How to write Law thesis Methodology in Chapter One


Law thesis Methodology is quite different from Research Methodology in other fields of study. Before we proceed, it is important that we understand the meaning and importance of research methodology in any given research study. A research methodology is simply a kind of strategy and technique of research that will aid research to answer research questions and attain the research objectives at a given time.

In other words, a research methodology is particular procedures, processes, or techniques that may be utilised in order to identify, search for, select, collect, ascertain, process, and analyse all vital information relating to the subject matter of a given research study.

Relevance and Uses of Research Methodology

Research methodology gives the researcher the opportunity to evaluate the research study in a more critical manner which will allow for the assessment of validity and reliability of findings and results of the research study. Upon setting out the objectives of the research and the research questions, a researcher is meant to consider the most appropriate approach, technique or methods which will aid the researcher to identify, ascertain, collect and analyse data or information which addresses the subject matter of the discourse and aid the attainment of the objectives of the research study.

The distinction between Research Methodology in Chapter One of a Law Thesis and Chapter Three of other  Discipline

Adoption of a given research methodology or strategy and its application in a legal research study cannot be effectively done without consideration of some factors which are not limited to the nature of the research question and the subject being investigated. It is common to notice that in most other disciplines a specific chapter is usually made for research methodology in a research study.

The specific chapter is provided for in most cases as a distinct chapter of its own usually in chapter three of the research study ideally specifying the particular method of research to be applied in a research study, the research philosophy, research design, the methods which are applied in the collection of data, the sampling method if any, the method applied in analysing the data collected and where need be, the validity and reliability tests followed by ethical considerations.

Research Methodology in Chapter One of a Law Thesis

In the case of legal research, the common practice is not to set aside in a particular chapter for the purpose of research methodology as explained in the preceding paragraph. The common practice in most legal researches is to include the discourse or outlay on research methodology as an inclusive section in chapter one of the legal research study.

The discussion of research methodology as inclusive section in chapter one of a law thesis or legal research as the case may be does not encompass elaborative or large discourse on the subject matter of research approach, research philosophy, research design, method of data collection and method of data analysis.

As common in most legal research study there is often limitations as to the word counts or the number of words which the research study is meant to have; therefore a researcher must endeavour to make the section on research methodology to be brief, succinct but at the same time comprehensive and coherent. In writing a research methodology in chapter one of legal research or law as the case may be, a researcher must endeavour to focus on the main important facts and points while avoiding the overt review of literature relating to research methodology.

This is because the section of research methodology as inclusive in chapter one of legal research or law research is not meant to entail basic literature supports as much as may be obtainable in other disciplines. Therefore, what is expected is that a legal researcher or a researcher in law must focus on identifying the research method which the study chooses to adopt and proceed to enumerate the importance and benefits of such adopted research methodology as well as the rationale justifying the particular methodology of research specified or adopted for the research.


Summarily, in legal research or law research and in the area of research methodology, a researcher is meant to state what is to be done by restating the aim of the research, how it is to be done by stating the technique of research which will be applied and why the stated technique of research is the most appropriate while relating to the objectives or research questions. By adopting the above, one has grasped knowledge on how to write a research methodology in chapter one of a law thesis.

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