Company Blog Audience- 5 ways to Grow an Audience for Your Company Blog

Company Blog Audience- 5 ways to Grow an Audience for Your Company Blog

Company blog audience is the method adopted by most businesses from the birth of web 2.0 to date. It is an approach that enhances engagement, and readership as well as increases customers’ patronage and loyalty over a period of time.

What is a Company Blog?

A company blog or website is simply the portion of the internet your company utilizes for the sole aim of:

  1. Marketing the company’s product by creating content.
  2. Creating a wider scope or audience for the company.
  3. Teaching the audience about the product or services

Similarly, it can also be defined as a piece of Google or other platforms you have chosen to present your brand and your services. Websites are a resource to most companies and time and time again, it has proven to be more of a necessity than a luxury.

What is the importance of a company blog?

Your company blog is an integral part of your start-up or business. The value attached to a company website or blog cannot be overestimated. Hence, its importance includes:

  • Your blog speaks to your prospects or potential buyers in your absence. With the wide reach of internet in the society.
  • It would only take a quick search to discover the rudiments of your company and the services you offer. Hence, the blog aids in creating a wider audience and/or more customers for the company on the internet.
  • Similarly, and with the right amount of setting, the blog could aid the company in marketing these products even when you or the company as the owner is absent.
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A challenge for most start-ups and long-existing businesses as well has been how to grow subscribers, the advanced audience reaches, build a large following and have a profitable turnout of their investments. Hence, the aim of this article is to provide detailed and effective steps to aid start-up companies thus bringing an end to the fore mentioned problem.

These effective tips or steps include:

  • Network with relevant bloggers and sister companies.
  • Venture into Email Marketing.
  • Invest in learning and maximizing the use of Search Engine Optimization.
  • Venture into Social Media Optimization.
  • Reward Referrals.

Network With Relevant Bloggers and Sister Companies

Building a web of connection with bloggers who manage far-reaching sites and have a vast audience that falls within your target audience will be beneficial to you and your company blog. The more cordial relationships you establish, the easier opportunities to feature in their backlinks and blog posts surface. You can also add backlinks of their own blogs to related blog posts on your blog or website. The Oxford dictionary defines the term “backlink(s)” as an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website.


Venture Into Email Marketing

Email marketing has been a fast, reliable, and growing strategy among bloggers to increase the number of visitors who visit their websites. Cold emailing might work, but there is also the risk of remaining in the spam box for unsolicited emails. Collecting emails of visitors to your blog is suitable advice. Promising a reward or potentially relevant gift for persons who subscribe to your mailing list goes a long way. When you send emails, the content should always be beneficial and have links that refer to your website.

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Invest In Learning and Maximizing the Use Of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘Search Engine Optimization as the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine. In a nutshell, it refers to the process of improving your website’s visibility to visitors and internet users. Some of the steps taken to optimise your website on site engines are:

  • Choose the right URL.
  • Create titles and descriptions for each page.
  • Utilize anchor text.
  • Add alt text to all your images.
  • Give your site structure the right headers.

Venture Into Social Media Optimization

The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘ Social Media Optimization’ as the techniques and strategies for promoting awareness of a brand, publication, product, and so on, on social media platforms especially by encouraging the sharing of content that attracts people to a particular website.

In other words, it can be referred to as a process where blog managers utilize company social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, et cetera, to use them as a means of marketing the company’s products and or services by uploading relevant content on these platforms that promote the brand and its identity. Hence, social media optimisation can be regarded as a tried and trusted technique to advertise a website’s and/or company’s services.

It ought to be used as a strategy for audience growth by virtually all types of businesses and companies. Take everything online, work on it and watch how fast it grows. Similarly, the brand can also make use of paid ads on these social media platforms which will help its products to spread around the platform faster. Google ads can also be utilized as well, it is simply an online advertising platform created by Google as a means of helping online marketers advertise their products and services better on the search engine.

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Reward Referrals

In rewarding or offering rewards to visitors on your website who refer other persons or a specific amount of persons, you’re setting yourself up for success and this method has been proven effective. When people share your content and brand, your outreach expands and your networking circle is broader with little effort from you.

Giving rewards to referrals can easily be done on the company or brand’s social media handles under the veil of ‘giveaways’ and so on. The company or brand can even decide to do slash sales and so on in order to maintain the company’s current audience and even grow more.

Are there other lists to include in the 5 Ways to Grow Your Company Blog audience? please do well to use the comment section to lend your voice.


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