20 Top Writing Sites

Writing as much as every other vocational skill one can have requires patience, passion and consistency over a long length of time. Writing isn’t just an activity, it is not just something you do only as a hobby. Writing can be forged into something massive that has the capacity to employ both the writer and other participants.

Individuals make money from writing articles such as, novels, books, bulletins, magazines, and even for blog sites, and etcetera. The skill of writing when employed as a means of livelihood has no bounds and no limits as to how much one can earn from it. Because of how lucrative writing is as a business a lot of writing site have been created to employ people who are writers so as to enable them utilize their skills and get demonstrated for third involvement in the enterprise. All of these sites have carrying differences ranging from their system of operations, plans and packages, etcetera.

However, here are examples of some writing websites you should consider the following:

  1. Writersking.com
  2. Freelancer.com
  3. Fiverr
  4. Freelancewriting.com
  5. Medium
  6. Contena
  7. Flexjobs
  8. Upwork
  9. Writer Access
  10. Upwork
  11. Textbroker
  12. Contently
  13. MediaBistro
  14. ProBlogger
  15. Freelancer.com
  16. Constant Content
  17. Guru.com
  18. Writer Access
  19. Craigslist
  20. BloggingPro

Moreover, while there exists ton of sites that can help you discover diverse freelance works, you will he served better if you look specifically to freelance writing websites. It is advisable to not play the “network game”, and hoping that something pops up or the content creation game, instead these freelance writing websites put a multitude of writing jobs at you disposal.

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The next question to answer is how then can I find a good online writing job, here below are some tips for finding online freelance writing jobs:

  1. You will have to pitch and then apply every day
  2. Creating a captivating Niche can be great, though it is not expedient that must have one before starting.
  3. Have a well fashioned networking base
  4. Join freelance website communities that will help you create a viable profile or portfolio.
  5. Experience is a result of work not necessarily years spent alive.

However, here are some tips on how to become a freelance writer:

You have to create a catalogue of testimonials and a portfolio. These are the two most important tools needed to get an online writing job. As a writer you have to create some samples of your writing works that you have done previously as a testimonial to getting more jobs online. It is advisable to ask your clients to do a review of your works so as to post it as a testament of your works.

Being a freelance writer will require that you do a lot of pitches to clients, no matter the freelance website you intend to employ. A good counsel will be to set a goal of sending your applications or proposals on bulk every day and be sure to stick to the routine until you realize that you lack time based on works you have already, you can now scale back for a bit so as to not disappoint your clientele.

An example of a freelance work, will be blog writing. Blog writing is possibly one of the(if not the easiest) easiest type of freelance writing. A great chunk of individuals employ freelancers to write for them and pay them for their services afterwards. Blog writing could also be a perfect stepping stone to start clientele relationships and to build on it and afterward you can stem into other forms of this business.

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Pros and Cons of some of the freelance websites

  1. Contena: this is a writing website offering premium services aiming to be more than just another employee board. It can automatically detect and collect the best freelance gigs from around the web through an inbuilt system.


It has an internally built system that enables it to find writing gifs across the web.

It comes with helpful options and memos to help first time participants find their way around it.


It requires an application to participate

You have to pay for its services

  1. Upwork: upwork offers short-term contracts, long-term contracts, hourly and periodical project based writing jobs. It has over 12 million freelancers fishing in it’s rivers, and over 5 million clients and it also offers more than 4 million freelance works yearly.


It offers a large unending supply of job leads

It has a strong payment management


It charges the highest fees among writing sites

Building your portfolio takes plenty if time and hard work and also a great deal of consistency.

  1. Flexjobs: this can best he described as an online marketplace for people looking to find employment that are not rigid but flexible and for freelance writers too. One of the major distinguish ing factors is that it verifies all the works written which consequently makes it relatively hard to find fraudulent practices and/low paying writing opportunities. It also has a custom job search which makes it relatively easy to find the perfect gig of your choice that suits your niche perfectly.


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The Job postings here  are filtered for quality, so it requires a huge demand for excellence.

Job offers in the site are remote-friendly

The system of Subscripted membership implies that there will exist less competition

 There is also an exclusive membership .list which gives advantage such as, discounts and better deals.


Requires that every of it’s partners and participants to subscribe.

It is not very useful for building a your own unique writing portfolio.

In conclusion, a freelance writer is an individual who earns or writes to earn income, and/or is paid as a contractor. The freelancer is self-employed, independent and an owner of his business, solely responsible for getting me building a clientele base, selling services to those who need them and ensuring optimum satisfaction. We also have examples of freelancing jobs such as:

  1. Blog writing
  2. Copywriting
  3. Content writing
  4. SEO writing
  5. Web content
  6. Social media writing
  7. Video script writing
  8. Email writing

This is a lucrative business and if you have the patience and a good writer who has the belief and trust in his or her works why don’t you plunge into these waters and create a credit for yourself.

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