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Do you wonder how many pages a given number of words is? This website converts the number of words to the number of pages, online and for free. This tool is useful when writing essays at university to determine how many pages you are required to write.

The number of pages changes depending on the number of words, the font and the font size. You can select the following fonts: Arial, Calibri, Comic sans MS, Courier New, Times New Roman and Verdana. Available spacing options: single spaced, 1.5, double spaced.

Note: This calculator provides an indication only and works most accurately for an academic essay with four paragraphs per page and no (sub)headings.

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Writing academic papers causes a lot of stress for many students. They look at the word count almost compulsively to make the limit. Students often struggle to complete assignments on time for various reasons, including low grades.


With the help of a word-to-page converter, you can easily estimate how many pages your project, thesis, dissertation, term paper, or journal paper will require without constantly checking the word count.


With writersking word-to-page converter, you can easily convert any amount of words to pages; this free tool offers accurate solutions and works best for academic essays. 

You may be asking why it’s so important to know the word count to estimate the number of pages. You’re probably accurate in thinking that the meat of your work is what ultimately matters the most.

However, the length of your article also counts for several reasons. A sizable percentage of teachers often include word counts in their assignments. It’s useful to translate the total number of words to the equivalent number of pages to understand better how much writing is required.

Many students often wonder why school work has to be so complicated; teachers pile on the writing duties for their impoverished students. This isn’t even the worst part, though.

The worst aspect is that there are usually no clear instructions for completing these jobs. Particularly in terms of the recommended length of a paper. For example, they may state the required page count but fail to guide the preferred fonts and font sizes. You do not want to make these mistakes and bring down your overall GPA.

You shouldn’t waste your time being timid at school or university. If there is something you are unsure of, don’t hesitate to ask your teachers for clarification.

If you’re confused about how many pages equal how many words, the internet is here to help. Check out the Words to Pages converter if you cannot wrap your head around a writing assignment.

Use a word-to-page converter to find out how many pages your document with a given word count will be, highlight several words or paste in some text, and then select the desired formatting style to estimate how many pages your paper will be.

Word to page converter is a no-cost tool that estimates how many pages your work will take based on its word count. The purpose of this handy tool is to help you determine the number of printed pages your project will require.

This is helpful because most professional paper, thesis, and dissertation writing services can only accept orders with this information. Simply enter the text you wish to convert or indicate the number of words you wish to convert it to, and the converter will handle the rest.

You can then adjust the text’s spacing and font/size. If you enter this information into the tool, you may immediately see the page count. It’s totally at no cost and very simple to use.

To give you an idea of proportions, a page of single-spaced text contains about 500 words, whereas a page of double-spaced text contains about 1,000 words. However, this is very dependent on the typeface and margin specifications.

Developers work tirelessly to simplify student’s life by releasing new apps and web-based resources regularly. You can find a free calculator online that can handle even the most complex calculations with ease. The best part about these resources is how simple they are to implement.

For example, converting from words to pages doesn’t require much effort. Paste the problem you’re having trouble with, and the answer will appear on the screen in a matter of seconds. There should be no surprise in the fact that the potential of AI advancements grows each year.

The rise of artificial intelligence means that we may soon lose hundreds of jobs as machines take over previously human-only tasks. That’s why majoring in the proper thing in college is crucial.

There is less important than you would give the total quantity of words in an essay. You need to pay special attention to the paper’s content and main point if you want to achieve a good grade. As a guide, professors typically provide an anticipated page count.

How long it would take the typical student to conduct research and compose a report on the subject? It’s meant to serve as a guide, not a set of rules. There should be no shame in adding more pages if that’s what it takes to contain a crucial piece of information. When editing, just keep an impartial perspective and remove everything that doesn’t make sense. With practice, you’ll get better at editing and be able to quickly identify unnecessary elements of an essay.

How word to page converter works

A page’s word count can change for a variety of reasons related to layout, paragraph and word spacing, as well as font and size. A single-spaced paper will be shorter than a double-spaced one. Similarly, using a larger font size or a larger font style, such as Lucida Sans as compared to Calibri font of the same size, can cause the document to have more pages.

It will be challenging to make this mental shift. This is greatly simplified by the word count to page converter. To get an accurate page count, most online converters will want you to enter information about the page format, font, line spacing, font size, and margins. The number of pages will update as you input or paste your material into the box. It won’t take long and is simple.

Example of word count converted to Pages

For common examples, the table below uses APA formatting to compute how many pages would equal the supplied quantity of words (Font: Arial or Times New Roman) For double and single-spaced.

Word CountPages (single-spaced)Pages (double-spaced)Font Size
250 Words½ Page1 Page12 Point
300 Words⅔ Page1⅓ Pages12 Point
400 Words⅘ Page1⅗ Pages12 Point
500 Words1 Page2 Pages12 Point
600 Words1⅓ Page2⅔ Pages12 Point
750 Words1½ Pages3 Pages12 Point
800 Words1⅗ Pages3⅕ Pages12 Point
1000 Words2 Pages4 Pages12 Point
1200 Words2⅖ Pages4⅘ Pages12 Point
1500 Words3 Pages6 Pages12 Point
2000 Words4 Pages8 Pages12 Point
2500 Words5 Pages10 Pages12 Point
3000 Words6 Pages12 pages          12 Point
3500 Words7 Pages14 Pages12 Point
4000 Words8 Pages16 Pages12 Point
5000 Words10 Pages20 Pages12 Point
6000 Words12 Pages24 Pages12 Point
7500 Words15 Pages30 Pages12 Point
8000 Words16 Pages32 Pages12 Point
10000 Words20 Pages40 Pages12 Point

Why Is Length Important?

It’s critical to understand how many words make up a page when you have a writing assignment for school or work that has a word or page limit. This is crucial since you want to adhere to the guidelines set forth by your tutor. Depending on how important the task the tutor assigned was, the repercussions of failing to do so could be minor or severe.

You must adhere to length restrictions if you are writing for a contest, a job, or to get admitted to the institution of your dreams. As you work on the project, you must bear this in mind. Similarly, you must know how many pages to order when ordering an essay or other form of assignment.

However, it doesn’t matter how many pages you used as long as you were able to address the key subject and present your viewpoint. Do not let the number of pages drive you crazy.

Do not include any additional passages in your paper if you believe they will be excessive. Put quality before quantity when it comes to your material. The number of pages specified by the teacher in the assignment is merely an estimate of how many the typical student would need to write to support his or her argument. Do not worry if you require more or fewer of them.

How should an ordinary essay be laid out?

No one could provide you with a satisfactory response to this inquiry. A paper can be longer or shorter than the specified length, even if the instructor gives you that long. This is only a ballpark figure, nothing more. You can do a fantastic job of exploring the topic while writing an essay that is half the length of what is required.

Alternatively, you can waffle on for ten pages without ever proving your argument. Your writing ability, imagination, and enthusiasm are the only requirements. Here we’ll outline the standard format that most schools have their students follow. Everyone who has to go from words to pages or pages to words needs to know about this.

Here’s the deal:

Your paper’s total page count can vary depending on the font, margin, size, spacing, title style, number of photos, and other options you select.

Thankfully, there is a standard structure that universities and colleges adhere to when requiring written assignments. This is crucial information for students who are unsure about the correct format because they are the same for MLA and APA styles.

To help you avoid making a mistake, we’ve compiled a list of available settings:

Time New Roman

Font Size: 12 Point

double space between lines

One-inch margins on all sides.

Positioning: Left-hand center

Page numbers should be located in the upper left corner of each page.

Typically, an essay would include these parameters, although your college could have specific recommendations. Before submitting the paper, please make sure you have followed all of the guidelines.


There are situations where knowing your word count per page is helpful. This approximate number is based on the rule of thumb that one page should include 500 words (single-spaced) or 250 words (double-spaced).

In reality, a lot of variables, like font type, font size, spacing components, margin spacing, and paragraph length, to mention a few, affect how many words are on a page. While it is impossible to account for every one of these variables when predicting the number of words per page for your work, this calculator can provide a more precise estimate than the standard ballpark estimate of 250–500 words per page.

By accounting for more particular information, the calculator can produce a more accurate conversion. For instance, you can select from a range of popular fonts to create an estimate:



Comic Sans MS


Times New Roman


The following options are available for selecting your preferred spacing after that:

one spaced

1.5 spacing

single spaced

double spaced

Lastly, you can select a font size from 10, 11, 12, 13, or 14.

The words per page calculator should give you a more accurate idea of how many words you need to write to fill a page if you use these three options to define your work more. On the other hand, if you simply know the word count, it can provide a more precise estimate of how many pages you have written.

Despite the best efforts to ensure accuracy, the results from our calculators won’t be flawless. Although this converter attempts to solve various problems to produce a more precise estimate, it is still only an estimate. The calculations may differ slightly due to other factors like paragraph length and margin space. Students frequently inquire as to the process by which we determine the number of pages a given number of words would occupy.

The quickest method is to copy and paste your word count into Microsoft Word, where it can be formatted according to the guidelines of the appropriate citation style. Despite its simplicity, this approach is not the quickest one to take. In addition, you could require page numbers for a massive text.

If you’re working on a lengthy project like a novel or dissertation, doing the math on your own might be a hassle. To simplify matters, try using our free word-to-page converter. It is a versatile calculator that works with any notation system.

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