Research Assistance (Data Collection)

Are you an individual, organisation, or a government agency needing  research assistance? We are available to carry out research on that proposed new product, topic and or case study. We also help in collection and collation of data.

Business Proposal & Market Research

You have nurtured that idea, We can help you give birth to it by conducting market research and analysis to give your Business that competitive edge. Hire us for Whitepapers, 1pager, pitch and promotions

Blog Content Development/Marketing

Do you need a blog writer for your blog, or company website for marketing purposes? look no further. Our team of writers will provide you quality SEO-rich contents. Also, you can hire us to write you a sales copy that will convert.

Care about Privacy, timely delivery and Original content? Hire our Professional content Writers for Msc, MBA, LLM, and Ph.D. Research Project topics, Thesis, Dissertation, Journal Papers, Term Papers, Research Proposal, Blog posts, data collection/collation/analysis & Proofreading

Professional Content Writing Services

99.9% Privacy

We will never let out your details to anyone or organisation. All information supplied to us is treated as Confidential

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Professional Content Writing Services

Free From Plagiarism or AI/ChatGPT

No AI/ChapGPT. We write manually. On draft completion, we provide a FREE Turnitin Report. This shows our commitment to original content.

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Professional Content Writing Services

Timely Delivery

At Writers King LTD, we beat your timeline/due date by handing over your draft on time for review and improvement before submission.

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What do we Stand for?

  • Thesis Services
    Thesis Services
    Don't let your thesis stress you out - we are here to help. Get your thesis done right with our expert assistance
  • Dissertation Services
    Dissertation Services
    Quality dissertation writing services for academic excellence. Let us take the burden of dissertation writing off you.
  • Data Collection/Analysis
    Data Collection/Analysis
    Quality data collection and analysis for your thesis, dissertation, and business needs. We have a team of reliable research assistants.
  • Paper Writing
    Paper Writing
    Journal paper for that conference? We have what you need to be part of that publication. We write it right.
  • Research Proposal
    Research Proposal
    Research Proposal, Letter of Intent, Seminar Proposal or Business Proposal? We are here to provide you quality draft.
  • Essay Writing
    Essay Writing
    In need of a quality paper free from plagiarism and 100% human touch? We are here to give you that quality essay
  • Company Profiles
    Company Profiles
    We are here to see that new business started. Get the company profile you will be proud of.
  • Copywriting
    Sales Copy or any form of writing for promotion? We have experts who will see that business gain the needed visibility.
  • Web content/Blog
    Web content/Blog
    Our SEO writers provide your organisation with quality blog or website keyword-rich content that drives the needed traffic to your site.
  • WhitePapers
    We can give that new idea a great look on the paper by presenting the core value, as well as the opportunities both in short and long term.
  • Press Release
    Press Release
    Get that coverage you deserve with our press release writing for your organisation. Let us craft your story with our exceptional press release writing
  • Business Research
    Business Research
    We are ready to conduct that business research and provide you with insight for that decision that will lead to an increase in profitability.
  • Blog Writing
    Blog Writing
    For academic, personal, or marketing purposes, we have experts that will give you quality blog content to achieve the needed result.
  • Book Writing
    Book Writing
    A book idea? Why not let us provide you with a book title and an outline free of charge? We help you plan and complete that book to the stage of Publishing.
  • Proofreading/Editing
    Do you have a book, thesis, dissertation, essay, journal paper, or any other form of writing? We can help you proofread that work to be error-free
  • Typing/Data Entry
    Typing/Data Entry
    Do you have a textbook, data, or any kind of work you would like us to manually type for you? Yes, we have the solution you are looking for.
  • Report Writing
    Report Writing
    For business or academic report writing, we are always available to help you produce a quality report writing draft.
  • Social Media Writing
    Social Media Writing
    We offer tips to help individuals and businesses boost engagement, as well as grow their online presence.
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Hire Professional Content Writing Services

Academic Writing Services

Here, you can place your writing order/request.

Business Writing Services

Let us proofread your content now for structure, grammar, and plagiarism.

Turnitin & AI/ChatGPT Checker

Check your completed work with Turnitin. Delivery within 2hours.

Research News & Tutorials

We provide you with trending Research News as well as FREE research writing tutorials and tips. Do well to subscribe for quality free content.

We promise privacy and that is what you get at Writers King LTD

The staff are not given your details but only have access to the guidelines/instruction provided.

Yes, we have a Privacy Policy and Terms of Agreement. Kindly follow the link to understand what we stand for.

Yes, you can see our Sample Papers HERE for different writing needs

We accept Bank transfers (Local and International), Card Payments Online, BinancePay, Western Union, etc. 

Let us know what’s convenient for you

We have just one option which is delivering quality. Unlike others, with a certain percentage (50% in most cases) we commence your job. We highly recommend you visit our terms of Service before subscribing to our service.

ALL contents produced are termed DRAFT because we expect the user/client/student/organisation to make input where necessary as well as to consume same in order to defend the content as produced.

Yes, we accept observation for corrections but with limitation: 

  1. In case of addition or removal of a variable(s).
  2. Adjustment in topic leading to reworking of most parts.
  3. Where the job exceeds 6 months after completion (for projects, thesis, dissertation) and 3 months for papers and proposals.

To commence, kindly provide details of your request: Topic, Due date, No. of page or word count, Guideline/outline/instructions and or any other information.

All completed drafts are properties of their respective owners. We do not have the right to share, re-use, publish or resell any completed draft as it is 100% the property of the owner.

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