Professional Job Application Writers – How To Pick a Good Resume Writer Plus 5 Recommendable Resume Writers Services

Professional Job Application Writers – How To Pick a Good Resume Writer Plus 5 Recommendable Resume Writers Services

Writing an effective CV is no easy task. Before you can confidently submit your application, there are so many things you need to get perfect, the structure and layout you choose, the information you include, and the right words and expressions to demonstrate your knowledge and abilities. But you still need to tailor your resume for each application.

Have you ever considered hiring a professional resume writer? If so, then you should read this article. Continue reading to learn more about resume writing services, including comparing the best providers.

Many believe hiring a professional job application writer is a significant waste of time and resources. Sadly, many people opt to settle and use resume templates (also known as cookie-cutter resumes). They are unaware employers are searching for more than just the bare minimum of data.

A professional job application writer dedicated to their profession is also dedicated to seeing that the work you perform together has positive outcomes for you. They go WAY beyond just listing your current and former work and a laundry list of your major duties and responsibilities. A professional writer also avoids using uninteresting resume templates.

Your CV must showcase your worth, highlight your talents and abilities, and detail your professional accomplishments and contributions to current and previous companies.

Career accomplishments are important because they highlight your skills in a variety of areas, including problem-solving, time management, team leadership, employee relations, and effective communication, to mention a few.

Remember that you must be able to support any accomplishment you list on your CV. While everyone might claim to have accomplished great things, not everyone has the evidence to support their claims.

Be prepared to back up your assertion! Candidates who are aware of their strengths and have invested the effort to create a resume that stands out from the crowd are valued by employers.

It conveys that the applicant knows that the employer’s time is valuable and that they have no intention of squandering it.

You now understand what makes a resume well-written and what encourages potential employers to add you to the “keep” pile. Now the question is, does your resume fit the bill?

If not, you should think carefully about hiring a professional writer.

Many resume services differ in terms of their kind of services, return times, customer service, and even pricing. We’ve examined several online resume-writing services and selected the top 5 for you to choose from.


One of the most well-known resume writing services online is TopResume. You’ll first notice their free expert resume review offer when you initially visit the website. Who doesn’t enjoy doing their research before making a purchase? Within 48 hours, a resume-writing expert will analyze your application and provide feedback.

This is a terrific approach to determine, without spending any money, whether you require the help of a professional resume service. The cost of TopResume’s resume writing packages varies depending on the services provided, so you can select one depending on the support you require.


Additionally, ZipJob provides a free expert resume review within 48 hours. Large corporations, including BBC, Google, and GE, hired candidates who used their services.

Their authors will work directly with you to ensure you receive a completely personalized resume. Your resume will be scanned using ATS software to ensure it is optimized for programs comparable to recruiters.

Let’s Eat Grandma

Along with its fee-based resume services, this organization, with a witty name, also provides free career guidance. One remarkable feature of their offerings is that each package includes a cover letter with a customized resume.

Their pricing options include phone consultations with their professional authors; this direct communication is a wonderful touch. Their teamwork is what distinguishes them.

According to your feedback, they offer to provide you with successive drafts of your resume that have been revised.


One of the biggest job advertising sites, Monster, also provides resume-writing services. Their authors are known for being personable, dependable, and able to complete assignments quickly.

Their entry-level resume writing service is extremely reasonably priced at $129 a page. The other plans involve creating a resume and a cover letter and updating your LinkedIn profile.

Their turnaround time is 5 working days, but if you choose the Premier Plan, you can accelerate delivery to 2 working days. They guarantee to revise the resume once if you are dissatisfied, as long as you let them know within 60 days of getting it.


Since ResumeWriters is the largest online network of independent resume writers, it has access to the greatest writers across a wide range of industries that unquestionably adhere to the standards established by the International Association of Resume Writers and Career Advisers.

They offer industry-specific resume writing services, so whether you’re a teacher or a tax expert, they’ll have the correct resume writer to work with you. This sets them apart from their rivals.

How to Pick a Good Resume Writer:

Do your research. Countless career service specialists offer resume writing services. However, not all authors of resumes are created equal. Verify any certifications claimed by a resume writer. Unfortunately, some dishonest people out there falsely pretend to have credentials.

  • Visit their website – Find out whether they have experience in your sector or field. Look for endorsements that speak to their work’s calibre and positive impact on their clientele.
  • Reach out to 3 at least – You’ll know more about each resume writer’s capabilities and whether or not they’re a “good fit” for you after doing your homework and speaking with them. Don’t give in. Make an informed selection by investing time in thorough study.

You’ll discover right away that hiring a resume writer is worthwhile. It is a chance to secure interviews for jobs you are confident will be personally and financially fulfilling; in every way, the investment is worthwhile.

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