PROJECT TOPIC – A Pragmatic Approach to Time Management in the Nigerian Organization (A Study of United Bank for Africa Plc Enugu)

A Pragmatic Approach to Time Management in the Nigerian Organization (A Study of United Bank for Africa Plc Enugu)



The  research  was carried out to ascertain the pragmatic  Approach to time Management in the Nigerian Organization.United Bank for Africa Plc and Zenith International Bank plc Enugu were used for the study. Only the professional staff were engaged in the research while appreciably 104 and 77 staff of UBA and Zenith Bank participated respectively in the study. The analysis of the data were based on the research questions  answered by  the respondents. The questionnaire were analysand using simple percentage distribution formula and also and also at level of distribution taken at 950/o, the hypothesis was analysed using Chi-square decision rule was”determined by accepting Null hypothesis Ho if and only if  the table value is greater than the calculated value. Reject otherwise, a number of tools, techniques and attitudes that can help to overcome the barriers to effectiveness time management were mapped out and useful recommendations suggestions  were made for further research were made to augment the present research.



All too often we hear from most people especially those in the helm of affairs  in organizations, that “there is no time” some even say it with some air of ‘pride as if ‘it is a distinguishing trait of superiority. Paradoxically, the Marked achievement of these persons leaves a lot to be desired for the so-called “busyness” claimed. ‘The above trend becomes a deep source of’ worry when confronted with the fact that time is one resource that is given in equal
amount to everybody regardless of status, roles, responsibilities and place. However, some make use of each second, while others fritter them away. ‘Time is a precious commodity, the basis of life . It is the same for  the president of a country as for the factory messenger. Consequently, what marks one out as a successful executive or employee depends on how well this scarce resource called time is used effectively and in a productive way (Light & IJnwick (1978))increasingly, scholars and management expert have begun to appreciate the inclusion oC time as a resource alongside men, material and money. Infact, in most civilized societies of the west, time is the benchmark for valuing the contributions and subsequently, the reward of employees after they have been categorized according to their various levels of skills and competencies (Mall 1959). In Nigeria, and  Africa, there is the African time, an age long concept of time that places little value of timing and punctuality. With this kind of attitude to time management, investment opportunities will not be explored
and lip service will be paid to development.
Therefore, the research will bring to the fore the need for every organizational participant to be exposed to the unique skills and principles of time management.


The study areas include the following:

1 . 1 . 1 United Bank for  Africa Plc.:

The United Bank for Africa Plc (UBA) has its antecedents in the British and French Bank Limited. The British and French Bank limited  meta,morphosed from BNCI Paris, Banquet National pour le commence at L’ industrie established in 1932. U B A . Was incorporated on 1 february 1961. The bank undertook a voluntary public issue in 1970,U B A became a private entity in1994 with the full divestment of government 46 % shareholding. UBA plc is one the three biggest and the most liquid bank in Nigeria. The corporate head office of the bank is at  No 57 Marina Street , Lagos Island , Lagos.

1.1.2 Zenith international Bank Ltd.:

The  emergence of Zenith Rank into the Nigeria financial Industry in 1990, ushered in a new era into the banking industry. Having  operated for more than a decade, the reputation of’ the bank is being sustained through quality service and commitment to excellence. ‘The bank is fortunate to have focused members on its Board. The corporate head office of the bank is at plot 84, Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island Lagos. One of the pioneer new
generation banks in Nigeria.

A Pragmatic Approach to Time Management in the Nigerian Organization (A Study of United Bank for Africa Plc Enugu)



Failure to meet deadlines, uncontrolled interruption  during working hours and lack of procedures for handling interruptions and drop-in visitors and phone call all suggest the existence of a time problem. These may cut into valuable time and rob the manager of the opportunity to handle his routine duties. He  dissipates his energy attending to non essential activities. Misplaced priorities creep in.Attention is diverted and the manager is robbed of valuable time
Managers suffer from time robbers. This is  the time that detracts ‘or diverts attention from work. The following suffers as examples of time robbers: incomplete work; a job poorly done that must be done again; poor communication channels; uncontrolled telephone calls; casual visitors; failure to delegate or unwise delegation; poor retrieval systems; lack of’ information in a ready-to use format; spending more time than anticipated in answering questions; late appointments; improper tasks; union grievances, too many levels of ‘ review, too many meetings, over committed outside activities, executive meddling ,vague goals and objectives; lack of technical knowledge; poor lead time on projects; lack of employee discipline; lack of qualified manpower.
These time  robbers often result from defective planning and a poor delineation of responsibilities, fear to delegate or manage by exception.A manager’s inability to handle a time robber will often create additional time robbers and result in delays. ‘ The specific problems to address include the following.
( a ) How effective is your organization in prioritizing to their To Do List
(b) What ways do the organization employ to limit interruptions
(c) Is unique skills and principles or time management employed enough to overcome the.,barriers to effective time management.
(d) How often is delegation of responsibility practice in the organization.\

A Pragmatic Approach to Time Management in the Nigerian Organization (A Study of United Bank for Africa Plc Enugu)

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