Starting a blog -6 tips on how to successfully become a blogger in Nigeria

Over the years, essentially at the invention of the internet, blogging has made a name as one of the most lucrative business ventures, it is not just lucrative but also it is relatively easy to start and doesn’t cost much (that is, it is not capital intensive).

More so, I would like to encourage or admire your commitment if you’re reading this and for your decision to venture into the business of blogging. It is a real vast space that is full of loads of enthusiastic and vastly talented personalities.

Blogging in a general term can be channelled towards various business modules which include but are not limited to business promotion and commercialization, personal branding, marketing, campaigns, journalism, etc.

However, the purpose of this work will be focused on answering the question: How do I start a Blog and what do I need to know?


Blogging is one of the best types of lucrative businesses on the web or the internet. This is so because bloggers are vested with the freedom to pick when and how they work and make a lot of money from doing it. Most people know this, and they have different reactions or make certain types of actions with such knowledge.

Let’s create a mental picture which will be used as an example, in a class of 100 people that know about blogging and its capacities, the following estimates will be used to ascertain their various reactions:

  • 84% of this class will hurriedly make rash decisions, spend a lot of money trying to build a blog and then it becomes a big flop.
  • 15% make proper inquiries and research, start slow and make a lot of money from their blogs.
  • The rest of the class considers the job or business too hard or too stressful and discards the newly found knowledge almost instantaneous or immediately after it was discovered.

Hence, the aim of this article is to reduce the number or percentage of people that belong to the first class in the example and provide candid tips that aspiring bloggers are advised to follow before starting up a blog.


A very important point that most people overlook. I think there is a quote somewhere that says something about people making sure they invest their time into doing something they love if not they are wasting their time proves most effective in blogging. This is so because the early stages of blogging, like every other thing or business which people wish to venture into tends to be hard at first.

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The only thing that will keep you going at that point where it seems too difficult could be the fact that you actually enjoy what you are doing so you put a lot of effort into it and you are eager to see it blossom. One of the mistakes that new bloggers make is the fact that they go for blog niches which they think are more profitable instead of what they love. They do not know that people can profit from any type of blog niche massively provided that it is advertised or marketed properly. So, in line with the first point, aspiring bloggers are advised to:

  • Settle down, brainstorm and draft out a list of the things they like and would love to write about.
  • Pick out that hobby or activity which he/she likes to do best from the list drafted.
  • Turn it into a niche.



Below are some crucial tips on how to commence your own blog:

  1. Creating your blog: the first thing to do is to choose your blog name and get your blog hosting: married couples who have just delivered a baby would most likely pick out the name of the child even before conception. The name of your blog should be the first thing on your mind if you want to venture into the world of blogging. The name of your blog is the identity and the personality of the blog, hence it is one of the most vital parts of this venture.

When choosing a blog name, you must select a name that is not abstract from the purpose and vision of starting the blog or of the blog itself. The name must be a voice expression of what the blog seeks to represent and services rendered by the blogger and his blogsite. The name will go a long way in what becomes the domain name of its importance in creating the first impression. There also exist sites that can help you name your blog, one of which is Wordoid.

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Another crucial part of this tip, is to get your blog hosting, picking out a name representing what you seek to achieve is one and the other part is to safeguard and own the name and this is done via hosting. To host your blog you’ll have to go to Bluehost to get a free domain or transfer your existing domain through the setup process. The reason people prefer Bluehost is that it is cheap, faster, and easier to mange

Start your blog by adding WordPress. The argument for using WordPress as recommended CMS has been given by as WordPress gives greater control over how the blog looks, feels, and helps to make blogs more creative in terms of control than any other platform.

  1. Find Your Niche. This is not compulsory for you to have as a blogger but seriously, it helps to have a clear description of what you’re passionate about and committed to achieving and that’s what having a niche entails. A worthy counsel is: as an up and coming blogger don’t start writing about something you don’t have passion for. Create a blog for or about something that has a unique perspective.
  1. Define Your Ideal Readers. When we talk about your ideal leaders, we’re talking about a set audience, which will include both your primary audience and your secondary audience. You need to be aware of your readership. Your ideal audience is people who are interested in the exploration of your niche. For example, if you own a blog with a niche for writing

about newborn babes, your ideal readers would be probably, families and friends.

  1. Have or create your Original content: business worlds that have no competition would require that intending adventurer into that world should criticise the viability of that business. Everything lucrative would have competition. Hence, blogging has competition also. You’ll find that there as people offering or rendering similar services as you, people will answer the same questions you’re seeking to answer and in the face of this dilemma, it is only necessary that for you to retain relevance you must have a distinctively autonomous view. This will prove that your blog is different from the ones around. You have to be interesting. Your perspective, your creativity and the value you add should build up your originality.
  1. Add, Reinforce and Amplify Value: your blog must always seek to add, reinforce and amplify value at all times and with every content to the lives of its readership or audience both on the primary, secondary and tertiary levels. By doing this, you’ll raise and fain better and essential readers to your blog and they will keep on being regular visitors.
  1. Build Capacity: when you make the choice of being a blogger, you’ve made yourself a public item. You will unconsciously have your life on display and from everything we’ve built so far, it’s safe to say that your blog is an aspect of your life that you want to display for correction, reproof, exhortation and edification of your readership. In view of this, you must seek to always improve your person. You must build yourself and seek excellence so as to kit live hypocritically thereby creating a dent that will chase away your audience.
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In conclusion, I want to first remind you that people start blogs for various and diverse reasons, these reasons might be in different lectures, some weird, others excellent, some amazing, others awful, maybe few amazingly, awful but regardless, every blog carries the uniqueness and the distinct identity of its creator or original blogger.

When we blog, we send parts of our incubated thoughts analyzed through careful and proactive thinking and if you’re going to start a blog I want to make a good statement that every blogger or intending blogger must not in fact as a matter of fact never forget: your blog is the internet expression of your person, build it with excellence.

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