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Without your thesis/dissertation, you would not be able to complete your studies or graduate as it is one of the core academic exercises you need to undertake before graduation. Are you busy with other activities and you don’t know who to talk to about your thesis/dissertation writing? Well, you are lucky because we have just the right thesis/dissertation writers who would take the stress away. 

Do you need a dissertation/thesis writer to give your work the perfect touch it deserves? We can aid you with Research Project Writing, Masters/PhD thesis/dissertation writing assistance in Lagos Nigeria, UK, South Africa, Kenya, and other English-speaking countries? Before we continue, let us explain a little bit about what a thesis or a dissertation means.

What is a Thesis/Dissertation?

This refers to a complete study with an introduction, literature review, methodology, discussion and findings, conclusion, summary, and recommendations of a specific topic that you might need to turn in close to the end of your academic program.

Dissertation/Thesis Writer

How many words should your thesis/dissertation take?

The word count required for a thesis or dissertation depends on what is accepted by your school as specified in your school’s postgraduate thesis guideline

The average required word count for the Baccalaureate is around 5,000-10,000 (five thousand to ten thousand words).

The average required word count for the Masters Thesis/dissertation is around 10,000-15,000 (ten thousand to fifteen thousand words).

The average required word count for Doctoral Thesis is around 15,000-100,000 (fifteen thousand to one hundred thousand words). For Word to Page conversion, see our Word Converter.

Why should you hire us for thesis or dissertation writing?

We have just one option and that is giving you the best quality. We achieve this by making sure an expert in your field attends to it, producing quality and original content. We have satisfied clients who have given us lots of referrals in need of thesis/dissertations and essay writing services as they trust we can deliver, and they both keep coming for more. 

With our thesis/dissertations, you are sure of original/quality content. We verify the originality of your content with Turnitin plagiarism/similarity checker (Free of Charge). So you do not have to worry that we would give you a plagiarized job or similar to another thesis/dissertation available on the internet.

You might feel you can handle the stress and pressures of writing your entire thesis or dissertation by yourself, and the fact is, you actually can. But there are parts of your thesis that might be so difficult you need it handled by professionals that have done it before. We are here for you and can give you Virtual Supervision to review what you have done to make sure it is of quality to reduce chances of rejection. It simply means that we have something for everyone.

You might know how to handle the introductory part of your thesis but might have an issue with other parts including the literature review of collecting and analyzing your data or even how to explain the methods used to get the sample size of your dissertation. But leaving us to handle your thesis and dissertation, you do not need to stress yourself with all of this. We can walk you through your entire thesis/ dissertation using our tutorial service.

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