Political Science and Sociology      

Political science is a science and also an art because it is impossible apply to political science rigorous scientific methods of investigation. General statement are difficult to establish because art is define as the practical application of know ledge for the achievement of a particular end while political science is a body of systematized knowledge which can be applied in drafting a constitution, in day to day administration, in legislation, in foreign policy and above all in bringing about all around development of the state.

       Political science is the study of political values, institutions, processes, and policies it focuses on the system establish the relationship between political science and other social science discipline political science is the study of government the most important decision in government their methods of investigation. General statements are difficult to establish because of the problem of their verifiability. Political phenomena are characterized by uncertainty, variableness and a lack of order and continuity

       While other social science disciplines are whose major focus is society because it is majorly interested in man as an individual and his relationships with other’s and they have structures that makes up the discipline which has society and social institution it is a discipline which investigates aspects of human life, both present and past social science goes beyond wealth creation they are the study of human behaviour’s in a group setting and the study of mental processes and behaviour.

Politics dose with the act of governmentIt goes beyond wealth creation of further study
Struggle for power in order to distribute scarce resources of the societyThe cultural element of the people in the society
Only concerned with power and authority and moneyWider in scope because it goes on to study the effects of power and the nature of it’s application in the society
It has political values, institution.

It focuses on the system of government.

It also deals with the study of mental, processes and behaviours


       Political has to do with the act of governance. It is the science of governance and basically, the struggle for power in order to allocate scarce resources of the society. Political science and psychology, psychology deals with man as an individual living in a society his mental activities, emotion attitudes, motivations and behaviour. It also deals with how a group directly or indirectly influences an individual’s development and behaviour and how the conduct and experience of individual result in the creation of a group. The major organizing concept of psychology is personality a social product, political science and economics. Economics is concerned with how members of a group go about making their living. It highlights the disparity between man’s needs and desires on the one hand, and the organizing concept is value choice among competing demands by different individuals and group for scarce resources in order to allocate them in a more national way. Political science and geography, especially human geography, has now come to emphasize the ecological aspects of human societies the spatial interaction among human, cultural and natural features. Human geographers study man culture and in relations to the natural setting and environment.



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