Continuous Assessment


In today’s policy environment, testing has become a critical component of education reform policy markers and education administrators often view test scores as a measure of educational quality and use test scores to hold schools accountable for teacher performance continuous assessment, an alternative or supplement to high stakes testing of pupil achievement , offers a methodology for measuring pupil performance and using those findings to improve the success of pupil. DEFINITION OF Continuous Assessment

       Continuous assessment is a classroom strategy implemented by teachers to ascertain the knowledge, understanding and skills attained by pupils. Teachers administer assessments in a variety of ways over time to allow them to observe multiple task.

       Continuous assessment is also an element of responsive instruction in which the teacher regularly monitor students performance to determine how closely it matches the teacher objectives. It is also a way it judging a student by looking of the work that they do during the session instead of a in addition to look at their examination results.


1 Continuous assessment enhance learning process because student are continuous assessed through tests and assignment to help them master the skills in their various field of study.

2 continuous assessment aid the assessment on how learner learns and give a guide on the content area to be emphasized.

3 continuous assessment help to give a feedback on the efficacy of he instructional materials used in teaching because learners will be conscious of the fact that they will be assess at any point in time

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4 continuous assessment helps to identify the strength and weakness of the learners. this will help the teacher plan for an alternative teaching method or instructional material if the student do not perform well with the previous method the teacher used.

5 continuous assessment motivates learners because it show them the areas where they are lacking behind and often motivate when their level of acquisition of knowledge reported. it makes the students to work harder.

6 continuous assessment helps the student to develop a good study habit. when a learner is conscious of the fact that he will be assess base on what he or she have been taught he or she tend to study hard so that he will achieve as good score.

7 Continuous assessment aid the parent, teacher and counselor etc in understanding the problem of the learner finding a solution for d problem on time before d examination.

8 Continuous assessment is used to decide whether or not student have attained the reading target




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