Qualified Writer Needed

Written Application Assessment:

You are to develop a topic that will include the keywords in the content (But not necessarily in the title):  COVID-19, Corona Virus, Novel Corona Virus; in line with your discipline.

E.g. A topic in Business Education – The role of Business Educators in the changing world of business.

While the above topic did not mention any of the keywords (COVID-19, Corona Virus, Novel Corona Virus), the keywords will play a vital role in the content.


  1. Word count 1000 words (+/- 10%)
  2. Topic must be relevant to your area of discipline or interest
  3. Reference style APA 7th Edn (must be within 6years 2015-2021)
  4. Font 12”, Times New Roman, 1.5-line spacing.
  5. Original content
  6. Plagiarism-Free (Tolerance 0-15%)
  7. Submission Date 1week from the date of assignment.

Marking criteria for Selection

  1. Relevance to the field of your study (15%)
  2. Error-free content (10%)
  3. Quality/original Content (40%)
  4. Clarity and flow of Ideas (25%)
  5. Problem-Oriented (10%)


  1. Submit your content+ CV using the form on this page.

  2. You will receive a notification within 72hours of application on the acceptance or rejection of your application.
  3. Where the application is accepted, the terms of engagement will be given to you, and a bio-data form to be completed on acceptance of the terms of engagement.



  • Research Skill;
  • Great interpersonal communication skills;
  • Ability to spot data trends;
  • Great analytical skills;
  • Basic word processing skills;
  • Ability to Reference correctly;
  • Personal accountability and strong work ethic;
  • Professional, able to interact and work with other staff, showing team spirit;
  • Positive, “can do” attitude and ready to learn new things.
  • Originality and Information flow
  • Ability to work with a defined timeline
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