Cooperative learning

Cooperative learning: This is an instructional strategy in which small gropes of students work together on a common task. This teaching method is an excellent way to allow students to think critically without relying on you for answers. It is also an excellent method for improving students’ team work and communication skills.

In cooperative learning we have

  1. Numbered heads Together
  2. Think, pair, share.

Numbered heads together is a cooperative learning strategy that holds each student accountable for learning the material by having students’ work together in a group.

The think pair, share strategy is a cooperative learning technique in which student’s think through questions using three distinct steps encouraging individual participation

Merit of Cooperative Learning

  1. It promotes critical thinking to students.
  2. It promotes social interactions
  3. It provides instant feed back to the students and instructor
  4. It develops social support system for students.
  5. It promotes more positive attitudes towards learning and instruction than other teaching methodologies


  1. Poor Attendance: There is an increase in poor student’s attendance because students feel that they are a valuable and necessary part of their groups.
  2. Classroom Disruptions: Students are less likely to act out in a cooperative setting
  3. Diversity among students: Research shows that builds diversity awareness among students.
  4. Disrespect toward instructor: In the cooperative classroom instructors have more opportunities to explain policies and procedures. When instructor expectations are clear, there seems to be less room for personal interpretations which often leads to a negative attitude toward the instructor.
  5. Differences in learning abilities: Performance is improved among weaker students when they are grouped with higher achieving students because the stronger students model successful reasoning processes.


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