Choosing Book title -5 things to consider while choose a Compelling Title for your Book

How attractive your book will be, start by choosing book title that is compelling and simple to be remembered. The title of the Book is the Striking Contact and should be one that should entice readers to pick up the Book. Are you having problems choosing Good titles for your book? Of course, the dilemma is understandable as the title of a Book is the First Point of Attraction for that Book.

The title of every Book drops a lasting memory in the mind of the reader. You might not remember the Author, but the title sticks. There are memorable titles that ring a bell in the mind of readers. When you talk about Books like “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe or think “Animal Farm” by George Orwell, you quickly remember the Book and the storylines.

What about books like “Why you act the way you do” by Tim Lahaye or “Think Big” by Ben Carson. You just realise that all the authors have something in common, they had a Good thought about it before choosing such titles. That brings me to the question, will Chinua Achebe’s “things fall apart” have gained enough grounds if it was given a different name/title like “Ikemefula’s travail” or would Ben Carson’s ‘Think Big” have a great impact if it was named “The Road to Success“? Certainly not.

The title, “Things Fall Apart” is a call to action, from the title, you can understand that there is a problem to be taken care of, and Books thrive on Crisis in the reader’s mind, the more they try to resolve it in their heads, the more they read up. The same goes for the book “Think Big”. It is a Motivation on its own and the audience appreciates books that try to motivate them from the word “Go”.

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How are Book Titles Drafted?

The title of your Book is determined by the type of book you are writing. When it is a Fictional Story or novel the title is drafted from the storyline you are writing about. It could be on the Major Character or the attitude of one or more characters in the Book. For example, “Hamlet” Romeo and Juliet, then “Julio Ceaser” are names of the Main Characters in William Shakespeare’s Books which turned out to be the Titles of the Books. The names are now associated with these characters.

When working on a Non-fictional piece, understand that readers appreciate Books that spur them into action, direct them on the right paths and most importantly, help them solve their problems. The title of these books can be directly linked to the Solution it brings. For example, a book like “Why you act the way you do”, comes with a promise of an answer to one’s life problems, making it a necessary piece to understand one’s self. This is another method Titles are drafted.

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How to Choose a Book Title

Search for Topics Online -Choosing Book title

It is easier to take care of Book Title issues nowadays than it was in times past. In recent times, some sites are designed to take care of the writer’s title dilemma

 Sites like and, etc, are dedicated to helping you search for suitable titles, using the Keywords I’m the Book. Searching for titles online will also help you ascertain the uniqueness of your title.

As much as possible, avoid Word Titles -Choosing Book title

Top Writers like William Shakespeare can decide to make their Books “Hamlet and Macbeth” but what about Newbies who are just starting? One word titles sometimes fail to point your Book in any direction and give the reader no hints. Anyone who decides to read it might just do so because of the Author’s popularity or might just be taking a chance on you and it is not that easy. In that case, it is important to avoid it. Instead, use a topic/title with two or more words preferably, not more than six.

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Lengthy Titles, Unacceptable -Choosing Book title

It is a Title, not an Introduction or long sentence. Making a Book title too lengthy is a huge turn off for most readers. How will you feel reading a book titled “Hiding from my Shadow in the cover of the dark, the deepest struggles beyond my reasoning”. No matter how it is coined, the length is a huge wrong view, it is better you make the title as brief as possible.

Study Old title formats -Choosing Book title

As a writer, it is important to make research topics used in past work, where they were coined from and what made them popular. If you study format titles take, it will help you generate yours as well. Most times, Popular Authors use the Major Character’s names, like “Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, and Julio Ceaser” stated earlier. Some are focused on the Protagonist but this time, not just his name but something about him. For example, “The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood and The Chronicles of Riddick”.

Some Books move away from the Protagonist to the Antagonist talking about him or his exploits for Example, in “The Devil’s Advocate and Brutal Prince: an enemy to lovers Mafia Romance”. Some Titles are coined from a Location from the Book. For example,”Pearl Harbor and The Ship”. Some Authors get theirs from an event in the Book, the Protagonist’s occupation, or towns and cities mentioned in the Book. However, they are some writers who are as gifted as getting their titles out of the Blue. Consider Chimamanda Adichie’s “Half of a Yellow Sun”, you just know it is amazing and uncommon. That should certainly be your aim.

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Relate your Title to the Genre -Choosing Book title

Titles related to the particular genre one is writing on are usually compelling. When one is writing a Fantasy Book, know that words like Magic, Mage etc can easily appear and make meaning. When it is Horror, Words like Death, Haunted, Kill, etc are good for the Title. Romantic Books could make do with words like Love, Seductive, Romance, etc. Various genres have a whole lot of influence on the title of the Book.

In getting Book titles, it is important to use understandable phrases and words. It adds no extra credibility if your Book is picked up and the Title alone is so confusing. Also, be careful not to confuse your readers with a title that does not relate to the work itself as it is a huge turn-off. A Hook gives you more attention so you might consider using one for your Title, be careful not to bore your readers with it.

A Book title is not difficult in drafting, the job the title does however makes it seem like an uphill task. With practice, concentration and a little research, you are sure to always arrive at your desired Titles.


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