Copywriting that sells -8 Elements of copywriting that drive sales

Copywriting that sells – 8 Elements of copywriting that drive sales

Elements of copywriting that drive sale

Every professional focuses on one thing while holding a pen, their mind is compassed on that major element that would connect them with their audience and prospective customers. And the reason why this is so is that These elements are the well-crafted reasons and determinants to whether you as a writer professional or not would be able to drive sales upon pulling together a copy.

The act of copywriting becomes a useful tool as the concept of it is one that influences the feelings of your desired audience and at the same time advertises an offer. Here nine of these elements would be addressed and how they can directly push sales.

1. Annunciating Brand Significance Using Headlines

This is communicating how the brand unravels consumers’ needs and the significance and major roles it plays that differ from other competitors. According to Stacy Sherman, doing CX Right. it’s an enticement to test value intentions with your objective audience and apply “voice of Customer” feedback in all your doings pertaining to the brand. She believes “sales happen when customers feel you are actually solving their needs, not your own.”

Take for instance you work for a brand that markets cigarettes, first of all, you should know that that product isn’t a new involvement in the open market meaning that several other brands are also selling cigarettes now what does your product contain that the other brand doesn’t?- while unravelling this make sure you only brush the surface, you can begin with an introduction or a question that spikes interest.

What does Arizona have that ecstasy doesn’t? Or what does peak have that cowbell doesn’t? You shouldn’t answer that directly but instead, let the customers do it for you with feedback. By doing that it is almost as if you are addressing individually the needs of tobacco lovers by telling them why your brand’s product is better for them by simply using feedback. But before the feedbacks start or even exist they’ll need to know that your brand sells cigarette.

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Now start with understanding this as a call for attention, let’s believe you are marketing with a blog or website, you first structure your Headline. The headline is very important in letting people know more about the content and so your headline must contain

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  • Note; it’s not beauty pageantry or a contest for the most creative headline on earth so it should be simple and should be able to communicate the answer that everyone requires. A quick formula that can help you wrap your head around this is to simply remember these words and just say what it is.

-Precise and short

  • The headline is not the article itself your aim is to gather the attention of readers not chase them away with lengthy headlines so with that your headline should range between 5-10 words.

2. Authenticity. (utilizing social proofs)

Be real and do away with excessive exaggerations so as not to invoke negative feedbacks that details the inability of your product to meet up to what was advertised, provide quality information that best describes the product/services to the customers understanding that that way they would be able to act upon their own decision. You can do this with Social proofs and testimonials. Still, puzzled on how to do so? Or, dumbfounded by why?

You see, everyone needs guidance before making a decision, when you want to buy a phone, you hear of a phone vendor, you’d first put security in check and how trusted the vendor is. Upon doing that you’d make research on the certification and qualification of the vendor if indeed he is allowed to market such.

You check the company he works for and the ones that trust him. Does he work for HiOs or Ios, do Tecno trust him to market their products? What about Samsung and Windows? how many people transacts with this vendor? All these would be cleared the moment you stumble upon a convincer that would give you assurance, from then on the vendor becomes a trusted person that you won’t hesitate to patronize you can even go as far as spreading the word about him to others. That’s how visitors and prospects react to your product when they see the following;

  • numbers of users,
  • companies that trust you
  • companies qualifications
  • certifications

They would do so because of the description you’ve rendered, you’ve given them figures, number of users, how certified the product is etc. all these breed trusts, which is a very essential quality that binds a business with its customers.

3. Personalization

This is most needful especially if you are lettering to land in new clients. This involves you understanding the exact needs and then personalising your message for that reason by doing so you’re directly communicating with your audience and informing them that you are able to solve their specific problem.

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4. The enticing offer

This is a basic factor alone that drives sales; it is the most significant feature of copywriting. Everybody can be a writer but not necessarily a thinker, that’s where the significance of you as a copywriter plays a major role; your carefully selected words are what alone navigate your massive idea and inkling till it storms the open market.

5. Research

This involves you inspecting what’s in the open market and exactly what your competitors are razor focused on and also peeking into your customers’ base to see what sections they are mostly in upon doing that fabricate hypothetical cases based on how your products are being utilized by customers.

6. Simple everyday language

The things to be marketed are best perceived and comprehended when the language used to advertise such is plain. Customers are most likely to engage in what they deem comprehendible because by the time they have decided on what to buy they must have gone through most articles and copy sales and the most lucid of them all would appear more attractive and compelling they’d most likely go for that one.

7. CTA (call to action.)

Before there is ever a closed deal, a signatory action must come prior, every effective copy wanting to garner an audience must have a clear call to action imprint. Whether you are trying to direct prospects to your website or trying to educate them about your product always have in mind, never forgetting that there must be an inclusion of direction that shepherds them to additional resources.

The best way of going around this is by adding a CTA button.

What is a CTA button?

A CTA button is a button that would inform visitors on what would happen if they click it and what they will get on doing so, yes I am partly referring to what should be imprinted on a glowing red button an equivalent of the animated self-destruct button we can easily find in kids cartoons. It can include verbs like, “register”, “submit” or what you have in mind to direct potential visitors.

A typical example you can find contemporary Is on a site that houses a large green button that indicates “download” on it, or the Netflix button that has inscribed on it “join free for a month”

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8. Differentiators

Just as Ellen Sluder pointed out, “Don’t just sell category, help the prospect understand why you are superior to alternatives”, expatiating on this further you’ll find out this is an extension you’d be vending out after enunciating your brand significance. Of course, there should be a need to toot your own horn, especially about your product it can otherwise be called selling oneself out, and how is that done?

Earlier while reading it’s quite undeniable that you didn’t come across a pair of comparisons one juxtaposing peak and cowbell, Arizona and Ecstasy, there was indeed a reason for that comparison, both in both pairs are brands using differentiators to outsell the other there we see quality vs. quantity, price and longevity all under the umbrella term of Features and benefits. Now before you consent and parade your product as one that has quality or quantity as opposed to the other it is ineluctable that you pass through the Features and benefit phase.

First is the features – facts about the products, then the Benefits- what it offers that influences the lives of users based on their preferences

This would help you understand the umbrella you’ll fall under, and by doing so you can utilize such and make copies that’ll hasten sale, turning features into benefits has been one of the most effective methods every copywriter whose head is rigidly connected to his body employs,

How to turn features into benefits

  • make columns and write down the features – features of a Mitsubishi bus; “it has 62 sits ”, it consumes little fuel”,” it can house individuals at large number”, “it moves at a steady speed of 98mph”
  • Put to question, “who does this benefit?” ”How?”
  • Turn the features to benefits, “the Mitsubishi bus has 64 setters meaning it is luxurious and supports individual comfort, it can convey people in large numbers from one place to another which would really fatten the pockets of people wanting to use it for commercial purpose…etc.

Paying attention to my example you can draft the Mitsubishi bus as “Quantity”, this can be easily applied to your own copy and adhering to the above-listed elements it’d become impossible not to sell.

Thank you for reading Copywriting that sells -8 Elements of copywriting that drive sales. You can reach us to write that sales copy for you.


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