Business Proposal that attracts investors – 9 Steps for writing a Business proposal

A business proposal can be defined as a documented and formal offer written for the sole aim of performing the following tasks:

  • To advertise a product or service to a potential buyer.
  • To advertise the intellectual skills or capacities of an individual to a prospective employer to secure a job opportunity.
  • To advertise an upcoming ideology or business to prospective investors as a means of convincing them to put money into it.

The sole aim of a business proposal is to convince the reader to make a change regarding the proposal. The term change under this veil could be for the reader to bring the proposed ideology to life viz the money he/she would provide for the actualization of the ideology, to consider the applicant fit for the job hence granting the job to him/her or to convince the potential buyer to eventually purchase the product.

WHAT ARE THE TYPES OF BUSINESS PROPOSALS -Business Proposal that attracts investors

Business proposals can be (I) Formally Solicited (II) Informally Solicited (III) Unsolicited

Formally Solicited Business Proposals

A business proposal is regarded as formally solicited when it is composed based on the client’s request for it. This form of a business proposal is considered the easiest to write, this is so because the writer of the proposal need not undergo serious research regarding the information of the business client demanding a business proposal.

Most of the information needed in regards to what the company or investors offer and how it can help in the growth of the writer’s brand or business is already aptly identified since both parties have become familiar enough for the client to request a proposal. Hence, the sole aim of a formally solicited business proposal is to present a well-drafted business plan for proper evaluation by the client.

Informally Solicited Business Proposals

A business proposal is said to be informally solicited when it was not officially requested from the client. Take for example, when two individuals sit down for an informal conversation, business talks emerge and the client piques interest in the business owner’s work or services then he/she is further asked to draft up a business proposal which will be reviewed by the client.

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Unsolicited Business Proposals

A business proposal is said to be unsolicited when it is not requested in any way from the clients. In this scenario, the business owner is trying to advertise his/her products or services to prospective clients. Hence, an unsolicited business proposal can be regarded as a pitch or cold mail issued to clients without their request in a bid to notify the client of his/her products, services, or ideologies.

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What are the components of a well structured business proposal -Business Proposal that attracts investors

A well-structured business proposal ought to consist of the following components:

  • Title.
  • Table of Contents.
  • Executive Summary.
  • Statement of problem.
  • Proposed solution.
  • Qualifications
  • Timeline.
  • Pricing and Billing.
  • Terms and Conditions.


The title of a business proposal is aimed at unveiling the writer’s identity and the nature of the business which he/she is proposing to the client. The basic elements to be inculcated in the title of the work include:

  • The full name of the writer of the proposal.
  • The name of the writer’s company or brand.
  • The name of the prospect(It could either be the name of the goods or service which the writer intends to talk about as well as the ideology which he/she wishes to expatiate on)
  • The date on which the proposal was submitted.

Table of Contents

The table of contents in a business proposal is the compilation of all the subheadings(along with page numbers) which will be included and explained in the body of the proposal. It is a fundamental feature of the business proposal, this is so because it makes the proposal easier for prospective clients to skim through and read. On this note, the table of contents in a business proposal ought to be composed most nicely and neatly possible.

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Executive Summary

An executive summary is a brief overview of the entire contents of the business proposal. Think of it as the introductory part of an essay that summarizes all the contents that will be expatiated on in the body of the work. Hence, the aims of an executive summary in a business proposal are to:

  • Introduce the name of the company to the prospective client.
  • Produce a well-structured overview of the company’s aims and objectives.
  • State brief notes on the company’s achievements, plans, and how the company wishes to achieve such.

A well-structured executive summary ought to be both catchy and concise. If the writer employs both tactics, the interest of the prospective client will be piqued and he/she would want to read further.

The statement of the problem

The writer’s aim in this section is to identify a prospective problem that the client reading the proposal might be facing then. Now the basic question here will be, what is the possibility that this particular client is facing the problem stated in this section.

Informally and informally solicited proposals, the answer to the fore mentioned question is already partly stated because the clients have already developed a certain sort of interest in the service or good being advertised by the writer. In an unsolicited proposal, however, the answer to this question requires the writer to conduct more detailed research.

Proposed Solution

The proposed solution section permits the writer of the proposal to go into full marketing mode. This is done by creating effective points or solutions that can help to ameliorate the proposed problems of the client. Similarly, the writer can further state in detail how the ideology, goods, or service will help to solve the stated problem and the designated amount of time within which that can occur.


After the proposed solution to the problem has been stated, the next aim of the writer is to provide proof of skill to the client as a means of further convincing them of the authenticity of the proposed subject matter. To do this, the writer could state the achievements, the amount of experience that the company has accumulated over the years as well as social proof of establishment.

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The writer’s aim in this section is to provide a standardized schedule or working hours of the company or the designated amount of time whereby the goods or service will be made available to the client after his/her order or demand for it is placed. The writer is permitted to input infographics and flowcharts to make this section more preservable and easy to read.

Pricing, and Billing

This section outlines the monetary list and legal aspects of the proposed business. To maintain some sort of balance between overpricing and undervaluing of the goods, the writer is permitted to produce a price list with ranging prices which the client can pick from based on the size of his/her pockets.

Terms and Conditions

This is the legal section of the entire proposal. It provides a standardized provision of what is expected of both the client and the reader in terms of timeline, mode of payments as well as payment schedules. The writer is also permitted to provide penalties that might occur in case one or both of the parties fail to adhere to the agreements in the contract. It is important to state this section in a proposal, that way, the writer will be given proper insight into what he/she is walking into.

How to compose an attractive Business Proposal- Business Proposal that attracts investors

To produce an attractive business proposal, the following additional tips ought to be adhered to:

  • Conduct proper research before the commencement of the proposal writing.
  • Know and write according to the standards of the desired target audience.
  • Include visuals in the proposal.
  • Re-read and edit the proposal after writing it.


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