1.1   Background of the Study

          The pervasiveness of the crisis in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria has been attributed to a number of factors the crisis has been in the region since 1957 when shell Nigeria struck their first oil will in Oloibiri in Bayelsa State, which is known as central Niger Delta in 1956.

        The crisis being an old fine phenomenon is generally believed to be caused by self determination, due to pain, poverty, privation, land degradation, marginalization, backwardness and neglect of the area, that is the major causes of the crisis in that region.

        In regards to the crisis, people have it that the major problem in the Niger Delta region, that has thrown the region into a home of social instability is caused by the endless agitation for resource control.

        This work will look mainly at the major factors militating the Niger Delta crisis. In the cause of the problems of resource control, the research work will look into the link between resource control and the Niger Delta Crisis and the problem that follows. The Crisis has been dated to the colonial era, but more emphasis will be laid from 1999 till date, because this is when the recent unabating bloody conflict started between the federal government and the militant in the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria. By this I mean the entrance of youths, youth militant and youth militias with volatile demands and ultimatums that have accentuated the scale and intensity of confrontations and violence with the multinationals and the state.

1.2   Statement of Problem

          This work is going to examine the problems of resource control and the Niger Delta Crisis. The problems of resource control is believe to be caused by self, determination, due to pain, poverty, privation, land degradation, marginalization, backwardness, neglects, low income, hunger, destitution, urban squalor, unemployment, social political deprivation, social inferiority, lack of dignity for human right, in security etc.

        This work will attempt to locate the link between resource control and the Niger-Delta crisis. What led the researcher to this is a need to understand the history, changing contexts and local and social processes and dynamic of the conflicts in the Niger-Delta to guide policy-makers, to understand, the social, economic, cultural and political processes, and to correct their perceptions, values, attitudes and interest in policy formulation. The alienation of the Niger-Delta region by the so called agent of federal government is the major cause of youth restiveness in the region.

        Also, lack of infrastructure in the area is another set back. Government should intensifying efforts to see that federal government programmes in the Niger-Delta areas are given human face.

        Finally, government should stop embarking elephant projects in the Niger-Delta region.

1.3   objective of the Study

  1. The purpose of this study is to critically examine the concept of resource control. Identify its true meaning and how it can be informed.
  2. Another objective is to generate data on the subject matter and to provide further studies and discussions on the topic.
  3. To expose the true nature and the immediate and route causes of the crisis in the Niger-Delta.
  4. To profer solutions to the restiveness of the Niger-Delta.

1.4   Significance of the Study

  1. The significance of this research is to give first hand information to Niger-Delta scholars, activists, policy makers and member of the public.
  2. It will also proffer solutions to the ugly phenomenon such as environmental degradation, poverty, pains, privation, indiscriminate flaring of gas, political and economic marginalization, youth unrest, illegal bunkering, hostage taking, and oil spillage.
  3. Finally, this work is to enable the people of the Niger-delta to appreciate the needs for peaceful means of conflicts resolution, instead of fighting, killing, hostage talking and committing criminal acts.

1.5   Research Questions

The following hypotheses will serves as a guide to this study.

  1. The demand for resource control is one of the major causes of political and economic instability in the Niger Delta?
  2. That the Niger Delta is a threat to the stability and survival of Nigeria.

iii.     That the problems associated with the Niger Delta crisis, is a threat to foreign investment and national development in Nigeria.

1.6   Scope and Limitations of the Study

The main focus of this study is on role of resource control in the Niger Delta Crisis. And grievance against the Nigeria State by the Niger Delta people. Shortage of funds adversely affected the data collection process. Another is time allocated for this project; the time frame does not really allow the researcher to go as much as he would have. Lastly, the unwillingness of some individuals to give accurate in formation also made the data collection process difficult.

1.7   Definition of Concepts

Problem: A thing is difficult to deal with or to understand.

Resource Control: Is a significant in creases in the revenue allocation (from the federal account)

Niger Delta: Is the richest part of Nigeria in terms of natural resources endowment

Crisis: The decisive movement especially in a tragedy, a time of danger or suspense in politics


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Mmon, P.C (2003) Environment audit and monitoring, a frame work for sustainable development of the Niger Delta. Research paper in press.

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