Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University intensifies research in automotive industry

Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University intensifies research in automotive industry

In its monthly “Distinguished Lecture Programme” brainstorming series, the Faculty of Physical Sciences at Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU), Uli, Anambra State, has examined the state of the automobile industry.

The lecture series featured eminent academics from the University in attendance as well as other participants from the industrial sector, with the lecture topic being “Towards Reinventing The Leading Position of Anambra State in Nigeria’s Automotive Industry: Tasks and Targets for Indigenous Scientists.”

The program’s convener and acting dean of the Faculty of Physical Sciences, Prof. Kingsley Nwozor, stated in his remarks that this time the emphasis was on the industry, which motivated the faculty to assemble resource people from both the academic and industrial sectors.

He asserted that it was the responsibility of academia and business leaders to support Governor Charles Soludo’s administration in achieving the state’s predicted level of industrial growth by 2030 and beyond.

Prof. Nwozor argued that the university was required to revitalize the industrial sector through research that may help the industry reach the State’s intended outcomes.

Prof. Nwozor advised the students present at the program to interact with industry professionals when it is appropriate in order to develop their entrepreneurship abilities. He explained to them that businessmen never looked for employment.

Nwozor, who attended the event in place of Prof. Greg Nwakoby, the event’s principal host and vice chancellor, stated that many entrepreneurs in Anambra engaged in auto repairs, component fabrication, and other activities related to the automotive industry, while others worked in the auto parts industry.

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In addition to that, he claimed that there were transporters like GUO, Dandollars, De Young, and Chisco who kept the highways busy. He deemed Anambra to be a state that was performing exceptionally well in the auto industry.

But for us as a university, we are into research and studies. We take our time to look at those things and we come to see that we need to re-engage society.

We need to interrogate the economic system, we need to recharge the setting, we need to build a formidable workforce for the university for economic and scientific benefits.

If you look around, you will see that there appears to be a disconnect between the university and the industry. We do research at the university that can actually solve the problems of the industry.

If the students decide to engage in research to solve parts of the problem in the industry, there is no how you can do a research without getting engaged with those operating in the industry, whether as an intern, employee or what have you,” he said.

He claimed that university experts were focusing their studies on how to address the social issue of youth unemployment.
Professor Philip Atanmo, a different speaker, commended the faculty for starting the monthly seminars. He regretted that the Federal Government had not recognized the efforts the COOU engineering products had made in overseas contests with success stories in terms of financing to consolidate the efforts.

“We are zealous, intelligent, and willing, but the nation is not. We defeated the Germans, Americans, and English, but because the federal government did not fund us, they referred to us as “state universities.” He exhorted the pupils to have confidence in themselves.

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In his presentation, Mr. Oliver Ikwueto, one of the resource people and the Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer of Global Sky Industries Ltd., Ogidi, listed some of the obstacles that had continued to hinder the growth of the auto industry, such as low government and public support for local automotive products.

After exhaustively discussing the history of the automobile industry in Nigeria, and specifically in the state of Anambra, Mr. Ikwueto added that low capacity utilization and a high prevalence of corruption among public officials were some of the problems impeding growth.

“Poor perception of locally made automobile products, high cost of production, inconsistency in tariff policy and insufficient government protection policy as well as inadequate funding are some of the major problems against the growth of the automotive industry.

“Again massive importation of vehicles from abroad, dearth of supporting local industries which result in scarcity of local raw materials should not be overlooked, ” Mr Ikwueto submitted.

Mr. Ekweozoh Michael, another resource, discussed the successes of the COOU’s Nuta Bolts Racing Squad as well as the advancements in racing car production that had allowed the team to compete outside of Nigeria. He listed a lack of finance as one of the main issues with the team’s excursions.

A review of their prior performances in both domestic and international contests was one of Mr. Michael’s presentation’s highlights. He also listed the team’s victories from 2028 to 2020.


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