According to the London zoological society, the pug is one of the oldest dog breed in the world. Ancient Chinese document state that has short nose with description matching, that of the pug existed in China at around 700 BC.

These pugs were only bread and owned by the emperors. It is often referred to as the comedians of the dog world. Pug are sensitive to the human voice, so, harsh punishment is generally unnecessary. While pugs usually get along well with other dogs and pets, they generally, prefer the company of human and requires great deal of humans attention they may become slightly anxious or agitated if their owner ignores them or dose not play with them.

Therefore pug can be defined as sensitive animal that can perform like human being in the absences their presences.



Pug is biological classified as:

Kingdom        Animalia

Phyllum          chordate

Class              mammalia

Order             carnivora

Family            canidae

Genus            canis

Species          clupus

Reasons for classification:

Pug is an animal that are vertebrate. Feeding the young ones with breast, it feed carnivorously i.e. feeding on other animals. It belong to the family of cannidae meaning that the botanical name is Canis Canis.


Pug has 28 cm wide and one feet height, the weight is eight kilogram (8kg). Its life span is fourteen year (14years).


Pug are decidedly square and lobby with compact, short bodies heaving well decided proportions a developed muscle. The pugs muzzle should be short, blunt and square; their bodies should be short and lobby with a wide chest. Their leg strong straight and of moderate length lean and loggy.

Pugs as well as those with short legs and long bodies, are not good example of the breed, they still make wonderful family pets. They should be large, round and massive with profuse wrinkles. The eyes another of the pugs predominant features , should be dark in colour, large spherical in shape and bold. Their expressions should be one that projects concern attentiveness and eagerness. One looks into the eyes of a pug and fall in love with them immediately.

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The mask should be as black as possible, the darker and more defined the better, the ears are small and thin with a soft feeling almost as if touching black. Two shapes can be found in the ears, the “rose” and “button” The button shape where the ear is folded. The tail should be as tightly curled as possible and up other the lip a double curl is highly sought after and considered perfect.


       Pugs temperament is probably one of its most sought after features. In my one twenty five years (125yrs) association with pugs, I have yet to meet one whether it be in a friend home or a stranger walking on the street that was not friendly and outgoing even to strangers and little children. Pug seem to love every one equally and energetically.

They are excellent with children, while they quality as a small dog. The are rugged little breed and healthy when it comes to the rough and tumble play that children can sometime engage in. they are sensible enough to disappear when the pug get to rough or dose not go in a way they expected. Pugs are very loving and loyal friends, while they may in families align themselves to one person, they are not traditionally what you might consider “one persons dog the exclusion of others.



Pugs are sociable animals that are used playful, charming, clever and are know to succeed in dog obedience skills.

  • They are very attentive animals, always at their owner feet in their lap or following them from room to room.
  • They are good in research; it is serving as human being, that is, pug can take care of the house when the owner is not around. It can also open door for the owner when he is back.
  • Pug is very intelligent to extent that, the owner can write letter and give it, to go and give it to the person he/she is writing to.
  • They are positive at attitude, co-operation, clarity and have experience to escape during time of danger.
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Any one owing a pug naturally went to breed them to create more just like ‘mama’ or ‘papa’ what could be better than having a house full of the little buggers running underfoot.

       Before deciding to breed a pug insure that health of the pug is excellent that they don’t have bad healthy problems, that they could pass into the puppies while the purists of the breeders would suggest you not mate your pug unless they are more good qualities than bad, the average person who breeds a pug does so, out of lone for the dog and not purity of the breed, if your pug has deficiencies look for a mate with the quantities to compensate for your pug’s deficiencies.

       However, there is no guarantee that this will be successful.

       If you own the female pug wait until she is about two years old and has experiment at lease two heat season.

       An average “heat” season last about 28 days. It is the second and third week, when there is sufficient vaginal discharge, that is the best time to breed your pug.



       The gestation period will be between 58 and 65 days, during this period diet and exercise are important, you may not actually be aware whether or not your breeding was successful until the end of the gestation period, you may notice no changes in the pug’s behavior at all so don’t be disencouraged if you see no sign of the pregnancy toward the end of the gestation period. The pug may lethargic and not want to engage in its normal exercise regimen gentle exercise such a good walk is recommended.

       You shall prepare something for the pug to give birth in what is commonly referred to as whelping box, it should be comfortable and large enough for the mother and her expected pupples.



       Pugs have two lows in life, their family and food, the first present no problems, but the second can be dangerous, when it comes to eating most pugs do not know the meaning of the word enough they will eat and eat and eat all they given to, and as a result can become other weight easily, you the owners must control this to insure that the pugs stays within the slid lines for their age and size.

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       One way to keep your pug healthy and fit the enjoy long walks and free romps in open area, padi loves to run and especially chase other animals and children.

While they will never play Frisbee with you the way, you see other large breeds do. They will eagerly play a game of fetch with anything they can comfortably fit into their mouth, even in the house good game of fetch can be used to keep your pug in healthy shape.




These pug are very good animal in essence that it is only own by the emperor.

       It is believed there is an ancient Chinese law where by only the emperor was allowed to own a pug if it was a gift from the emperor himself illegal ownership of a pug was punishable by death.

       The pug had their own living quarters and servants within the royal place and commanded the highest respect.

       Emperor, ling (168-190 AD) was so taken that he gave these small dogs rank, the females received the same rank as his wives.

       He also order that these small dog are to be guided by solders and feed only the best meat and rice.



Emperor, ling (168-1990) gave these pug ranks.

Dynasty of Yuan (1206-1333AD) believe that pug originated from

a little shorthaired.

William 1688 improve the important of pug to people.

Napoleon Bonaparte 1796 shared his bed with a pug and his wife


British solders 1860 sacked the imperial palace in Peking and


1790 pugs popularity had spread to France.

American kennel club 1885 accepted registration of pug.

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