words)
  • ₦500 per extra page
  • 5 Free Turnitin Check
  • 10 total hours of zoom call/meeting
  • Free Grammarly Report
  • Suggestions for improvement per Chapter

Why you need a Virtual Supervisor

Error-Free Report

While virtually supervising you, we give you free Turnitin Check as well as Grammarly Report to guide you on areas needing attention in your writing.


We will serve as your editor/proofreader. This means that your work will receive the needed expert touch before submission. This is value you should go for!

Extra Supervisor

If your supervisor is too busy to direct you on what you need to do, we are here for you. We are never too busy as it is our business to see you succeed.

Learning while Doing

Instead of wasting your time on tutorials that are not targeting your writing condition, you can simply learn by doing it yourself as will be guided.

School Guidelines

Where the school guideline or instruction is not clear enough, we can guide you on what is expected. This helps you to reduce the number of submission.

Intensive 1 on 1 Guide

A dedicated staff who will direct you either as a tutor on a given part of your work or take you by the hand throughout your research process.

We can virtually supervise any form of writing ranging from Research proposal, undergraduate research project, thesis, dissertation, assignment, essay, to other forms of writing to ensure your work comes out in its best quality. 

A virtual supervisor is someone who leads, supervises, and maintains you as your project, proposal, or another document is written, without necessarily having a physical contact. 

You are expected to make 100% payment before you are assigned a Virtual Supervisor.

You will let us know the reason and another supervisor might be assigned to you.

No. The Virtual Supervisor only serves as a mirror. He/she can point out the errors and directions/guide on fixing them.

As long as the Virtual Supervision last (Based on the subscription)

Looking for a Virtual Supervisor to guide you on that writing process?

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