Understanding Thesis Report

A thesis can be defined as a long piece of writing regarding a designated subject matter, issued in an institution in a bid to assess the research ability and capacities of the student. This is a generally accepted definition, this definition could however vary depending on the country and educational background in the country. In Nigeria, a thesis is a form of research paper given by the institution as a means to test the research abilities and capabilities of a student seeking to obtain a doctorate degree.

It is a generally accepted fact that any form of assignment or academic write up given to students in a bid to assess their research skills and abilities can be a different dimension of stress. This is so because:

  • In order for one to gain knowledge regarding a particular issue, he/she might have to read a lot of academic books and most students do not like to read large amounts of books.
  • Research can also demand the use of evidence and collection of data in a bid to come to certain conclusions regarding a particular subject matter. Collection of data and use of experiments under this veil could include case studies, surveys, interviews and so on. This means that students writing such papers, ought to walk around, ask questions, conduct interviews and so on, in a bid to collect data. If the results gotten from these practices are not fruitful, it could eat into the remaining free time of the student.
  • A research paper is a long essay and thus, it demands a certain level of creativity, formal informality and consistency on the student’s end. Most students do not have the patience or creative build to follow up and finish writing a long research paper without getting tired of it before time.
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However, undergoing the writing process of a thesis report need not be stressful and tiresome all the time. Thus, the essence of this article is to provide important tips on how to make the writing of a thesis report interesting and worthwhile.


The following tips and instructions ought to be adhered to by the student, in order to produce good results, they include:


            It is a well-known fact that human beings in general work better when doing the things they love, no matter the complexity or simplicity of the habit adopted. The same can be said for students writing research papers. If you are in a hurry to pick a topic because you have delayed the process for long, you might rush and pick a topic that you do not like thus killing the whole vibe to carry out the research adventure before it even begins.

Hence, before picking a research topic, students are advised to narrow down the selection of the topic to ideologies or issues that they are either familiar with or intrigued about. If this is done, the student is most likely going to look forward to and actually enjoy the research processes.


            A thesis statement explains in detail, the statement of the problem as well as the mode of solving this issue identified in the thesis. Oftentimes, the topic picked by students could be the smallest part of a very vast ideology or issue and when the student tries to conduct research about the topic, he/she might figure out that the results obtained are conflicting and contrasting. On this note, students are advised to be as specific as possible during the topic picking process. The best way to do this is by:

  • Picking a familiar topic.
  • Relating this familiar topic to its basic themes.
  • Ticking off themes around the topic that are not in line with the writer’s field of study or area of expertise.
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            There are two basic ways in which research can be carried out. It could either be empirical or non-empirical depending on the field of study of the writer. An empirical study requires more fieldwork, observations, data collection and surveys. Non-empirical research demands the use of past resources or arguments in a bid to come to a conclusion regarding a particular subject matter.

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Hence, the student ought to spend more time in the library than out of it. On this note, students are advised to pick a research approach based on what they are familiar with. In other words, if you do not like spending a lot of time in the library, do not pick a topic that relates to non-empirical research. Similarly, if you can not handle fieldwork, do not pick a thesis topic that demands it. If your field of study demands it, find a way to go around the issue and make it fun in your own way.


The process of writing a thesis is an easy one, it simply requires(i) the provision of a general problem regarding a particular subject matter(ii) The reason behind the emergence of the particular problem(iii)How to solve the proposed problem(iv)the approach or perspective that can be used to solve this problem and (v)the solution that was obtained through the use of the appointed perspective.

Although the way this particular message is conveyed through the chapters required in the thesis might be different, that is truly all it requires. Hence, students are advised to look at the topic selected from a more logical angle which should be in line with the steps mentioned above. If this is done, the student will be able to pass through the composition of these chapters with a lot more ease.

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            One of the main reasons why students do not enjoy the whole thesis writing process is because they begin the research process late and rush everything. When the whole process is rushed, the student begins to regard the research process as stressful because it will demand more time, it does not matter if the topic picked is a very familiar one. On this note, students are advised to begin the thesis writing process and research, as early as possible. That way, it will be easier for the student to enjoy the whole research process and finish on time.


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