12 Counseling techniques

(1) Altruistic technique: Here the counsellor is expected to make the client understand that he is not God that solves problems but that is willing to help him seek or find solutions to his  problem because he is concerned with his welfare and happiness for instance a client told you as a counsellor that a lecturer said that if she did not sleep with him that she will not pass his course, than you let her know that you will help her resolve the issue.

  (2) Encouragement technique: This is designed to counter feelings inadequacy or to prompt action. It may build upon the clients ego strength. For instance he did what is good, you as a counsellor will congratulate him by saying “you did well keep it on”.

 (3) Restatement techniques: often times, we misunderstand others simply by not checking out from them to make sure that what is being said has the same meaning to the two people involved. This is a situation where the counsellor summarizes the problem or information presented by the client from time to time, to clarify the issue under discussion and foster communication. For example “you say you feel……” This will enable him know whether he actually understood the client.

(4) Discussion techniques: Here the counsellor helps client to define, identify and focus on a common problem. Through sharing and discussion client can mutually and collectively attack the problem, resolve it and discuss the implications of their solution.

(5) Sociometric technique: This is useful in identifying popular and likeable members of a group as well as isolates. Counsellor can use the data obtained from sciometric techniques to help socialize members and improve their personal adjustment especially the rejected members.

(6) Catharis technique: This is the action of getting rid of trouble some feelings or tensions by expressing them as under the influenced of art. It helps to reduce tension and understand feelings on the part of the client thereby helping him to open to totally.

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