It is very common for undergraduates to be given a term paper assignment by a professor or asked to develop a topic to work on. Term paper constituent a large part of your course grade, meaning it is very important. You may be asked to argue a point or describe an event or a concept. These steps below will help you:

  1. Get a topic

Sometimes you may not be given a topic to work on; you would have to choose a topic based on your interest, available resources or the amount of time you have been given to work on the paper.

  1. Research on your chosen topic

Now that you have picked a topic to work on, the next thing you would do is to explore all available materials. You could start by checking your school library for scholarly articles on your topic of interest. The web is the most useful place to get relevant resources. Read term papers that are in line with what you are working on and observe the style format of citation; it would usually be title, author, publication, publisher, place of publication, publisher, date and page number. If you are working on a topic that is common or you feel people might have knowledge about; go ahead and talk to them.


  1. Organize your term paper as follows:
  • Title page
  • Contents
  • Abstract (If required)
  • Intro
  • Body
  • Conclusion
  • References

Make sure you know the number of words you are required to write so you do not go beyond the limit. Ensure your cover page has your name, the name of your school and lecturer and the title of your term paper, semester, year and level. Your introduction must contain your topic sentence and supporting details about what you are arguing for. The body of your paper may have subchapters where you will be arguing out your point or provided answers/evidence to questions that you have raised.

  1. Write your draft

Arrange the information you have gathered in the manner of your outline. Make sure you verify statistics if you are to use one and be sure of the accuracy and relevancy of your information. After you have done this, begin writing but make sure your ideas are related and pay attention to your grammar and vocabulary. When you are done with your first draft, re-write and ensure your sentences flow logically- are coherent.

  1. Edit your final draft

This is the most important part of your writing. Look at the paragraphs and ask yourself if each line communicate your idea. Are your ideas closely linked to one another? Can your reader grasp the meaning of your sentence without misinterpreting? What about your spelling and vocabulary? A helpful tip will be reading out aloud. Also, check for punctuation errors and your ability to use transitional devices; I would advise that you use a grammar checker; there are hundreds of them online that you can use to edit your work.


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