Write Research Project Methodology (Chapter 3)

The chapter of the research project, thesis or dissertation is often tilted methodology or research methodology, either way, you choose to title it, the key is that this segment of the research study, is as important as all other chapters. At this stage, it is expected that the researcher provides its readers with information, on the research design to be employed in the study, the research method, if it is qualitative or quantitative, or even a mixed approach.

Additional information on the method and instrument for data collection will also be required. The researcher also provides his/her audience with information on the population of the study, sample and sampling techniques to be employed in reducing the population size, if need be, as well as the instrument that will be used to analyze the data so collected. A typical chapter three of a research project, thesis or dissertation follows the following format:

3.1       Research Design – Write Research Project Methodology (Chapter 3)

Explain the research design you will be adopting for your study, and state why the design is deemed appropriate for your study.

3.2       Population

What is your population size? Give detailed information on the number of people who comprised your study or the geographical span of your study, where you intend to get your population from and the source of the information on your population.

For instance, for a researcher who is studying girls in all public Secondary Schools in Ika LGA, Delta State, the population the study should provide information on the number of public secondary schools in Ika LGA, the number of girls for each school and the total number of girls in all the schools. The next question to address is the source of the information, from the above example information on the number of schools as well as the population of girls can be obtained from the Education board, available in the state.

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3.3       Sampling technique and Sample Size – Write Research Project Methodology

Sampling becomes necessary when a researcher is dealing with a very large population. Thus sampling techniques allow the researcher to trim down the population to a considerable size. For the researcher to do so, he/she has to choose a sampling technique.  When writing this segment of your methodology, provide information on the sampling technique to be employed, and also show the mathematical workings of how you arrived at your final sample size.

3.4       Research Instrument for data collection – 

How do you intend to get information from your respondents! Do you intend to give them a questionnaire to fill, or embark on a face to face interview?


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3.5       Validity and reliability of the Instrument – Write Research Project Methodology

This subheading, provides answers to the following questions, how will the instrument for data collection be validated, and by who? Also is the instrument reliable enough? , is it consistent enough? What reliability test would be used to test its level of reliability and consistency?

3.6       Data Collection Procedure

Here, it is expected that the researcher provides information on whether he/she would be requiring the services of a research assistant (s), if yes, how many? Will the research assistant (s) be trained? If yes, how long and what kind of training would be given to them.  And also, how will the instrument for data collection be administered?  Will the questionnaires be collected on the spot, or at a later time or day?

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3.7       Method of Data Analysis

In what way would the data collected from respondents be analyzed?

3.8       Ethical Consideration – Write Research Project Methodology

Before obtaining information from the respondent, will the respondents be fully informed about the nature of the study, also, will participation be voluntary and the information provided by the respondents be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

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