Citing a movie -How to cite a movie in APA

Citing a movie -How to cite a movie in APA

You might be surprised to learn that movies, or what some people would refer to as film, need to be acknowledged in any study that you undertake, right? Don’t be surprised because the first and most important guideline of any intellectual effort is to cite your sources.

This action does more than just make it easier for your readers or viewers to continue their study if they so want. Additionally, it lends credibility to the work that you do.

Although the medium of film itself would not be the primary emphasis of this piece of work, it is essential to at least make a cursory investigation into the subject matter of movies. A movie is a very powerful medium when it comes to dramatizing events and more specifically when it comes to evoking feelings.

The art of moving pictures is extremely complicated, needing contributions from virtually every other kind of creative expression in addition to a vast array of technical abilities (for example, in sound recording and photography).

The new art form that refers to movies emerged around the end of the 19th century and went on to become one of the most popular and influential forms of media for the rest of the 19th century and beyond.

A motion picture is a series of moving images and sound that has been recorded with the intention of presenting a story and is shown in a cinema. Movies and films can refer to both individual motion pictures as well as the art form of filmmaking and the industry that produces motion pictures.

To make moving pictures, either the real world is photographed, or pictures are created using animation techniques or special effects. Sometimes both of these methods are used.

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Movies, like other forms of art, can be utilized for an extremely wide range of reasons. Some of its most important roles include serving as a source of instruction, amusement, and motivation. Simply viewing a movie can educate people about a variety of topics, including history, science, and even human psychology.

The experience of watching a movie can be considerably more enjoyable if it contains elements of both entertainment and instruction.

Let’s get down to business at this point. In any kind of paper, academic work, or research you do, you are required to provide credit to the original source of the information. Movies, just like any other materials, need to be properly attributed when they are used in an academic article.

Remember to give credit where credit is due, whether you are talking about the movie, providing a synopsis of the story, or directly quoting from the script. Because of this, you will need to include a citation inside the body of your work as well as a separate entry for the movie in your list of sources. When writing your paper or article, be sure that you do not minimize the significance of providing appropriate citations.

When it comes to citing movies in academic writing, you have a number of formatting alternatives to choose from, regardless of whether you’re working on an essay or a report. The MLA, Harvard, Chicago, and APA writing styles are the four that are utilized the most frequently for research paper writing.

If you choose the wrong reference system for your essay, you risk having points deducted from it. Because of this, it is essential that you fully comprehend the style formatting criteria for your essay before making a decision on a referencing system for films.

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When attempting to discuss a film, it is important to consider the structural pattern that will be applied to the discussion. If you are writing a research paper, thesis, capstone project, or dissertation in the social or behavioural sciences, there is a significant likelihood that you will make use of the APA style guide that is published by the American Psychological Association.

The question of what material ought to be included in a citation for a movie is one that is routinely posed by a great number of individuals. What kinds of information ought to be contained inside the reference list? What exactly is the issue with making movie references?

How can you make reference to movies using the APA format? It’s a cinch! Citing a film in the same way that you would cite any other source on a reference page makes it much simpler for the reader to confirm the information that you have provided.

In this regard, the formatting of citations for films is not dissimilar to that of citations for books or articles. In addition, the citation process for movies was simplified by the APA, which made it much simpler to locate movies to cite. The citation for a movie looks like this when it’s written on paper. APA:

Step 1

Include a reference to the video in the text just like you would for any other source. Please provide citations for any and all video sources, including the name of the movie and the year it was released.

At the end of your argument, you need to include a citation for the source by enclosing it in quotation marks. In your essay, you should first include the name of the video as well as the director before identifying a source.

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Step 2

On the page devoted to references, you ought to include the following details: All of the following information must be provided: the first and last names of the film’s director or producer, the film’s title, the name of the production company, the location, and the year that the picture was released.

As an illustration, take into consideration the following: It is the director’s initials that are used to spell out the director’s middle name. (Director). (Year). The title of the movie in the recording studio.

Step 3

After each item of information, place a comma in the appropriate spot. You may choose to type the name of the film in italics. Put a comma after the name of the studio and the address of the studio. It is appropriate to enclose the name of a director and the year in parentheses. Include the format of the movie between the parentheses.

Based on Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.) (2019) Guidelines

Media: Film, Motion Picture, TV

Film / Motion Picture

Richter, J. (Producer), & Hausmann, J. (Director). (1985). Cezanne: The man and the mountain [Motion picture]. Home Vision.

Paraphrase: (Richter & Hausmann, 1985). Quotation: (Richter & Hausmann, 1985, Timestamp)

Television: Single Program

Safer, M. (Narr.). (1993, September 19). Yes…But is it art? [Television broadcast]. Central Broadcasting Service.

Paraphrase: (Safer, 1993). Quotation: (Safer, 1993, Timestamp)

Television: Episode from a series

Woodard, K. (Writer). (2005). Katrina’s animal rescue [Television series episode]. In B. Murphy (Producer), Nature. Thirteen/WNET New York.


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