Hypnotic writing- mastering the act of seduction through writing

Hypnotic writing- mastering the act of seduction through writing

As you go on reading this word for word, you’d find out that you’re getting dizzy, you’re getting sleepier…sleepier…and by the reasons of you giving each text a voice…you’d find your eyelids getting heavier…and heavier…you’ve spent your whole life taking direction, heeding to one warning, listening to a simple voice…this is that voice telling you…

Was that what you envisaged to be the content of this article? Because that’s where everybody drifts to on hearing the term hypnosis, well you didn’t shoot far off from the goal post, according to Joe Vital hypnosis is getting you so relaxed that your mind especially your subconscious is more receptive to command, so yes this article will indeed teach you how to be that voice that everyone listens to.

The idea began with the use of mesmerism, the believed crooner and father of the act were France’s very own Franz Anton Mesmer who erected the standards of his salon in the year 1765 to cater for patients by applying a magnet to afflicted body parts believe it or not Franz developed this theory and was made renowned, it surprisingly provided satisfaction.

It wasn’t until 1841 that James Diaz a British doctor adopted the use of a lancet to enhance the technique; he used that to induce sleep further putting his patients in a state that would leave them with no other option than to respond as supposed to his suggestions, he carved the act out as Neurypnology.

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It wasn’t some kind of simulacrum, a form of “copycat-ing” done by Diaz, no! He had little regard for the activities carried out with magnet; he was more into verbal suggestions. Believing, that it actually works, would be somewhat of asking too much but Ambroise-August Liebeault provided strong claims to be able to cure people in hypnotic states with suggestions in the year 1884 and by 1914 the technique hit the German war trench and infantry and upon discovery it was made that soldiers suffering from shell shock could actually be treated with hypnotism.

But the above isn’t really centred on hypnotic writing it’s more of hypnotism the art than hypnotism-the writing, by “hypnotism the writing” I mean the writing that is irresistible, the writing that cannot be skipped this particular type of writing is the type that leaves its contents ingrained in your cerebellum it’s the kind of writing that impels a reader to act upon what he/she has read, it’s the aesthetic enjambment of a sentence with built-in spellbinding words and commands.

Let me ask you a simple question, have you ever come across a write-up so indulging that you lost track of time? Probably yes or no, but there is a slim chance that you have never read the book of revelation by John the beloved  or better still the Tempest by William Shakespeare

What was most popular about both? And why are they both renowned? The comedic 16th-century play begins with a trigger, a conflict-riddled prologue of a shipwreck, this was described in the Hypnotic brain by peter brown as a hypnotic tool used for captivation, and after that, it follows with a dialogue where readers are instructed to sit down and listen, that’s a persuasive mind absorbing command.

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Similar to the book of revelation it starts with a constant display beating on urgency, we find out that on reading the first few chapters there is a warning constantly sent to various walks of life now before this warning the book of revelation had in its prologue this words

“…which God gave to him, to show unto his servant’s things which must shortly come to pass and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John” this alone compels a reader to sit down and read, following that scenario is the vision given to John which holds the constant warning, of course, readers would want to go on just to understand if truly the warnings all become actualized. This should be your first lesson, GET ATTENTION, what isn’t appealing can never secure the interest of readers.

From your endpoint as a writer, I would like you to indulge yourself with this simple assignment before reading on,

What kind of a writer are you and where are you currently at?

Answering this would make what is here much easier for you to understand and adapt. Let’s proceed.

Have you checked lately what’s on-screen? What is currently making waves and commanding reactions? Popular things that only surface and meet recognition aren’t the repetition of what happened in the ’90s or in the early 2000s. This should tell you that before you write a piece on getting the desired hook you’ve designed, brainstorm for something new, it’s quite normal to see a plane fly or a skydiver fall out from an airplane but in our modern society can you drop a pin on the estimated number of people that would gather with their cell phones placed adjacent to their head and slightly above their shoulders just to take a video or a picture of a dog sky diving?

No you won’t reach the estimate, the dog would go far it would make a wave on social media it would gather reactions and people would scurry to YouTube and other media outlets just to have a glimpse of that bizarre happening, people hardly look at the sky, but from that moment everyone’s attention would be on the sky or at least the picture of it.

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Your follow-up shouldn’t be an anaesthetic, it should trend with the similar energy of the hook, of course, it’s easier said than done. Hypnotic writing is not magic, you don’t need a spellbook, you don’t need a magnet and you most definitely do not need a lancet to do so, it’s simply strategy. I believe this should be the right time to tell you that hypnotic writing begins and ends with carefully selected and placed KEYWORDS.

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How so?

Do you know what Shirley Jackson used to keep people glued to his books, have you figured out why David Ogilvy’s sales copies are always read? Or why people couldn’t just get enough of Christie Agatha? Maybe it’s because of the killer plotlines and copies and unmatched creativity.

It’s definitely that, but for you the reader at the other end to comprehend what message they had for you, you have to go through lines of sentences. This is the determinant to your end as a writer, your sentence, and the words you weave are what have an effect on the mind of a reader.

Take Christie Agatha, for example, she is one of the bestselling authors of all time, do you know what made people come back for more? Hypnosis, she hypnotized her readers till they hand no more volition and when she suggested her next book they came back running for more.

How is that even possible? That would probably be the question hitting the entire structure of your mentality.

In accordance with the documentation that aired on the British documentary television in December 2005, a group of scientists from three principal varsities studied 80 of Agatha’s work, their discovery was almost unbelievable, they found out that Agatha used words to provoke chemical reactions to take place in the brain of readers.

Her sentences, words, and phrases were analyzed digitally with the use of a computer and upon doing so scientists resolved to conclude that her phrases triggered a happy, pleasure response.

This same study carried out and adorned as the Agatha project showed that Christie employed a similar technique, but in a literary manner, used by psychologists that taps into the reader’s mind and unclogs the flow of positive energy.

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The Agatha project upon securing a result revealed that common phrases used by Christie performed as a trigger that led to increased secretion of endorphins and serotonin; now those random science words are key factors that initiate addictions. Endorphins are responsible for the decreased feeling of pain in the body.

The secretion of It leads to a feeling of happiness, modulation of appetite, release of sex hormones and enhancement of the immune response, with a high endorphin level an individual feels less pain and fewer negative effects of stress similar to serotonin; a key hormone that aids in stabilizing mood, feelings, and happiness.

This is well-replicated in seemingly abused drugs like oxytocin and opioids the likes of Heroin and codeine and even chocolate. This is what makes people run back to whatever containment can provide that feeling, also serotonin is responsible for that uneasy feeling you get when listening to ominous soundtracks accompanying horror scenes.

The horror clips aren’t really what makes you cringe back in fear, although it contributes to that, it’s more of the low-tuned ominous sound that forces the secretion of serotonin alerting your body of possible danger.

These are what horror, paranormal and thriller writers capitalize on to keep you stuck. This without a doubt emphasizes the use of certain words and phrases, that unconsciously appeal to individuals. Agatha is now recognized as a major harbinger of the Mystery genre she was pronounced as the best-selling fiction author of all time by the Guinness book of record.

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This shouldn’t be a new development to you that the use of creatively positioned words stimulates readers to indulge; this same style is patronized by politicians as a useful tool in structuring their propaganda. It brews up interest in readers.

The study went on to point out in Agatha’s writing that favourite words and phrases were repeatedly used in a mesmerizing way that stimulated the pleasure-inducing side of the brain included; smiled. Yes, she, girl, kind and suddenly .this should tell you Undoubtedly that while creating a hypnotic write up your wordings are major tools that on positioning them wrongly would result in a less effective message. Likewise, they are also words in business marketing that can help send your readers and audience into a complete state of trance that on that you can easily suggest A as B and they will consent to it, this words as detailed down by George Gafner includes: Imagine, wonder and story.

You might be wondering at this point how this even works, most times when some say suddenly at a convention or Sunday school sermon, “let me tell you a story” there is this sudden spike of interest stemming from the mind of every individual, they’ll all start beaming with attention, do you believe this?

This has been why a number of marketers employ testimonials and makes-believe stories to further sales because stories are easily relatable at any point to resolve to put listeners at ease, once the tale begins the whole Agatha project comes back to play but this time dopamine is created and it is also responsible for pleasure. Is that clear?

Do you want to know more about this and marketing?

How can you create a hypnotic copy sale that can convince 80 of the 100 per cent of your audience to patronize your product? Well, you begin with your hook, you get the attention of the reader, you follow with structuring your words as earlier explained and then you champion COMMUNICATION.

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Note, before you launch ahead to structure gibberish, the purpose of your copy is to communicate your product with your readers. This would involve you translating it word for word using an appealing yet creative tone to present. This means that you shouldn’t write as if you are trying to manipulate an individual into buying something even if that’s what you are actually doing. It’s a major turn-off, nobody would want to buy what they have no desire to.

Begin with an emotional appeal, your write-up shouldn’t be about you it should be about the reader, conjure a sentence consisting of all they would stand to gain, and use the features to highlight the benefits.


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