Writers Block -Meaning, 3 causes and how to overcome writer’s block

Writers Block -Meaning, 3 causes and how to overcome writer’s block

Writers Block is simply defined as a Condition where a writer is unable to produce a creative thought or idea in the particular piece of writing he/she is handling. It is a problem associated with writing in which a writer fails to generate any inspiration for his project, thereby stalling the work temporarily or permanently. By Implication, writer’s block can either be temporal or permanent, the writer can revisit the work after a while or that might be an abrupt end to that piece.

What are the Causes?

  1. Lack of Inspiration

Every piece of writing comes at the back of a driving force; an inspiration. The entire process cannot be completed without inspiration to either start or finish the project. It is possible to get stuck at a point but your inspiration will drive you through the entire process.

Inspiration comes from various sources; some get theirs from nature. They just go seat by the bank of a river, look at the Aesthetical beauty of creation and the ideas just flow in. To some, their inspiration is the Profit; as long as it pays, they will write. They write for the paycheck and that becomes a driving force.

Some persons find their inspiration from other people’s works, mostly related works. When we talk about this condition (Writer’s Block) it means getting stuck. This strategy helps them escape being boxed into a corner. Without inspiration to write, there’s definitely going to be a hiccup for ideas.

  1. Emotional Instability

The number of words most people say when they are upset is way greater than the number of words spoken when they are excited. Humans work with the state of the Heart. It influences the productivity level and causes either a sudden rush of enthusiasm or dampens the morale. The happenings within and around a writer go a long way to influence his writings. The happier and more relaxed he is, the more productive he will be.

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What can you say to motivate a writer who has just lost a dear one or his job, to make him stay focused on the work; it will certainly take a whole lot. Writer’s Block certainly takes advantage of the situations in the life of a writer to drain any form of ideas and inspiration for the work, causing a temporary or permanent abandonment of the writeup.

  1. Unfamiliar Territory

A writer sometimes is expected to be a voracious reader and have lots of knowledge even in abstract fields. However, it is not possible to be knowledgeable in all fields and when projects related to those abstract fields come around, the probability of getting stuck is really high. It takes a whole lot of courage to delve into unfamiliar terrains. To that Effect, the writer must have as much information on the topic as possible or risk getting short of ideas.

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How to overcome writer’s block

Before I continue, it is important to note that this is not an abnormal situation or one peculiar to some persons; every writer has at some point in time experienced this situation. The only thing that makes it different for some persons is the approach they take to handle it. They build an experience level which helps them start over and ultimately overcome it. Some may wonder since this situation happens to everyone, it means no one is totally free from it.

You can certainly be right in a way, but, a lot of people have found ways around and have understood how to be consistent and achieve their writeup within the shortest possible time. Let me share with you some tips.

  1. Read, Read and Read

As a writer, you just have to read, your slogan should be “No knowledge is a waste”. You can recite it every day. Random texts and articles can be so useful in the future and you just have to keep reading. When you are faced with topics you are not so conversant with, you know for sure that the only remedy is to read.

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In a case where you are searching for more ideas, you babe just got to read more. You can read about the subject or related works, or choose to read random and abstract writeups. At the end of the day, you are simply building capacity and increasing your horizon. All these can be achieved if you can read.

  1. Engage in Extra-curricular Activities

When you get into a situation where you run out of ideas, you might need to get yourself engaged with activities that can help you ease off. Some people decide to trek long distances or do other exercises. These things do not only help you get back your ideas but also help you relax your nerves. When you are done and get back to the work, things will surely be different.

  1. Join a Study Group

In this sort of condition, you need as much help as possible. I would have asked you to seek help from a single person but a study group involves some more persons you can always run to when you get stuck. That way, ideas will continue to flow. You can even throw in questions that can help you generate more ideas and have the entire team proffer answers.

  1. Get Some Sleep

I call this the “GSS” model. This is the one I mostly apply. When I get stuck in any writing, I keep the work aside and sleep the issue off. That period of sleep helps you get your acts together and get your senses back. This strategy is ideal and has personally been a helpful one.

  1. Get Busy Elsewhere

When you get to the point where the ideas seem to be far away, keep the work and get involved with something else. You can decide to cook your meals or tidy your room. You can take the opportunity to do some of those things you have been postponing because of the work. In the middle of those things, you will be surprised how ideas will start to flow again.

  1. Keep the Ink running

Yes, I know the ideas are not forthcoming, I also know you are stuck but you can overcome Writer’s Block by writing. Now I know this might sound like I’m asking you to stay on a particular spot till you fade out, but not really. You can write anything, anything at all. You can decide to write about a Dog that went to Church or an egg without a yoke but keeps that ink running. In the middle of the random writings, you could open your brain to an Amazing idea that can drive your original writeup.

  1. Find your Inspiration

To escape writer’s block, it is important to find out what inspires you and always fall back on it. I know writers who do so well when they sit beside a gentle Stream, some partake in Religious Meditation, others do Yoga, and some persons read romantic stories. Whichever way you know is a good escape, apply it in times like this and you will certainly escape Writer’s Block.

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In Summary, this situation is not peculiar to you alone, do not be hard on yourself, every writer has experienced this or still experiences this. Learning the skills to quickly handle it is very important. Always be determined to get back to the work and do it better, above all, maintain the right attitude and you will certainly scale through.


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