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Based on data, having a professionally written resume increases your chances of being interviewed by 31%, being contacted by recruiters by 38%, and ultimately being hired by 40%. That means less time spent looking for work, more job offers, and less anxiety, and this is what we provide, a professionally written CV and cover letter that set you apart from your competitors. Also, four in ten applicants never even get a second interview because of grammar and spelling mistakes, you can avoid the wasted effort and constant rejections by allowing our professionals to have a look at your CV, spot the errors that you do not notice, and increase your chances of getting positive feedback.

Did you know? Most companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS), which function in identifying resumes by keywords, therefore, if your resume contains at least 80% of the right keywords, it will be sent to a hiring manager, but if it only contains a half amount of the right keywords, it will be rejected. If your qualifications don’t match up with at least 60% of the open positions, your resume will likely never be looked at again. Getting your resume in front isn’t easy, but our writers have spent years perfecting the art of keyword placement, and we’ve got you covered.

If you’ve been unemployed for a while and your sole responsibility is to find work, you might find that you spend more time tailoring your resume to each application than you do actively looking for work. You may be wondering if a standard resume is acceptable.


You should write your resume specifically for the position you want, highlighting your relevant experience and education. It can then be tailored to the needs of individual businesses. Unless you’re applying to wildly different types of jobs (you wouldn’t, for instance, use the same resume for a customer service position and a construction position), you probably won’t need to completely revamp your application materials. However, you can tailor variations of a general customer service resume as needed. You can tailor a resume written for construction industry positions to the needs of a particular employer.

If you’ve worked for the same company for three years or more, your resume may be showing its age. If you’re reading this and thinking, “Why is this a problem?” you’re not alone. Modern recruitment techniques mean that for every job posting, a company can receive hundreds of resumes, many of which will be perfect candidates. It only takes the smallest slip-up to be eliminated from the running at this point.

Do you want to be open to a new employment opportunity? Then, revamp your resume and apply for jobs again. Rewrite your resume immediately.

Your resume and CV need to demonstrate more than just the jobs you’ve held. As a bonus, it should set you up for the dream job you’ve always wanted. There is a lot at stake in your job hunt when changing jobs means changing your career path, meeting new people, improving your quality of life, and possibly even increasing your income.

With so much riding on it, it’s crucial that you put forth your best effort in every aspect of your job application, but especially in your resume. Why not take advantage of our experts who are willing to help you by revising this crucial document?

Most applications to jobs, require a cover letter to be included alongside a curriculum vitae. In it, you can elaborate on your qualifications for the position, the strengths you bring to the table, and the reasons you’re interested in working for the company. As a bonus, cover letters help the recruiter and hiring manager see if you’re a good fit for the position.

The hiring manager will likely form their initial impression of you based on the content of your cover letter, making it a crucial component of your application. Also, a cover letter is highly valued by employers and is sometimes even required when applying for positions.

If you want to make a good impression, your cover letter needs to be more than just polite. One of the most important parts of your job application is the cover letter, which research shows are more likely to get you an interview than just a resume alone. Need help crafting a good cover letter? We are here for you.

It is important to demonstrate in the cover letter that you have read the job description carefully and are enthusiastic about the position by highlighting your qualifications, relevant skills, and previous experience.

Before you even meet with the hiring manager, you have the chance to sell yourself through your cover letter. It gives you a chance to tell the employer about your experience and skills, while also learning more about the company.

Here are some tips to consider when rewriting your Resume

Highlight your Career goal

Take away the street address

Don’t make it too lengthy

Remove skills and experiences that aren’t relevant

Include your social media links

Don’t forget to add relevant keywords

Make your education section brief

Be creative in your summary section, and lastly

Edit and proofread your resume.

Job hunting typically takes prospective employee’s months. Your chances of getting hired again are proportional to the demand for your expertise, the strength of your professional connections, and the persuasiveness of your resume. You should also not sit around and hope for a job to come to you, but rather actively seek out opportunities to connect with prospective employers.

Making a good first impression depends critically on the quality of your resume. If the hiring manager is interested in meeting with you to discuss your qualifications, it’s because your resume did a good job of selling your skills and accomplishments. Our professional resume writers can assist you in creating a resume that highlights your qualifications and makes you look like a perfect fit for the position you’re applying for, or rewrite your resume to target the particular job you are seeking.

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