Top 5 Paraphrasing Tools to Counter Turnitin Plagiarism Checker

Top 5 Paraphrasing Tools to Counter Turnitin Plagiarism Checker

Have you ever wondered about Paraphrasing Tools that can help you to beat the Best Plagiarism Checker? Unique content is very important as it builds the authority and credibility of a writer, having plagiarism in content can ruin the reputation of a writer, and it can also have other adverse consequences in different fields of life.

Plagiarism is considered to be a serious offence and is also illegal in major parts of the world, so you need to avoid it while writing content.

There are many plagiarism checker tools available in the market today, these tools can easily scan a piece of content and can highlight the content which has similarities in it with another source.

Out of all plagiarism-checking tools and software programs in the digital market, you should know that Turnitin is the top-rated one.

Turnitin uses AI and advanced bots to scan and check content for duplication errors.

Turnitin is today being used in leading academic institutes and digital marketing companies who want to make sure that their work is original.

You can try out Turnitin and find even the minutest traces of plagiarism. When you use Turnitin, you can easily find out the percentage of duplication in your work.

If you want to get rid of plagiarism found by Turnitin, then you need to use online paraphrasing tools.

What Are Paraphrasing Tools & How Can They Help in Removing Plagiarism?

Paraphrasing tools, as the name hints, are tools that can be used for restating content in a unique way. Manually rewriting duplicate content is not always a reliable way of getting rid of plagiarism. This is why you need to take help from advanced tech and tools which can counter the algorithms of Turnitin.

If you want 100% unique content passed by Turnitin, then you definitely need to use the best paraphrasing tools.


There are more than dozens of online rephrase tools available online, but here we have mentioned the five top-rated ones!

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Top AI-Powered Paraphrasing Tools to Counter Turnitin

Out of plenty of options, we have here mentioned the top five tried and tested ones that can help you get rid of every duplicate word highlighted by Turnitin.

Word AI

logo (1).png

This is one of the top-rated paraphrasing tools that can help you get rid of duplicate content. This rephraser is majorly used for reducing traces of duplication in content; you can also improve the quality of your content by rephrasing it with this tool.

This paraphrasing tool offers a free trial of three days which you can avail yourself of on any device you want. You can check out the working of the tool and its special features. If you are satisfied with the results of the tool, then you can get the paid version.

A good thing about this paraphraser is that it works in different languages and also offers a bulk spinning feature. The bulk spinning feature is not required to remove plagiarism from content highlighted by Turnitin, but you can surely benefit from it if you want to create a new article from scratch. Check out Word AI today.

This rephraser is the top paraphrasing tool in this league, it is one of the best-rated tools on the internet today, and this is only because of its AI algorithms results.

With this free paraphrasing tool, you can easily create original content from scratch, or you can also remove plagiarism from the already written content. This paraphrasing tool uses artificial intelligence, so you can only expect accurate output content from it.

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The thing that is very likeable about this paraphraser is that it is very easy to use, and even a layperson with no prior experience can use it like an expert.

What you need to do is copy the duplicate text highlighted in the plagiarism report generated by Turnitin and paste it into the input box of the tool.

After providing input text, you have to click on the ‘paraphrase’ button; the tool would analyze the text and would generate a unique version of it in less than five seconds.

You can counter duplicate text with this tool for free.

Quillbot Paraphrasing Tool

The Online Article Rewriter Tool from Quillbot will assist you in achieving good grade for students and researchers and higher Google rankings for SEO experts and newbies by transforming your content strategy into a well-structured, readable, and understandable article. Simply paste any text, and this tool will immediately generate a brand-new version of your article. It is original, readable by humans, and Google-friendly.

Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter.jpg

The third paraphrasing tool that can help you get rid of duplicate content found by Turnitin is the spin rewriter.

This tool, as the name tells us, has expertise in spinning words with the right synonyms. You need to enter the duplicate text in the tool and use the spin option to create a different version of it.

The tool uses ENL technology to rewrite the content, so there is little chance that the rephrased output would have duplication in it.

You have the option to only change synonyms, or you can also completely change the structure of the content. This tool also comes with a free trial of five days, so you can enjoy its premium features in the free trial. Once the trial expires, you can get the paid package.

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Chimp Rewriter

Chimp Rewriter.png

Chimp Rewriter is another utility in this league. This tool isn’t just a paraphraser but is also a very reliable text editor.

The tool uses AI and NLP technology to rewrite content, this allows it to analyze the input data and understand the core idea before recreating it.

With Chimp rewriter, you can easily get rid of duplication highlighted by Turnitin in your drafts. Not only can you use it for plagiarism removal, but you can also simplify complex written sentences with this tool.

The tool is available with a two-week free trial period which is quite intriguing for beginners.

The paid packages are quite affordable, and the best thing is that you get a 60-Day cash back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the tool.


Word Hero


This is the last tool in this list that can help you beat Turnitin, this tool also uses AI-powered algorithms to create 100% unique content.

The content created by this tool would express the same ideas listed in the input text. You can use this tool to remove plagiarism, and you can also use it to create new articles by selecting the default templates of the tool.

The tool is quite simple in its working and can be used on any device as it is based on the cloud. The tool is also quite famous for its speed. Within five to ten seconds, you can get plagiarism removed from the content. The tool is available in both free and paid versions, so it is up to the users to pick the packages which satisfy their requirements.

These are the top five rephraser tools that can help you counter the plagiarism report generated by Turnitin!


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