The place of education as a vehicle for development is not underscored by any modern state, Nigeria inclusive. To this end, Okafor (1988), Olaiton (1980) did show that educational values are so crucial to growth that it should no longer be left to chance.

Education is a dynamic process, which requires constant review and assessment of its practices, methods and services. The teacher being the key figure in this process must be able to cope with the demands and changes inherent in the education system. In other to be abreast with his duties, he would need periodic upgrading refresher and other improvement courses generally referred to as in-service programmes. The national teacher’s institute, which undertakes distance learning Programmes TC by DLS and NCE by DLS, was a child of circumstances delivered off by UPE universal basic education initiated by the federal military government of Nigeria 1976.

Among others, the universal education was aimed at erasing ignorance and Illiteracy that had been the bane of the Nigerian society. Commenting on this Dr. Adedeji Awoniiji declared we know that no nation can rise above the mentality of its citizen. The quality of a nation depends on the quality of her Citizen liberating them from dismal of illiteracy.

UPE programme was to be a bridge to close the educational gap between northern and southern Nigeria. The upe programme, hidden talents would be discovered from children whom hitherto would not have educational opportunity. The universal primary education made free at the Primary level. The consequence was a colossal increase in schoolchildren population school enrollment moved at a geometrical progression, Infrastructure and teachers moved at arithmetical progression. The teacher’s pupils’ ratio continued to increase dangerously.

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To condemn the situation, federal and state governments went out into streets, farm, and market places to chop for teachers. This made Dr Sylvester U.Ugoh, the former honorable minister of education in Nigeria to declare that it is well known for instance that two out of every three teachers in our nation’s primary schools do not posses the desired minimum quality.

Statement of the problem

The role of education cannot be over emphasized as it concerns its influence of the development of the socio-economic and political spheres of life. It is so distinct in this regard that nation state spends fortune, unqualifiable resources both human and material, to promote qualitative education in the nation. Teachers are sole proprietors and the main manifestators in the realm of educational industry. They form the conduit in which the millions of the country’s citizenry would be mould for functional life in the society. The issue of having an adequate teaching manpower should be taken very seriously if the children are to achieve the best.However, the evidence on the ground has shown that most of these teachers require enough time to upgrade their own level of education. This calls to mind whether they are really achieving the worthwhile goals or merely passing through the programme while their initial level of academic life remains unchanged. This has led to the ugly disregard which some people have against all these people who seek to upgrade their knowledge.

The jest which people make of this programme is quit disheartening hence the people who have enrolled into the remedial programmes are now at the verge of withdrawing or even withdrawing because of the stigmatization which they suffer as a result of this. There is that tendency that the shortage of this teacher will increase with time hence they (the teachers) may not have the needed time to study in the regular programme. So whenever these teachers are arbitrary jettisoned from the teaching profession because of incomplete qualifications, the school would suffer it seriously especially the learners.

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Purpose of the study

The purpose of the study is to find out teachers perception of the distance learning education programme in Biase local government Area of cross River State.

Significance of the study

For teacher, there is the assurance that this study will help them to wait the options that will arise the assessment of the impact of the distant leaning education programmed. To take such options because its improvement in their chosen career.

The study will necessarily attempt to measure and evaluate teachers impressions about the distance leaning education programme. Correct impression about the programme will be valuable to all with stake in education. The teachers will immensely benefit from the study as it will x-ray how the teacher newly.

Research question

1 what extent has the quality of NTI programmes affected teaching?

  1. Do beneficiaries of distance education teach effectively in their school?
  2. What are the perceptions of the public on the distance learning teacher training?


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