7 types of e-books you can write -Book writing idea

7 types of e-books you can write -Book writing idea

Bringing to light, the purpose of this article is to hone your focus, ability, versatility, and sense of direction concerning e-book creation to razor sharpness. Writing your e-book requires a wholesome amount of process and work, certain types of e-books are complicated and the creative processes are tiring compared to others.

But before we proceed into delving into it all; the types and easiest to produce, I would go through the definition of an e-book.

What is an e-book?

An electronic book abbreviated as an e-book is a version of a printed book that can only be read on a computer or a specifically designed handheld book.

With this you should put in mind that an e-book cannot be produced in a hardcopy format, it can only exist in softcopy and be accessible online, via the adaptation of various mediums with internet connectivity.

7 types of e-books would be discussed, how to create them, and what it would take to create them within minutes.

First off, before you mount before a keyboard with the lingering sense of scribing an e-book, you should select a topic that can be easily expressed with much clarity, but if you can’t pinpoint exactly where to draw a topic from endeavour to write a guide.

  1. Writing a guidebook

What is a guidebook? A guide book is typically a how-to-do book, it is a pointer, a map of everything required to be done in an intended area of concentration that covers either a topic or a subject. It can be, 17 ways to, 19 rules to, the initial “how-to”, methods of, etc. Some examples of this kind of book are;

  • A cookbook.- subject
  • How to make a lion casserole- topic
  • How to bake a chocolate cake- topic
  • How to fix a broken armchair
  • 6 methods to adopt while setting up an air conditioner unit
  • 19 rules to adhere to while raising your child- subject
  • 7 ways to potty train a dog
  • How to subject your child to moral standards-topic etc.
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Creating this particular kind of book is easy owing to the fact that the contents to be outlaid should be empirical and void of aggressive or critical thinking.

2. Daily liturgy book

A daily liturgy or a daily ritual book is a book that provides befitting ideas on how to carry out daily related activities in subsequent order to promote satisfaction and fulfilment. Creating a book of this sort is awfully easy from the onset to the conclusion as much of what it should consist of is the equivalents of T.D Jake’s “repositioning yourself”.

It should always begin with an assessment housed by a thought, “what makes Monday routine so hectic?”, “How can I fine-tune my work rituals to gain more breathing space?” once an effective resolve has been unearthed work to effect the publication of it in fine prints.

The basis of this book should be founded upon numbers, it can be a number rule.

  • “45 tips”,
  • 254 ways to have daily rituals
  • “365 days of”

If less prone to bewilderment, you can write a liturgy for handling events, episodes, and circumstances so far they stand a chance of concurrent reoccurrence.

  • How to jump-start your Monday
  • Planning a ceremony.

3. Tips book

At this point, there would be an accurately predicted prodding thought that’s provoking the seemingly obvious question to the surface, “what’s the difference between a guide book and a tips book?”, isn’t a tip book the same as a guide book but with different spellings?.

If knowledge as a sequence hadn’t complicated the noun statement “book” they wouldn’t be a difference

Ploughing through memory lane, you’d discover that we earlier concluded that the primary objective of a guidebook is to attract prospects and structure a database list for marketing, using the “how to” as a hook. A guide book is like a tour manual, a phone manual, or a computer user manual that directs prospects in knowing the entire crib, expanse, and surroundings of an idea whether broken down into topics or just plain subjects.

A tips book on the other hand should be perceived as a network for pitches-(idea pitches, business pitches, movie scene pitches). A tips book provides an existing concept with a new format.

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A tips book shouldn’t present in-depth information but should rather peel the skin off the surface, e.g.

  • 23 tips on how to grow healthy teeth
  • 43 tips on how to manage time
  • 4 tips on how to save money

Note, the above excerpts hinged on hints and not the initial idea, it didn’t state to elaborate on “how to grow healthy teeth” but rather “tips on how to grow healthy teeth”, likewise, the state of your tips book provided you elect to write one, should follow a similar format.

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4. Single big idea books

A single big idea or one big idea is basically a cluster of academic, narrative, nonfiction, worldview and how-to genres; it is a hardwired anthology that floods all societies

A single idea book reveals a specific kind of growth, a transition for both writer and reader, Mark Mason’s best seller the subtle act of not giving a fuck, gives a deep insight regarding the concept of a one idea book, his book revolved around a central opinion “not giving a fuck”, he gives a series of narration building to the central idea, the lackadaisical crux- this is the kind of growth being talked about.

In writing a one-idea book you’d have to focus on a central plot, give a narration that brings to the recognition of the idea you’re vying to display, and see it as writing a Bildungsroman- popularly known for being central to the coming of age stories.

Some examples of such;

  • Take a nap, change your life- Goodnovels
  • How to formulate your framework of learning.
  • The need to read.

5. Other experts

What entirely does this connotes? exploring Dale Carnegie’s “how to stop working and start living” outlines a subject that bears a likeness to this particular type of e-book, although hard covered, most excerpts of great use to buttress a point in Dale’s book were all drawn from interviews, after having a still life confrontation with a couple of his clients in which he tutored, he took to using their audio messages to form a basis.

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That was his gimmick, his selling point and most especially it was the raw fabric, the block foundation which he built his book upon.

Adopting an audio interview, a casual conversation probably about politics or the weather to create content for an e-book isn’t a bad idea, so far the interviewee or the second party involved consents to it. Is that clear?

6. List book

A list book is a composition of a proposed itinerary on how to carry out a task or an idea, they are drafted in “ways to” some examples are

  • 30 ways to save money
  • 65 ways to film for your vlog
  • 33 ways to up your health factor.

7. FAQ- Question and Answer

Engrossing content for a book like this can be a bit of a mental tackle, where do I start?, how do I start? how does a book like this even exist?

A book like this exists to suffice thought mongers, and answer questions, similar to how all-time famous BlogSpot’s like Quora, yahoo plus answers, reddit, are currently reducing curiosity.

Making a book like this doesn’t necessarily have to hamper your initiative; it is basically sorting for famous brain-boggling questions and providing answers then publishing and repeating.

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It can be a 15 or even a chapter book supposing you can obtain answers to 15 /16 life puzzling questions, some examples of what you can go at are;

  • How can stroke be prevented?
  • How can I upgrade my brain without shattering my brain?

Thank you for reading 7 types of e-books you can write -Book writing idea. We hope you enjoyed it. Do well to share and comment your thoughts below.


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