Top Ranking Journals in Nigeria in 2021

Research papers, books, and other scholarly publications are published in journals. Journals are specialized publications that cover a certain area of study or expertise. Journals, as opposed to newspapers and magazines, are written for a specific readership, such as academics or technical professionals.

Journal publications are your best bet as a student when it comes to gathering information for a research assignment.

You’ll discover a list of Nigeria’s best journals on this page. This ranking will be based on the area of expertise.

RANKING OF SCIENTIFIC JOURNALS IN NIGERIA -Top Ranking Journals in Nigeria in 2021

1 African journal of reproductive health

This multidisciplinary and international journal first appeared in 1997 and has since been published four times a year (March, June, September, and December), with a Special Edition appearing at any time of the year (April, August, and December). It was published tri-annually (April, August, and December) until December 2008, then quarterly (March, June, September, and December) from 2009 to 2013.

In both English and French, the journal publishes original research as well as extensive reviews, case studies, and commentary on reproductive health in Africa. African and foreign authors working in Africa are encouraged to use this platform to discuss their results on all aspects of reproductive health, as well as to spread new, helpful information on reproductive health across the continent.

Here is a link to the journal homepage:

2 African Journal of Infectious Diseases

Journals like the “African Journal of Infectious Disease (AJID)” allow speedy publishing of manuscripts on infectious diseases in humans and domestic animals after they have been peer-reviewed by scientists from many disciplines throughout the world. Articles that match the Journal’s broad requirements for importance and scientific excellence are welcome to be submitted. After acceptance, papers will be published in a peer-reviewed journal within two to three months.

Here is a link to the journal homepage:

3 Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice

Monthly peer-reviewed international journal published by the Nigerian Medical and Dental Consultants’ Association, the Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice. The complete text of the journal may be found at, where you can read it in its entirety. The journal’s material is open to everyone (Open Access) and authors are allowed to self-archive the final accepted version of their papers on any OAI-compliant institutional or subject-based repository. Manuscripts, including color reproductions of images, are subject to a small fee for submission, processing, and publishing in the magazine.

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Here is a link to the journal homepage:

4 Pan African Medical Journal

It is our firm belief that all scientific work done in Africa should be made readily and freely available to all scholars across the world. Creating, stimulating, and perpetuating a culture of information sharing and publishing among African health researchers and other actors is the goal. This will help to increase the availability of health information, better understand Africa’s specificities and improve health outcomes for people on the continent. Focus: We publish unique scientific research on clinical and public health issues as well as socio-political, economic, and environmental aspects that affect the health of African populations.

Here is a link to the homepage of the journal:

RANKING OF JOURNALS IN SOCIAL SCIENCE -Top Ranking Journals in Nigeria in 2021

1 Filosofia Theoretica

Calabar School of Philosophy (CSP) at the University of Calabar publishes Filosofia Theoretica, a journal of theoretical philosophy. The journal will begin publishing the third issue in 2018, which will be a bilingual version in French and English. In the fields of philosophy, culture, religion, history, and the arts, Filosofia Theoretica publishes well-researched and innovative pieces.

In addition, book reviews are also published by the publication. It publishes two issues per year, one in January and one in July and December. SCOPUS, EBSCO Humanities Source, ProQuest, Google Scholar, Ajol, EBSCO Database, Philosopher’s index, etc. all have abstracts and indices for the journal. Also in South Africa, Filosofia Theoretica is recognized by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DoHET).

Here is a link to the journal homepage:

2 Journal of Agricultural Extension

To advance knowledge about agricultural extension services and practice, the Journal of Agricultural Extension (JAE) publishes original, empirically based research, with an emphasis on extension administration and supervision, program planning, monitoring and evaluation (M&E), innovation dissemination, and adoption of innovations; extension communication models and strategies; extension research and methodological issues, As a rule, JAE will not publish articles about new and developing challenges in agricultural extension and rural development that can’t be used to inform policy. The exception to this is if the research presents crucial insights into a local government area/council/research.

Here is a link to the journal homepage:

3 African Journal of Library Archives and Information Science

AJLAIS was formed primarily to give a platform for African librarians, archivists, documentalists, information scientists, and other professionals involved in the information sector to report on their research findings, with a focus on Africa. Renowned academics referee the submissions to the journal. However, although the focus is on empirical research, high-quality articles on theoretical elements of the three information-related disciplines will also be taken into account for publication.

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Here is a link to the journal homepage:

4 Nigerian Journal of Economic and Social Studies

There is a general-interest economics and social studies journal called the Nigerian Journal of Economic and Social Studies. The NJESS was founded in 1957 and released its first issue in 1959. With over 50 years of publication under its belt, the NJESS is the nation’s first and most prestigious international research journal for economists. In a year, the journal issues three issues: one in March, another in July, and a third in November. This journal publishes outstanding research papers that have undergone rigorous peer review and great content editing to ensure the highest levels of quality and best practice. Other foreign publishers’ catalogues have included the journal in their journals of economic literature indexes.

Here is a link to the journal homepage:

RANKING OF ENGINEERING JOURNALS -Top Ranking Journals in Nigeria in 2021

1 International Journal of Building Performance Simulation

By supporting our authors and the high-quality, original research they submit, the Journal of Building Performance Simulation (JBPS) seeks to make a significant and enduring contribution to the international building community. In addition, the journal provides a platform for original research papers and case studies that have been thoroughly researched. Those who wish to contribute to JBPS can do so by exploring the following building and community-related topics: Modeling and simulating physical processes: theoretical aspects (thermal, airflow, moisture, lighting, acoustics).

2 Arabian journal for science and engineering

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals publishes the peer-reviewed Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering (AJSE), which is owned by King Fahd University and distributed by Springer. Scientific papers in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Physics are published in twelve issues a year by AJSE. Engineering papers are published by the American Journal of Engineering and Computer Science (AJECS) in twelve issues a year by AJSE.

3 International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology

Since 2011, Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering & Sciences Publication (BEIESP) Bhopal (M.P.), India has published the bimonthly international journal International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT), which has an Online-ISSN 2249-8958. It’s an academic, double-blind, peer-reviewed journal published online.

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4 Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering

Original research findings in the fields of water and wastewater treatment and reuse, pollution prevention, resource recovery from waste, nanomaterials for environmental applications as well as sustainability and environmental safety can be published in the Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering. The journal also covers recent advances in green chemistry. For JECE, we’re looking for comprehensive research papers, critical evaluations of existing literature, viewpoints, and letters to the editor on the following topics. Adsorption/biosorption, ion exchange, membrane processes, and magnetic separation are examples of Physico-chemical processes.

5. IETE journal of research

The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineers (IETE), India, publishes the IETE Publication of Research, a biweekly journal. A variety of papers on new product and process development and unique research are published in this journal. Occasionally, special issues may focus on cutting-edge research fields that have just emerged. Those working in the fields of electronics and telecommunications will find this publication useful for keeping up with current research and development efforts. It is also beneficial to educators, managers, and students.

RANKING OF ART JOURNALS -Top Ranking Journals in Nigeria in 2021

1 Journal of Popular Television

As a peer-reviewed worldwide publication, the Journal of Popular Television publishes articles on all elements of popular television programming, whether fictional or non-fictional, from documentaries and sports to news and comedic programming. Founded on the assumption that popular television plays an important cultural, political and social role, the journal seeks contributions from a variety of disciplines that contextualize programs and genres as well as individuals and phenomena. Television criticism and theory, as well as historical approaches and re-evaluations of canonical and non-canonical texts, are all addressed in the journal.

2 IAFOR Journal of Ethics Religion and Philosophy

There is a chance to develop worldwide study in all issues and overlaps of foundational and applied ethics, religion and philosophy in the IAFOR Journal of Ethics, Religion & Philosophy. These themes will be encouraged in all research ontologies, epistemologies, and methodologies in both a focused and wide way. As a result, we are looking for submissions that address the ethical and philosophical issues that face today’s global community of scholars and professionals in the subject from all over the world.


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