Composing Cover letter for job application – Cover letter sample with 5 main structure

Composing Cover letter for job application – Cover letter sample with 5 main structure

This post is focused on Composing a Cover letter for a job application which will provide a step-by-step guide on how to write a cover letter for a job application with a cover letter sample.

A cover letter is the formal writing or letter submitted alongside a curriculum vitae (CV) while undergoing the job application process. It is a singular piece of writing which ought to contain the spiciest and most concise summary of its writer’s personal information.

The term ‘spicy’ in this context means a piece of writing aimed at grasping and maintaining the interest of its reader till the end. As vital as a cover letter might seem, composing a proper one seems like a small task, but it has posed a great challenge for most people. If you are one of these people, you have come to the right place.

The essence of this article is to educate you on all you need to know about a cover letter and how to compose a proper one.

How to write a cover letter for a job application – Structure of a cover letter

A well-structured cover letter ought to contain the following elements:

  • The heading.
  • The salutation.
  • The body paragraphs.
  • The closing paragraph.
  • The sign-off.


The heading is the first part of a cover letter; it can be subdivided into two basic parts, namely:

  • The writer’s side.
  • The receiver’s side.

The writer’s side of the cover letter, as its name implies, should contain the basic information of the writer of the letter. It is the first form of information inputted in the cover letter; thus, it is situated at the top right-hand side of the letter. It consists of the following elements, namely:

  • The writer’s name.
  • The writer’s home address.
  • The writer’s phone number.
  • The writer’s email address and/or the name of other formal social medial platforms like LinkedIn.
  • Date.

A cover letter sample with the above elements

Harding Ellis,

42 Mozambique R/d,

  1. O. Box 2418, Barnawa, Kaduna.


September 18, 2021.

Similarly, and as its name implies, the receiver’s side of the cover letter ought to contain the basic information of the letter’s receiver. It is the second element inputted in the cover letter; thus, it ought to be situated on the lower left-hand side of the letter. It contains the following elements:

  • The name of the receiver.
  • The receiver’s job title.
  • The name of the company or desired place of work.
  • The company’s address.
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If you cannot produce all the vital information for the receiver’s side of the cover letter in one sitting or if you are unsure of it. Conduct proper research before composing the letter. This can be done by going through Google or any other search engine. An ideal example of the stated elements includes:

Sir Stevenson Thomas,


Rock Hotels and Suites,

2 Egypt Road,

P.O.Box 4210, Barnawa, Kaduna.


The salutation, otherwise known as ‘the greeting’ of the cover letter, curtails only a singular line that begins with the word ‘Dear’. It seems like the easiest part of the cover letter, but it is one of its most important elements.

This is so because however you decide to address the receiver of the letter in this section signifies how he/she might view the letter in the long run.

Hence, it is important to address the receiver by his/her name in the most modest way possible. Not only will this give proper credit to your cover letter, but it will also prove that you conducted proper research regarding the company or place of business and you are sure of what you are applying for.

An example of a salutation includes:

Dear Sir Stevenson Thomas.


Like every other formal or academic piece of writing, the body paragraphs of the cover letter are its most important element. It is very important because it gives the employer or receiver a basic overview of the following:

These two elements also seem pretty easy; however, they ought to be dispensed in a persuasive manner, thus proving to the employer or receiver why you feel you are the best candidate for the job position. These body paragraphs ought to be grouped into three, namely:

  • The first paragraph.
  • The second paragraph.
  • The third paragraph.
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The first paragraph of a cover letter introduces the writer and his/her essence in the letter. It ought to consist of the following elements:

  • The desired job position of the writer.
  • How or where the writer (or applicant) saw the vacant position?
  • The date on which the vacant position was advertised.
  • The reason for the job application.

Since it is a formal letter, remember that a cover letter is a form of a formal one; hence, it ought to be as brief as possible.

An ideal example for the stated elements includes:

I am writing to apply for the receptionist position at Rock Hotels and Suites as advertised via an ad on Facebook dated 31st August 2021. After displaying my exceptional communication skills at a previous internship, I am willing to work hard. Explore and grow my career further by seeking new challenges in a new work environment.


This writer’s aim in this paragraph is to lay down his/her skills and qualifications which seem ideal for the job position. In other words, the second paragraph aims to provide ideal skills and qualifications which the writer possesses that best suit the desired job position.

This is done to prove to the receiver why he/she(the writer) is best suited for the job. It is important to note that the skills and qualifications provided in this section will be a brief but in-depth version. The resume, which will be attached to the cover letter, will provide a broader overview.

An ideal example of the stated proposition includes:

I have repeatedly contributed my quality communication skills in my past work fields. My skills also stretch as far as topnotch attentiveness, an ability to work with people and work well under pressure. All of which will prove vital for the receptionist position at Rock Hotels and Suites.

You can impute more skills and conviction to this paragraph, but remember to be as brief as possible.

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The writer’s aim in the third paragraph is to tell the receiver a bit about the company and why the company best suits his/her personality or intellect. This paragraph is vital in a cover letter because it showcases the information obtained from proper research about the company, thus impressing the receiver. An example of the stated proposition includes:

Rock Hotel and Suites is well known for its quality intake of customers daily. This is so because it aims to comfort people from different walks of life, not minding the size of their pockets. This inspires and aligns with my personality and intellect, as it is always my basic aim to help and comfort people.

I have repeatedly displayed this claim and wish to do it more efficiently as a receptionist at Rock Hotels and Suites.


Otherwise referred to as the ‘Complimentary Close’ of the cover letter. It is aimed at performing the following tasks:

  • Bringing the letter to a close.
  • Summarizing what you will bring to the place of work and position being applied for.
  • Requesting an interview or a phone call from the receiver.

An ideal example containing the stated elements includes:

Thank you for taking out time to review my letter and my resume. I want to discuss my skills and qualifications further; thus, I look forward to being invited for an interview at your earliest convenience.


This section aims to bring the letter to a proper close finally. For this section, the following phrases are considered the most ideal:

  • Best Regards.
  • Yours sincerely.
  • Many thanks for considering my request.

It should be noted that a cover letter is a form of a formal letter; thus, the informal methods of closing off a letter ought to be disregarded. If the letter is handwritten, the writer is permitted to input his/her signature before inputting his/her full name. If it is typed, however, the writer ought not to bother.

An example of the stated proposition includes:

Best Regards,

Ellis. H.


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