Write a winning Application Essay – Use our Professional Application Essay Service today

Write a winning Application Essay – Use our Professional Application Essay Service today

Often times, when seeking admission into a graduate school, to study as an international student, as part of admission requirement, one is required to write a winning and convincing essay, so as to convince the admission committee that you are suitable for the course you intend to study.

Writing such kinds of power packed essays is never an essay task. Such essays are not a one-shot thing, it requires building parts daily, and a series of reviews before making a final draft.

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When writing your admission essay keep the following in mind;

  1. It Should be concise and at the same time comprehensive
  2. Demonstrate a good understanding of the course you intend to study
  3. Pay attention to word count and other instruction as touching the pattern and length of the essay; it is particularly important to adhere to those rules, as it goes a long way to show to the selection/assessment panel how organized you and your ability to adhere to academic rules and instructions.
  4. Your essay should lay emphasis on your strengths, and experiences, narrow it down to suit the position you are vying for.
  5. Your essay should include information on your Previous academic and professional achievements, this gives the panelist insight into your capability and suitability for the chosen course of study
  6. It should show a positive linkage between previous professional achievement, the chosen course of study, and future career plans
  7. Provide information on why you chose the school and the particular field of study; never make the mistake of using lower tuition fees, and less competition as a reason, rather stay on the safe side, provide information on what makes the university to standout in her locality as well as the difference between how your chosen course of study in the university stands out that from seminar programs offered by other universities.
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A good application essay requires critical thinking, hence, it’s important that you don’t rush it, build on it daily. when you feel you have got the perfect essay, have someone to proofread it for you, or better still run a grammar check, if all is positive then you can go ahead to upload your essay alongside other supporting documents. However, if for one reason or more, you are not able to come up with the quality of the essay you need. Worry less! We are here to guide you further; our teams of professional and talented essayist are here to offer the following essay services:

  1. Proofreading of your essay (grammatical and content correction)
  2. Evaluate your essay
  3. Plagiarism/Similarity Check
  4. Rewrite the content of your essay and
  5. Write your essay from scratch.


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