Argumentative Essay -5 key points to note while writing an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay -5 key points to note while writing an Argumentative Essay

Considering this to being a branch of writing should be the first major factor you should pay cognizance to, following that should be to understand its purpose. All this should come before the structuring that is if you have decided to pull together an effective argumentative essay

Now believe that you would have to engage with another make-believe figure that has been armed to the teeth to oppose whichever side you are on and in order not to piece together a joke consider this for starters

  • Support- the backbone of your claims, the icebreaker, the convincer. For every point to be made facts must be brought to weighed ignorance, these facts must be derived from copious studies and should not be “alleged” or “supposed” it shouldn’t have its primary root. sprouting from your opinion, no! it must be a recognized dogma or at least a newly discovered
  • Thesis statement, should be placed at the end of the opening paragraph, it must contain your point of view, and every other argument or point following after must have a direct link to that thesis statement.
  • Rational movement must be impeccable, for this to be achieved and for the sake of escaping a horrific divergence an outline would be needed to have a clear view of what your goal is.
  • All references to be used must be well-sourced to avoid miscommunicating your message, be sure to equip yourself with the knowledge of what you want to use and the proper guide to how it is expected to be used with that done to avoid any and every case of digression and stick adamantly to your points of citation.

Should there be a cause for lack of understanding due to advanced vocabularies, endeavour to read at a slower pace, and flow with each sentence paying attention to where expressions are being used to easily comprehend, is that clear?

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Major aspects you’d need to consider  for an argumentative essay


This is where it all begins, throughout the course of your educational phase it has happened that your school teacher has told you a lot about argumentative essays and how it is needful to pre

sent them with vigor and precision to actually earn points but what she/he left out of the blackboard is that one of the major determinants to scribing down an augmentative essay successfully is the Topic.

It first appears like a cakewalk, it looks quite easy to form contents out of anything and support it with a powerful argument, like why a knife is spelt with a “k” and pronounced without the “k” or what created the event that resulted into the big bang theory, it’s quite easy stuff till you discover that most topics don’t have enough in history to be supported with references and evidence, that’s

when the mental capsizes begins, the final cross bridge to a failed project. But, it doesn’t have to be so; here are tips to note while choosing a topic.

Select topics that’ll provide room for claims, whatever topic you would want to pick be sure it can be easily supported; you might not earn extra points for tackling hard topics you are accessed based on how well you get the job done, not by the size of the bull you choose to wrestle.

While spawning what wouldn’t land you with brain teasers and writer’s block, remember to expunge the idea of your opinion being relevant, nobody really wants to know what you think of the weather or politics, what they are interested in is how the weather and politics actually is, is it rainy? Yes, what’s your proof of that? My proof of that should emanate from facts. Also, avoid picking topics that are already proven, something already established doesn’t need to be established further e.g. “my Father is a man”, “water is good for your health”, “purpose of agriculture”. Brainstorm for new things that will spike the interest of the audience.

Select a topic of interest to you.

Consider the area you are most good at, irrespective of how recognized it is find what global event, occurrence, or environment relates well with you, and then consider picking a topic, Choose what connects with you, the things you care about the things that have a foothold on your interest, this doesn’t necessarily need to be a cause for a G7 summit or global conference it can be mild but should have an iota of relevance, like appendicitis- has little relevance but it can be a major cause for worry.

E.g.  “effect of global warming and how it has helped humanity”, “how football can be utilized to promote economic strength”. They are quite mild, nothing life-threatening but looking closer at the aforementioned it cannot be denied that whatever content under it would hold relevant. Picking a topic you are abreast with like the traditional “lawyers are more useful than doctors” exposes you to higher chances of bringing provable points in bulk quantity.

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Precision and focus

There are sheer cases where you find yourself going off points simply because of a conflict of ideas, this usually stems from a lack of outline and structure. The outline gives you a focus the structure introduces accuracy, draft out the opening points with the central thesis in the paragraph; you should line them out in bullet points and propagate contents for each individual point e.g.

  • Ice caps are a melting-thesis statement

“This unforeseen event has in no doubt left humanity with a surviving contingency one that if chosen to utilize would ensure our survival for the next 30 years…the gradual extinction of southpaws and red wolves native to the artic has left humanity with no other option than to devise necessary means to curb the melting caps, failure to enact an abrupt stop to greenhouse gas as a contingency would only reconcile man with a similar fate to the endangered polar bears.”

The above is an example of what your starting point would be, point of focus, and landing point, once you have chosen to give your essay an outline.



All proven points must be backed up by solid facts that have stemmed from historical events or are empirically imbibed. Once more there is a need to lay emphasis that they should be no reason on which you would centre your own point on opinions; opinions are not proven dogma and as so cannot be a convincer, opinions are mere thoughts connoting an individual inward feeling about states of matter and how it should be arranged based on perspective.

In most cases they are easily false that’s why they at times are presented as theories and hypotheses- a possible meaning, but not yet confirmed, to the state of things. For example, if you are arguing why dogs are better than cats, you would most likely want to say

  • “dogs are man’s best friend, they show unmatched loyalty and devotion to their owners, cats are lackadaisical and as such, they hardly have the welfare of their owner at heart.”

The statement above is indeed true because throughout history we cannot help but note the cordial bond and cynophile has with his dog.


The moment your work is plagued with error and houses unreadable vocabulary you automatically lose points, once your essay proves too difficult to be read they would disqualify it based on its pointlessness. The use of comprehensive wording and well paragraphs are major contributors to the successful formation of a written argumentative essay. How you flow should leave room for disconnection carrying the reader along is of utmost importance

Structuring the entire essay

Now that you have enlightened yourself on the necessary details for writing an impressive argumentative essay, here is how to completely format the entire essay, like most essays an argumentative essay comprises of three major sections; the introduction, the body, and the conclusion, but here are some tiny details you will need to know:

  • Introduction: beginning paragraph with a thesis statement
  • Next paragraph: starts with a topic sentence that ushers in argument point 1

Following should be the support for the argument point with evidence

  • Expatiate what you mean in your own words
  • Next paragraph: second argument point beginning with a topic sentence

Support for the second argument with evidence

  • Expatiate with your own words
  • Next paragraph: third argument point that begins with a topic sentence

Support with evidence

  • Expatiate with your own words
  • New paragraph tackling opposing viewpoints

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