Steps to writing an opinion paper

Students are often thrown offboard when asked to write an opinion essay or paper. They first ask themselves “what is an opinion paper or essay?” and “how do I go about it?” in this article you will find some useful tips on how to write an opinion paper.

An opinion paper as the name implies is simply an essay where you have to write your opinion about a given topic. While other types of essays require factual facts, an opinion essay can rely only on the writer’s personal opinion as long as the writer can back up his or her claims with compelling evidence. However, I will advise you to back up your claims with evidence to get better grades.

You should be exact in expressing your ideas while presenting your perspectives on the topic inside a logical framework that is supported by references.


Don’t panic

Like every other essay or academic writing, you must not panic or get yourself worked up and worried about the topic you are asked to write on. Take it as a challenge that you are prepared to overcome and every other thing will come easy.

Do your research

At this point, you are to, first of all, do a general reading on the topic you are writing on. This will give you an insight into various themes you are to write on. For instance, if you were to write on the topic “is teachers experience and professional skills a panacea for the academic performance of students”, you will have to, first of all, know the meaning of teacher’s experience, teacher’s professional skills, and academic performance, before researching on their individual interrelationship with academic performance of students. Secondly, you are to read other peoples’ ideas and empirical findings on the relationship between the key variables in the topic you are writing on.

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Pick your points

During your research and readings, you are to fish out relevant points you will like to consider in your paper. Also, at this point, you must have built your own opinions concerning the various themes in the topic you are to write on.

Develop an outline

While studying the subject, create an outline and organize your findings into sections that make the most sense. Do not attempt to compose the entire paper in one sitting. Just put instances and facts that stand on their own in the appropriate areas.

Start writing

At this point, you are to start putting other people’s ideas or arguments and yours into writing. For every theme in your topic, you are to give your opinion(s) about it after considering other people’s ideas.


Here are some things you avoid while writing an opinion paper:

Avoid beating around the bush: ensure to only write things relevant to the topic you are writing on. Also, avoid writing points that are vague.

Avoid Poor paragraphing: An opinion essay is no different from any other type of academic assignment. As a result, indenting your paragraphs is a must. As you write, be sure to indent the opening line of your introduction and each point in the body of your essay.

Avoid the use of informal language: Even if you write in a casual style, use a variety of professional and formal vocabulary. As a result, it contains the following words: “also”, “additionally”, “furthermore”.

Avoid using Punctuation informally: However, informal punctuation is not permitted despite the criteria allowing for first-person language. Dashes, exclamation points, and emoticons all fall under this category.

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Avoid Inconsistencies: Using proper grammar, terminology, and spelling should be your goal whenever possible. Make certain your spelling and punctuation are perfect.


The next stage is to draft an outline for your opinion article. First and foremost, it will assist you in overcoming your apprehension of starting a new project because of the empty page. Second, you’ll have a list of ideas broken down and an organized structure for your random thoughts. With this method, you will be able to complete an assignment more quickly.

Below is the content structure of an opinion paper:

An introduction.

The first paragraph acts as a road map for the rest of your paper. The secret of an opinion paper introduction is to make the rest of your essay fascinating in order to capture your readers’ attention. After you’ve grabbed your audience’s attention with a hook, introduce your topic and briefly state any supporting reasons you want to elaborate on later in your essay. In this section, the topic is introduced in a neutral and professional manner so that the reader may obtain knowledge of the issue. Introduce your point of view once you’ve covered the basics of the subject. The major purpose of the introduction is to get your readers ready to dive into the content.

The main body.

This is the section of the paper is where you state your position and explain why you believe what you believe. Begin by discussing your point of view and backing it up with trustworthy sources, making sure to quote and reference everything you say. Present the issue’s main facts and arguments. Divide it into numerous paragraphs, each with its own set of arguments statements examples, and facts. Address the opposing side’s viewpoints in order to improve your position as a writer. Do so in a respectful manner to demonstrate your writing credibility.

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Write the conclusion by bringing all of the thoughts together. Restate your position on the subjects. This section of the paper serves only to bring the paper to a close. It is not a good idea to add new or more information. Restate the key idea and summarize the paper’s important elements at the conclusion.


Assemble your sources in line with the requisite style guide. Provide a list of the sources you used to conduct your investigation. Even if you didn’t make reference to them in your main text.


To summarize, when writing an opinion paper, you must take a position on either side of the issue.

Investigate the competing viewpoints on the subject to acquire a comprehensive grasp of the problem. Make a note of the main arguments or major issues with which you disagree. Please refrain from critiquing other people’s views on the subject.

Create an outline for your paper’s introduction. Introduce the subject neutrally and professionally in this section so that the reader may obtain knowledge of the problem.

Write the paper’s body. This is the part of the paper where you show your position and explain why you hold it.

Finally, put the finishing touches on your work by including a reference list.


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