Writing a product review -how to write a good product review example

Writing a product review -how to write a good product review example

Tonya for a period of six months lived busting her fingers scrubbing white shirts  and dabbing jean shorts, it became evident that she had everything in her house except a washing machine, she was prehistoric enough not to know the function of a washing machine in modern times the more reasons why she didn’t bother to get herself one.

But upon persuasion from her very much materialistic friends she opted to buy one, she had in mind the entire plot and step by step process on how she was going to get a washing machine but the little catch was she didn’t know which in particular to buy.

She searched and discovered a series with only one befitting her taste, she wasn’t really bothered by the texture, size shape or even features that was not what prodded her into buying the machine, she bought it on the count of what people had to say about the washing machine, few weeks from the date of purchase the machine broke down which was contrary to the

“Seemingly unbreakable and it has the tendency to run for five years with no falter” scribed down by reviewers.

Now, something happened before the purchase, it was the trigger, the five-star rating, the cautious click on a search result that doesn’t seem to be an apparent clickbait, and then the crappy online review.

From the above story, a conclusion can be drawn but you don’t need anyone to tell you that the washing machine company responsible for producing the “unbreakable product” called into bankruptcy and closed down owing to lack of patronage.

This overstresses the purpose of a review, if initially the product had been criticized according to how it has served to satisfy there would have been space and time to make amendments by the company but badly composed and falsified reports were compiled and published, leading to a much greater number of naïve masses to follow the mistaken words in the review and purchase the product which upon saddened by the realization flagged down the product.

Something similar happened in the former part of 2021, Adamu Garba’s Crowwe app was evicted from the Google play store, because of the supposed malicious reviews that spawned from blind prejudice, it was again the reviews that determined the outcome of his app.  What have the above stories and excerpts taught you so far? The truth should come first when reviewing a product and avoid being political;

“Nike and Adidas are clear competitors since I don’t like Nike even though they make good products I’d never give them a positive review”.  A review shouldn’t be a matter of the heart other customers are depending on what you have to write down.

The following steps are designed to help you write a product review.

Use the product or service

Obviously, you would have to use the product before even considering dropping your honest opinion because at some juncture you’d have to provide evidence on why or why not, although you will be stewarding the decisions of many do not be convinced that they are entirely stupid, they would be able to know if indeed you have used the product or not, and if it turns out your review is based on conjecture and what others are saying readers would most likely lose interest in your review and the product because really how credible is this stuff?

Point out the promise and problem

They must have been a reason you acquired that specific product, Tonya acquired hers because it looked like a promising tool that would see to her laundry. While writing a review be sure to include

  • The problem: scout for the bane that has scourged individuals who are wanting that specific product for example: “for those who are new to the dimension of art and craft, choosing the right tools and equipment for whatsoever project you’re working on can be a real hassle.

Following that, outline what promises the product makes, take for example you are reviewing pencils produced by Nataraj or HB to make known the claims and promises the manufacturers have made concerning the product.

  • So the Nataraj company promises drawing lines symmetrical to page layouts, horizontal or vertical would be made easy as the product has been fashioned to function without leaving smudges or placing dual lines upon a single line attempt.

Your introduction must be attention demanding even though not to all but to the designated set of individuals wanting to buy that product but still uncertain about it, Note to self: do not exaggerate.

Label the product

After finishing your introduction, move over to the body of the review and proceed with the description of the product, there is a pressing need to cover basic details and important information so that clarity can subsist.

What does the product do? Include practical details like the price, size, etc. be discreet and sure that you pinpoint the target demographic and the benefits to the demographic of the item e.g.   it equals in similitude to the traditional Digital SLR camera both in size and appearances, the compact camera is designed to provide day and night time action easier and professionally presented, this is one that brings real-life piercing images to satisfy photographing experience

The involvement of alternatives in the body of your review is very much allowed, it shows certainty that you are well aware of what you are writing about.

Provide your final verdict

Steady staggering to the concluding phase of your review, offer your final individual opinion about the product or the service you are reviewing. Identify to your readers if indeed the product accomplished its promises or It is a fallout like Davinci’s first attempted Glider.  Be balanced and less political as earlier indicated; deliver the pros and cons with all fairness e.g

Pros of a Tecno pop2 phone- availability of internet connection, user-friendly, comfortable to wield, lasting battery life

Cons: limited in storage, slow internet connection.

In all the Tecno pop2 device as earlier pronounced did deliver on its promises, it is very comfortable to wield and as such doesn’t create a cause for hand cramp which opposes the Pop3  spin-off

The quality of your review is what offers prospects and readers deep insight into the product they are assessing, if the product you are reviewing turned out to have troubled you, address it in a less provocative toxic way, instead of writing “this product is entirely useless and stupid and an utter waste of resources” it is rather you write “this product doesn’t completely accomplish its purpose although it has served to a certain point there are key things that have reduced its help to me.” Remember it’s someone’s effort you are adjudicating try and remain behind the borderline of regards.


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