Format of a lesson plan for secondary schools in Nigeria

Format of a lesson plan for secondary schools in Nigeria

Subject:           Computer

Class:               JSS 2

Duration:         40 minutes

Date                 25th March 2014

Age:                 12 years and above

Topic:              Electronic Spreadsheet (Microsoft excel)

Specific objectives:  at end the lesson, the students should be able to do the following:

  1. Explain what electronic spreadsheet (Microsoft excel) is
  2. Discuss the general features of spreadsheets
  3. How to use formular in Microsoft excel
  4. Discuss functions and recalculation in the Microsoft excel environment
  5. Draw the Microsoft excel environment

Instruction A Materials:  Chalk, board, lap top and a chart showing Microsoft excel environment

Instructional Techniques: Observation explanatory discussion, demonstration, question and answers

Entry behaviour:  The students have learnt about internet in the previous lesson.

Set induction or test entry behaviour:  Introduction of the topic to the students starting from the know to unknown.

Content development Teacher activities Students activities Instructional method
1Meaning of electronic spreadsheetThe teacher explain the meaning of spreadsheet thus electronic spreadsheet are simply computer software that allows users to create tables and financial schedules and reports by entering data and formular into cells formed by the intersection of rows and columns on a display screen.The students listen as the teacher explain the meaning of electronicExplanatory
2The generate features of spreadsheetsThe teacher discusses the general features of electronics spreadsheet: thus (1) columns rows and labels: A column is made up of a series of boxes arranged vertically in a workbook. A row consist of a series of boxes arranged horizontally in a workbook. (2) cell, cell address, values: a cells is formed at the intersection of each column row cell address is the references name or identifier for a particular cell.The students watch the teacher as he demonstrate using a lap top.Demonstration teacher guided



How to  use formular in Microsoft


The teacher explain how to use formulas in Microsoft excel: thus formulas are instructions for calculations eg in Ms excel, the formular = Sum (A2: A20)” means “Sum (Add) all the numbers in the cells A2 through A20.


The students watch the teacher as he demonstrates and they participate in the discussion


Demonstration teacher guide

4.Discuss functions and recalculation in Ms. excel.The teacher discusses the function and recalculation in Microsoft excel: thus functions are in built formular to perform common calculations. For instance a function can be used to compute the average of a range of numbers or to count the occurrence of any specific entry on the worksheet or workbook. With this recalculation feature the waste of man-hour trying to re-compute an entire worksheet due to change in one value became a thing of past.The students participate in the discussion and watch the teacher write example on the board.Discussion teachers guided
5.Draws the Microsoft excel on the chalk board.The teacher draws the Microsoft excel environment on the chalk board, using the chart showing Microsoft excel environment.The student watch and observe the teacher drawing Ms. excel environmentObservation teacher guided.
SummaryThe teacher summaries the lesson by revising the lesson from the beginning.The student contributes to the discussion as the teacher summariesDiscussion teacher guided
EvaluationTeacher evaluates the students based on the lesson thus what is spreadsheet? What are the features of Ms excel? = Sum (A2: A10)” means what?The student listen and answer the questionQuestioning and answering
AssignmentThe teacher copies the assignment on the chalk board draw a Microsoft excel environment














DATE: 23RD JUNE- 27TH JUNE, 2014


English language3Speech: pronunciation practice (consonant)
Mathematics3Profit and loss 9calculating profit and loss)
Primary science2Measurement-Area
Social studies2Agricultural technology
Cultural and creative  art1Leaf printing
Christian religious knowledge2Jesus is with us
Home economics1Clothing for d/f occasion
Agric science2Cultural practice for growing vegetables
Computer science1Connecting parts of a computer
Health education2Internal organs s parts of the internal organs).


Lesson Note sample for Teachers in Nigeria

Lesson Plan Sample for Computer Science JSS2



Topic: agricultural technology (traditional agriculture)

Class:            Primary 5

Average:              Age 9+

Sex:              Mixed

Duration:      35 Minutes

Date:            9th July, 2014

Specific Objectives:  By the end of this lesson the pupils should be able to:

  1. Explain the concept of agriculture
  2. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of traditional farming
  3. Practice the traditional ways of farming

Instructional Materials:  The teacher will use some traditional agricultural implements. Thus, hoe, digger etc

Entry Behaviour:  The teacher ask the pupils questions base on the particular topic he/she want to teach eg how many of you have hoe at home? (ii) Do you know what is called digger?

Set-Induction:  The teacher draw or captures the pupils attention by asking then some relative question or felling then story about how our forefathers work in the farm.

Instructional Procedure:

 Step i:  The teacher will introduce the topic by pronouncing it before the children

Step ii:  The teacher write the topic on the chalk board thus, agricultural technology (traditional agriculture)

Step iii:  The teacher will explain the topic to the pupils.

Step IV:  The teacher will write notes for them to copy.

Evaluation:  The teacher assess the pupils base on the topic been thought to them by asking them questions thus,

  1. What is agricultural technology?
  2. State the advantages of traditional farming
  3. Mention three problems faced by traditional farmers

Closure:  The teacher will close the lesson by picking out the key facts from the topic

Summary:  The teacher will summarize the lesson by going through the topic again. The teacher also encourage the pupils to practice more at home.



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