Writing as an Act and an Art -5 things you didnt know about writing

Writing as an Act and an Art -5 things you didnt know about writing

Writing happens to be majorly one of the most utilized means of communication stemming from the era when messages were handed down from generation to generation by means of lettering the sands and inscribing symbols on walls, but where does it exactly Fall under?

Curating an enthralled piece for a blog or website does that entirely make you a potential novelist? In all sincerity is there anything that distinguishes a piece of Robert Forst’s  “birches”  and your attempt to write an article?

Yes, one yet-to-be unearthed difference is that Robert’s “birches” is an already established piece of poetry adorned with organized words created to express feelings, while your attempt to write an article is exclusively a process.

While you keep masticating and digesting the above trying to figure out how I figured that out have it in mind that there is no actual difference subsisting between your attempt to write something and Robert Forst’s masterpiece, it’s a bit confusing and thought-provoking but when you are done with all the labelled out fact your understanding would definitely best the mind-boggling logic that has atomized your initiative.

When we propose writing to being an art we are looking deep into Frank Ogodo Ogbeche’s harvest of corruption we are taking an unending dive, a thoughtful study, into George Orwell’s “big brother” and “animal farm” we will be looking beyond the ink pasted on Pages and concentrating on the artful blend of tenses, cursive and expansive realization, rich character development, the illustrative framework. How easy was it for you to discover that Aloho was 5ft tall, fair, and a lady? How easy was it for you to discover the state of her environment the brazen disarray and dishevelled setting?


How easy was it for you to believe in the central topic of animal farm?  It is similar to perceiving a picture painted or drawn, the well-targeted and traced-out details were able to create an image that subconsciously links you with the artist’s thoughts and feelings.

And you got this exactly by reading a single line, writing as an art doesn’t have to be sorely novel writing, it engulfs all forms of written works.  We can understand this better by reading through sales copy and grasping how words are used to give ideas both abstract and otherwise a discernable purpose, wouldn’t you marvel over words that for some reason allure you to purchase goods and patronize services? Wouldn’t you want

to conclude that that very form of advertisement is trickery; it is black magic, no! It’s writing. Writing is an art.

Writing as an art can be seen as expressing feelings with written words, just like music; a lyricist passes us a message that we visualize by reasons of his spoken words, words that were formerly ingrained on a piece of paper. Or similar to that of a spoken word activist, or a dancer these are the calibre of individuals that are basic to the form of art because they adhere to the most central definition of the word art.

ART is the conscious use of skills and creativity. They consciously express emotions through storytelling, body expression, and the use of metaphor all these are central to the diverse forms of writing crossing the border that separates formal from informal, typically because it is the foundation for every work of art.


How to be an artistic writer

Is there really anything like artistic writers? Well, yes there is something like an artistic writer, they are those writers that involves in all forms of writing except the likes of legal documents-

Try using these tips while writing:

  • Employ the use of sensual language to create an atmosphere
  • Choose words careful to create idioms and introduce new elements
  • Your first few lines must sustain the interest of readers, this is very essential
  • Avoid the introduction of jargon and foreign languages except if they are well understood and popular slang or very needful to construct a sentence, create an aura of understanding with your wordings and labels
  • Do not imitate the writing pattern of someone else, cultivate your own till it is accepted, and always be original. Adopting the writing technique of another would just lead to creating a lesser quality than the original

Do you understand this? If No, please ask your questions in the comment section and it will receive an answer; If Yes, then we can proceed

  • Write and never forget to edit- do this slowly
  • Do away with lengthy descriptions- except, once more, if what you are doing requires it, take for an example you’re advertising, you won’t want to bore readers out of their skin right? So you’d have to employ the use of brief sentences, but if you are writing a novel of encyclopedic variety the use of lengthy wordings would be most required.
  • Break rules, but not grammar rules, doing that would just make your work less meaningful
  • Dabble with creative thinking and make out the output on paper- all writing is an act but creativity is needed.
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Now writing as an act is a process of manipulating specific memories into words, this is once more where the analogy of your attempt and Forst’s already published piece comes to the limelight again. You are already dozed with the inspired thought you have already organized those thoughts in a manner that can be easily poured out once the quail marks the paper, that is In fact an ACT, it is the process the period by which you are transferring what has been stored in your head into live written works, writing as an act is bringing words from possibilities into existence.

There was a point where I started to elaborate on you versus Forst, your attempt versus his finished work. Earlier I pointed out that there is really no difference between them both, as per writing as an act vs. writing as an art, now this is because the process is essential for the finished work, your attempt at writing an article doesn’t alter the structure, your attempt is the art because that is where the explosion of creativity begins, that’s where deep feelings are being gathered together and then the process fills the empty pages. WRITING IS AN ACT AND AN ART.


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