Trousers, attachments, paintings, earrings will not lead you to hell: Pastor Philip Chinagorom

The issue of ladies putting on men’s wear and men putting on ladies “things” has been a big question and different people tend to interpret this in the way they were taught or think it should be interpreted. Hence, we are supposed to do the right thing if we must make heaven. Tracing the origin of Pants which was meant for men could in other way (depending on the environment) be translated to mean trouser. Then what is actually pant? is it a pair of trouser or that worn by women? Then the issue of painting: Have you ever seen someone and you started wondering if the fellow were a ghost? I wouldn’t say much on this because I’ll need your opinion. Where actually did attachment originate from? Is it someone’s hair? I doubt it is. Why would people want to use as much as N500, 000 to buy an attachment? Earing: hmmmm…  I know these were things gathered to make the golden calf (graven image). Your view on this will go a long way.
this is what Philip Chinagorom has to say about this. (Please don’t take serious any abbreviation or short forms as this interaction took place on a social Network: Facebook).

31 October at 23:01 via BlackBerry ·

I’m amazed at d increasd Fears devil has planted in believers thru adulterated truths spread by some that Trousers, attachments, painting &earing wil take pple 2Hell. Here is d TRUTH,Its true they Can as well as cars,skirts,marriage,houses &even friends can also take Men to Hell.
What really takes Xtians to hell is Not “all those”but too much attachment 2d world above christ,IDOLATORY!beware of it. God is not aCHILD
Below were reaction from people:
  • Miracle Chiagozie Ekeke Sir am very disappointed in u 4 dis post. No wonder d Bible says we should look unto Jesus…. Because man can disappoint.
  • Philip Chinagorom Oh we are very much willing to receive our father at his return. That the cry of he that hath this hope in him, he purifies himself.
  • Philip Chinagorom Miracle thank u sir, SMILES
  • Geoffrey Nomeh paint sin all you can, it still remains sin
  • Ugabi Chinwendu Freemanbiz Igbaji If it is not in the WORD of God, it can never be in the word of God. The love of God we talk about is not far from us if we do his will; and to attract this gracious love, condition is attached to it. He gave us Jesus, the only son. The condition was- …See More
  • Geoffrey Nomeh God bless u, Chinwendu
  • Kelechi Ekeke @Aliede how disappointing and touching is it dat d Man dat conviced u and u burnt ur trousers is now telling dat it doesnt matter.God save us from dis decay my hrt bleeds for Aliede statement
  • Glory David David Hi pastor,i hv notin 2 loose in all .
  • Macson Hammer since when did we start mixing christains with the world? Is there no longer a difference betwn belivers and an unbelivers.?its so painful that theres not much of a difference. I fear!!
  • Geoffrey Nomeh macson, itz signs of endtime
  • Jessica Moses hmmmm am nt surprise bt if u are a born again nd knws the truth dts wat wil save
  • Blanco Roberts We dont knw the difference between church doctrine and the word of God. If it is a sin to wear trousers still knw that verse 9 of deut. 22 says you shall not plant two types of seed in the same farm, are we throwing those laws away, and picking the one…See More
  • Ifi Genice Nicy D standard of God remaineth sure….
  • Ifi Genice Nicy @bianco, dnt say wat u dnt knw, remember d holispirit is quick in action
  • Jessica Moses the truth remains dt if u knw wat wil make u go to hell fire live it nd determine to make heaven at all cost
  • Ifi Genice Nicy @ jesica, we r ladies, we knw wat itz lyk…bt 4 d sake of christ we ought 2 loss d world 2 gain christ…we dnt contradict christianity….if christianity dosnt cost u somany tins ur christianity have a big question mark….lets nt compromise.
  • Obijiofor Freedom @blanco as you said planting two types of crop in a field is also a law. dat plant dnt hv a soul&human body?plants are nt meant 2go to heaven Obey THE ONE DAT CONSIGNS U AS A MAN WITH A SOUL,FORGET THE LAWS THAT ARE MEANT 4 PLANTS& ANIMALS wic hav no soul.
  • Jessica Moses dts wat am saying @ nicy do wat u knw is right , no nid of judging bt if u have the spirit of God in you , u will always knw wat is right
  • Ivor Akpet Were trousers in existence when moses wrote those laws?
  • Ifi Genice Nicy @ivor hw do u mean?
  • Obijiofor Freedom @ivor no prophecy or the word of God wic is a law dat governs us is meant for a particular generation or dispensation, it is eternal,it has foresight bearing in mind of d future,the begining and d end of times.there is no reamendment in God’s constitution.
  • Ifi Genice Nicy Men may change, bt God does nt change 4 eva and eva…y r men diluting d word of God???
  • Obijiofor Freedom @AT AKPET God foresaw wat will happen,wic is already happening and gave a law dat is in time and ahead of time to prevent dis unfolding doom of d perilous time,so if some word of God are meant for the old testament,them dnt ask for it’s blessings &promises
  • Ugabi Chinwendu Freemanbiz Igbaji To put it right for you sire Blanco Roberts, if truth be told, you and I knows that the TYPE here as referred to in the Bible is SPECIE which Agric scientist here (if any) will attest to. This suggests or better still is saying that a farmer should no…See More
  • Blanco Roberts why is it that we are not doing everything there??
  • Ugabi Chinwendu Freemanbiz Igbaji No one said all should not be reverenced. Everyone has one he should concern himself with (in respect to whom the person is and what he does). If you are a farmer fine, it’s yours to observe because it’ll help your seed to do well. If you are a businessman, the scripture for you is you should not make false gain. There’s scripture for anything one finds himself in life.
  • Obijiofor Freedom @ blanco be consigned with wat dat consigns you,you hav a soul that is eternalized, work on it and forget abt the rest dat has nothing to do with ur soul and ur body.they are orders of things nt laws,witout things being in order the law is nt stablized.
  • Justin Clement yes ooo daz ma pastor am proud of you
  • Obijiofor Freedom Law & order are two independent words,the law is meant for man and order(orderliness) is meant for lower living things and nonlivingthing,dnt take an order of things for the law or the law for an order.
  • Blanco Roberts @obijiofor is order not a command? If God commands you to do something and you fail to do it, what do you think it is? My stand in this arguement is that wearing of trousers is doctrinal and not a law. I could not find it in exodus 20 where God gave his commandments and Jesus did not say anything about it.
  • Festus Bibian Ogechi Daddy, we bliv in d truth & the TRUTH we wil stand up for. I Celebrate You Sir.
  • Blanco Roberts First of all,paul says law camethrough moses,but truth andgrace come through christ.thendeutheronomy 22:5 says womanshould no put what belong toman,and man also.what aboutthe rest laws do u obey them,likeif a man mary a girl,and disvirginher,and the ma…See More
  • Ugabi Chinwendu Freemanbiz Igbaji There is difference between ORDER and IN ORDER. while d former is is a command, the latter is arrangement of things, so as to have perfect result.
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  • Blanco Roberts Go and research, here is my own after this arguement we can come to a compromise
  • Blanco Roberts “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.” This verse — Deuteronomy 22:5 — is one of the most commonly quoted and debated verse…See More
  • Blanco Roberts una get luck say I no fit paste am finish una for read tire. Thanks all. I celebrate you Pst chinagorom
  • Ugabi Chinwendu Freemanbiz Igbaji It’s becoming a market place i guess. Let’s all remember what joshua said… Choose you this day whom you’ll serve! Good night, I think this thread is worth making my headline where it’ll go global and be open for more people to share their views. Good night friends. <===THREAD CLOSED===>
  • Geoffrey Nomeh Blanco is a confused christian
  • Geoffrey Nomeh Blanco you need repentance bro. i pity u
  • Philip Chinagorom Geoffery pls this is a social Media don’t label any man Confused, its unethical! If u share a different veiw,pls don’t allow it to be birthed frm wrath. This is ur Mark of christianity.
  • Geoffrey Nomeh wrath? then u dnt even knw my point of view. i just stated a true fact sir, and itz affirmative
  • Geoffrey Nomeh and for the record, i dont wish to take it back
  • Philip Chinagorom So what about Guys wearing Jean, what about christians watching television“the devils box”as labelled. Yesterdays beleivers said christians don’t wear suits emphatically, what about Dances in church and using Live Bands. I believe they are Laws too revisit. What about Using Wedding Rings.
  • Blanco Roberts confused or not, jst prove ur point. I’m not arguing like a confused person. I made a research and I pasted my findings. So I’m still waiting for you to convince me and I’ll follow you. Good night lets continue tomorow
  • Philip Chinagorom Blanco, I Love your research, I celebrate you
  • Blanco Roberts Tell them, Pst
  • Blanco Roberts thank you sir. I celebrate you too
  • Agbo Ndubui Paul I think some people are just confused on what take people to hell and heaven. Christ in You is the Hope os Glory. Colossians. 1:27
    Now you can comment your view and share the post. Don’t take it personal

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