Become a Top Writer -How to get on the list of Top writers in the world

Writing is a skill and like every other skill requires passion and dedication to become great in it. A lot of people have come around trying to learn how to write but are not patient enough to go through the rudiments of writing. It does not end in scrambling words together and mixing tenses, you go as far as studying your audience and paying attention to little details in-between. This is why so many people claim to be good writers but fumble when they are put to test.

This article is aimed at helping young and aspiring writers to improve their writing abilities and see them to the top. It focuses on giving you important tips that can help you grow from being a Rookie to becoming a Professional. The question now is, how far do you want to take your writing to?

  1. Read and Read Again

Every good writer has something in common, they read. You will ask, “…But what I want to learn is how to Write, not Reading, so?”. You are right in your thoughts, you want to learn to become a Top Writer which is on the other side of things but you have to understand something important; Every Good Writer is a Good Reader. If you want to improve your writing, you must develop a Reading Culture.

In recent times, the reading Culture amongst people especially the younger generation is something that has reduced, the introduction of social media has been a blessing but with lots of distractions it comes with, the reading habit most persons imbibed has taken a downturn and this has really become a hindrance to their writing as well.

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Why must I Read to become a Top Writer? Here are a few reasons

Reading Sharpens your Brain: Writing entails sharing information and these pieces of information are well saved behind the covers of books and journals. You need as much knowledge as possible to be a Top Writer. There is no better way of getting this knowledge other than developing an ability to sit down and read. The knowledge you gather will help you create your own writings. Until you sit down and read, you cannot sit down to write.

You Learn Rudiments of Writing: When you study other people’s works, you will learn how they are able to articulate their write-ups and thereby fashion your own in that same light. Reading will help you understand how to use vocabulary and where to apply tenses. The more you go on with this, the more you get a greater understanding of the writing process.

Reading gives you Ideas on areas of Interest: Writing opens you up to loads of ideas on areas you are interested in writing about. For example, if you decided to be dedicated to Business Write-ups, Reading will help you broaden your knowledge about it, giving you as much information on that field as possible so that you write meaningfully.

There is no limit to what you can read, a wise man once said that “No Knowledge is a waste”, as it will prove useful someday. Having proven this point let’s go over to the next

  1. Write Often

You cannot learn to be a Top Writer without Practicing. Just write, write every day if possible. Make writing your recreational activity, let it become part of you, put to practice, the knowledge you have gained so far. You can choose to start from short articles, then graduate to longer write-ups. You can browse for new topics to write about and take up writing challenges to help you stay focused. Pretty soon, you will become sold out to it.

  1. Get an Editor/Mentor
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Whenever you write something interesting, you need someone to help you put it in order, an Editor will assist you in making sure that your article is well written and we’ll arranged it. If you cannot get a professional Editor, look for someone who is much better than you in that regard to help you go through your work. They will point out errors and help you get better. Mentorship is something you must not ignore, get yourself a mentor, someone you look up to, knowledgeable in writing, if possible, a professional. That person will help you get better and will see to your constant development.

  1. Join a Study Group

As a writer looking to get better, it is important to join a group of like minds, with people willing to improve themselves too. They will help you grow as well. Within yourselves, you can create schedules, games and competitions which will always keep you engaged and enlightened. Also, a Study Group can help go through your work and give you feedback and reviews.

  1. Seek New Areas of Interest

I know you cannot be interested in too many areas and it is not a bad idea, However, a Top Writer must challenge himself to spread his tentacles to new grounds. This is not asking you to be a Jack of all trades, it is an encouragement to expand your Horizon. Write about another field of study, take it up as a challenge and very soon, you will see yourself improve greatly.

  1. Find Your Inspiration

Every Writer has something that inspires them, where they derive their best ideas. Some people get it from nature, and stay close to it as much as possible, for some people, music does the trick, some find it in awkward and wired places. You need to find someone or something that inspires you. This will help you overcome writer’s block whenever it comes.

  1. Seek for New Ways to Express Yourself Through Writing
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Writing is a Skill and to get better, you need to find greater avenues to showcase your talent. Search for and participate in competitions, collect writing jobs both online and offline, volunteer to write on behalf of your group during group assignments, etc. These writing routines will help you to the top.

In conclusion, keep that ink running and never stop. There is always room for improvement so never get to a point that you feel you you have reached the Pinnacle, look again, you will see the need to get better. Ever thought about writing your own book? Who knows, this could be the start of a Top Bestseller. All the Best.


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