How to write a summary -5 things to note about summary writing

How to write a summary -5 things to note about summary writing

Irrespective of the size, the range it covers, the length per page, a summary can narrow down a range of information to a simple comprehendible piece; this implies that if what you have printed out on paper doesn’t cover much on clarity, brevity, and isn’t buttressing any point you haven’t yet attained the ideal English summary.

A well-written summary should deliver a fundamental understanding of a literary piece, historic realization on fine print, or media article. Are you okay with this?

A summary is a concise piece of write-up that narrows down a more complex extended piece to simple understandable sentences while reflecting a central theme or thesis. Before you embark on your summary write-up, you should be abreast with the initial piece you are mandated to break down, this involves you garnering together the main ideas of the essay, article, or even Tv series you want to summarize. After doing so rain down in simple tense an overview of the entire subject or topic.

To what end is the gain of writing a summary? We believed, while growing up, that a summary can be written across a variety of genres and many who champion such have not yet been qualified as dogmatic or pronounced a wide fire spreading hoaxes; this is because a summary seeds out key details and defunct excessive time wastage for the other guy at the other end, a summary enhances learning effectively and propagates a leading mentality that sharpens the wits of both reader and writer. Let’s test-run this little theory

Date: somewhere in the past

Time: some time ago

Location: erratically placed in a variety of places, but it’s definitely planet earth

The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty

The exorcist is one of the most patronized stories that have stampeded its way from the past to beguile modern-day readers. It’s a horror tale centered slackly on factual incidents. A young Regan MacNeil (a verbatim depiction of Linda Blair who was the reality pressing incarnate for unholy accordance) begins exhibiting strange behavioral traits, like being inclined to unexplainable misfortune and ailments,  levitating, mincing odd languages, and speaking in tongues, Regan suddenly abhorred organic and synthetic diets, Chris her mother mistakes such for repressed rage over her parent divorce, but the uncontrolled psychological disturbance and a constant spike in temperament tosses her into a state of worry and after sighting such unhallowed display, she sorts medical help only to arrive at a roadblock.

With such information of upsetting events reaching father Damien Karras (adopting the role of a local priest) he believes the girl is puppeteered by the devil and as such petitions to assert exorcism, the church recognizing its position and consenting to the faltering abilities of Damien Karras sends instead an adept, Merrin, to tender to the demands of the job but grants father Damien the opportunity of escorting him. Merrin dies during the cause and the entire job of exorcism topples down on father Damien, he engages the diabolic spirit housed in Regan’s body with a demand, stating that he is willing to offer himself in place of the girl and the demon speedily budges consenting to such proposition, Damien reaffirms his faith in Christ, tosses himself out of the window after the demon occupied his body, plummeted to the ground and gives up a ghost.

Did the above summary of Williams Peter Bratly’s exorcist fill you in on the entire plot of the novel? Of course, even without reading the actual book, with a summary, you can brag about reading the book or better still understand the crux that led to every lettered page.

Whatever it is you’d be summarizing, be it the incident that put Amina of Zaria at the war front or the case that led Edward Mordrake to evict himself from living or even a brief of Apoyo Apensin’s 2019 newspaper publication Uefa is a joke.  It is important to be able to contain all sentences in a winning single paragraph, or at most a page. Are you still lacking in palpable ways to achieve that? Here are tips that you can go by with

1.       Unearth the main idea

A beneficial summary filters the foundation material till essential structural elements that are key to the formulation of the piece are easily spotted. Pick the foremost point you want to communicate to your reader and express them in a few sentences. You can jot down a couple of notes to help align your thoughts and create an outline for your summary. And for a time-warping cheat code, you should

  • Break the text into sections

Be cautious of headings and subheadings; before you begin your summary it is required you read the article or essay and break it down into derivative portions.

  • Read the section of the text

Over the course of this article, this has been constantly stretched; the article or essay you want to summarize must be read; you can’t grasp the main point if you don’t understand what the write-up is all about, go about it reading section by section.

  • Make a thorough scan

Go fishing for pointers; one popular unchecked habit of authors and writers is that they are fond of leaving silver linings behind in their work; this lining is what bestows the idea of the write-up to readers; search for this 50% off tips and silver lining, from each section you have parted, use such to structure your own work

  • Go through the piece again

This section is optional, if you feel you still possess the volition to do so, go through the article again to confirm you’ve hit the nail on the crux.

2.       Keep it simple

Your essay is more of a sawed analysis; it is the explanation of the write-up, the simple antonym for complex thus it must be concise and clear; this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use advanced grammar for the purpose of leaving it as a two-liner or a single paragraph, collective terms may be an advisable tool to use. Do away with redundant terms and irrelevant events, and avoid repetition.

3.       Do not write with prejudice

First off, a summary cannot pass as an opinion or a review, a summary once more is a brief explanation of complex work. Your two cents aren’t needed. Your thoughts and remarks should be reserved for Google my business and amazon; when writing a summary, the present is as it is but in your own unique wordings, do it without thinking out loud.

4.       It should be readable and understandable

Once more, your summary is a breakdown. If the original work is Ulysses by Joyce James the summary should be how to kill a mockingbird, you know something beginners can easily read your sentences must be mesmerizing and must have a delectable flow. Endeavour to connect your words with non-repeated conjunctions.


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