Turnitin Plagiarism Checker

Turnitin plagiarism Checker was built to cater to the need of higher institutions, but we can help provide you with Turnitin paper checking service at an affordable rate.

Have you tried writing an essay, paper, thesis, academic material, or any other content you need to pass through Turnitin, and you keep getting a high similarity/plagiarism percentage? 

If you’ve been going through this, we are here to help. You do not need Turnitin registration, signup, Turnitin download or a Turnitin account or a school Turnitin subscription to check your content plagiarism level. 

Do you know we offer you an opportunity to check your document with Turnitin (outside your school turnitin account), and then you can fix the similarity flags, and then submit without any issue? 

 Before we continue, we would like to explain how Turnitin Checker works.

Turnitin Plagiarism Checker
Turnitin Plagiarism Checker

How does Turnitin Checker work?

Turnitin checker works by finding and locating areas or sections of content plagiarized or locating instances of copyright infringement in a document or academic material. 

As a result of the high usage of the internet and computers, it is presently very simple to copy or plagiarize jobs or the work of other people without appropriate referencing. 

But with our help, you would easily know the percentage of plagiarism and similarity your document has, and you can correct it before you turn it to your lecturer or supervisor. 

Why do you need to hire us to Perform Turnintin Checks on your document?

Turnitin software checks for plagiarism by searching for texts available inside a document that matches other texts available in other documents, and then it marks them with different colour indicators. You do not want to be the person that has all their assignments flagged with plagiarism all the time in your department.

Why should you hire us to Check your documents using Turnitin?

We make use of the same Turnitin software recommended by your institution for all Turnitin needs. Because of this, our clients can boast of submitting assignments, proposals, thesis, dissertations, essays, and many other writable materials free of similarities and plagiarism. 

Almost all reputable institutions of higher learning make use of Turnitin to control/checkmate academic theft/misconduct and plagiarism. As a student, you might have written your work 100% but did not cite or reference those whose work you consulted, properly, in the course of the writing.

This will get you in trouble and I am sure you would not need such embarrassment. 

Turnitin Plagiarism Checker

What happens to your academic document if you do not check it using Turnitin checker?

Suppose you write a document, maybe a paper, a proposal, or any other form of academic document. It has plagiarism or a high level of flagged similarity in it. In that case, you risk the chance of failing that course or getting in serious trouble with your lecturer or supervisor. No one wants that to ever happen to them. We are sure you do not want this too.

So what are you waiting for? Hire us to check your documents using Turnitin checker and relax and know that your academic document is in very safe hands.

Are you a business owner or manage large number of students? We have the PREMIUM package to take care of your need. 


1000 Per Check
  • 1 Turnitin Check
  • Report generated within 1hour of submission
  • Privacy Guaranteed
  • Delivered in Pdf
  • Exaplanations via zoom Extra ₦5000 ($10) per hour


On Demand
  • Turnitin Check of your file
  • Report generated within 1hour of submission
  • Privacy guaranteed
  • Fixing affected areas within agreed time
  • Contact us for Quote


10000 Per subscription
  • Turnitin Subscription
  • No account on Turnitin Required
  • We check your files from our end
  • Access to 20 Checks (₦500 per check)
  • Can be used once or different times
  • No expiration

Checking your files will not have an effect in any way as ours is set not to archive your document. This is same as the draft submission option that the school allows which is only meant for improvement.

By simply rewriting, reworking or paraphrasing the affected area. It all depends on the similarity rate  and term of reference or service you subscribe to.

No reputable institution condones plagiarism. Hence, in the course of making your work original content, the chances of 0% is near impossible and can only be achieved where the content is a report where you are expected to only state what you know and not observing what others have done. 

For instance, the subtitle: Background to the Study in chapter one of a thesis cannot be paraphrased or changed to something else and will definitely be marked as similar to others in the Turnitin database. This is same way Obi is a boy cannot be changed or paraphrased.

Sure, our tutorial service is always available at #5000 per hour. You can check the tutorial service page for details and booking.

Self plagiarism according to Turnitin is said to be a type of plagiarism in which the writer republishes a work in its entirety or reuses portions of a previously written text while authoring a new work. 

In this case, you are copying part of a work you’ve done earlier. This is termed self-plagiarism and it’s punishable depending on the stipulations of the school academic misconduct rules.

No. We will simply use the purchased service to test your files up to the number of times subscribed to.

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