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Is it the time of your degree when you have to submit your thesis, you are confused and looking for some guidance or thesis writing tips? Take a deep breath, you are on the right page.

Unsurprisingly, we all know that writing a thesis for our graduate program is not an easy task. Many graduate students are haunted by stress and writer’s block, are you?

You all should stay calm because every graduate student goes through the same stress during the entire thesis writing and submission process.

If you are confused about how to write a thesis that can help you make good grades then we are here to help you!

We have thoroughly examined some very well-written theses of university students and keenly observed how they do such good with their thesis writing.

Below we compiled a list of five tips that are very effective for thesis writing, if you follow them with all your heart, you might be able to write a very outstanding thesis.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

5 Tips for Effective Thesis Writing

Find the Topic That Fits Your Interest

To start with thesis writing, the first step is the ‘planning’ step. You can start with finding the topic and the first tip is to always find your thesis topic within your areas of interest.

If you can’t relate to your thesis topic, you can never write it brilliantly. No matter how fascinating other students’ thesis topics are, it is not about impressing your professors with a fascinating topic but, impressing them with your effort, knowledge, and hard work.

Selecting a topic for your thesis that is beyond your expertise will never get you good grades so, why trouble your head?

There are a few things that you should do for selecting a topic for your thesis:

  • Start thinking on time, and do not wait for the deadline.
  • Think about what field or subject fascinates you the most, and ask yourself about your interest.
  • Do good research, and explore online thesis related to your field. This way, you can think of unique and original ideas for your thesis.
  • Collect multiple ideas because more is better, this way if your superiors reject one topic you will have others on standby.
  • Do not think about going big but, going great and greatness comes with expertise and interests.
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However, there is one thing you should take note of before finalizing a topic. You should check if the topic has been previously worked on. You can do that easily by using a plagiarism checker free.

This is mandatory because your thesis will not be accepted if it is not exploring new ideas. That is why ensuring that your topic is completely unique with the help of plagiarism checkers is necessary.

Discuss Your Topic and Ideas With Supervisors And Fellows

Once you are done thinking and selecting the topic for your thesis writing, your next step is to discuss your topic with your supervisors or fellows because it is always better to ask for third-party opinions.

Discussing your thesis topic and ideas with your supervisors will help you with plenty of other things like, how you can make your thesis better, what areas you must cover, what you can skip, how to carry the whole thesis writing process, and whatnot.

A student can never think with the mind of an expert and the experts in your thesis writing are your supervisors, they play a very important role throughout your thesis completion.

Also, if there are some aspects that you lack knowledge about, you can ask for their help, and they will always look at your work with the eyes of fair critics which is very important in making your thesis outstanding.

In many universities, students have a proper meeting schedule with their supervisors so make sure you attend every meeting and get the best out of every meeting.

Make a Schedule for Writing

Now that you are done with the ‘Planning’ phase for your thesis writing it’s time to move toward the ‘writing’ phase.

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And to begin with your writing phase, it is important to make a proper schedule for writing with deadlines.

You can divide your thesis writing process into different parts and you can mark each part of your thesis with a deadline.

The schedule will help you keep track of your work, and also help you with a smooth thesis completion process.

A thesis is generally very lengthy and you can never write it in a day or two, therefore, plan a proper time.

Think about what parts you can write during the day and what at the night, this way, you will have a proper timetable to follow.

Make sure your time table must spare you a good time to rest and relax because if you are not well-rested you will easily be distracted and might not focus properly which means your thesis might not be that great.

Start Writing Your Thesis

After making your thesis schedule, your next step is to actually start with your thesis writing. This is what you do in the ‘writing’ phase.

When you start with your thesis writing, set your spot where you have good light and air so that your mind will open to inspiration and you will not easily get distracted.

Always start with a clear head, and make sure you have all your collected data. Organize your thoughts, first start with the introduction of the topic then move towards the body.

It is possible that you get tired after writing for 50 to 60 minutes constantly so do not rush take a break whenever you feel tired or hungry, it will help you write with a clear head and you will be more focused which means fewer chances for mistakes.

A well-written thesis is good in vocabulary, structure, and formatting, these are the things that you should focus on while writing your thesis.

Use good vocabulary, do not use words as if you are still in school. Make sure you know the meaning of the words you are using do not try your luck with jargon.

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Consult Google or a dictionary to know the meaning of words that are confusing you. Proper sentence structure is what makes your thesis clear and readable to others so make sure you work on the sentence structure for smooth delivery.

Always Edit At The End

Now that you are done with the ‘writing’ phase, it’s time to move toward the last phase of your thesis writing the ‘editing’ phase.

In the editing phase, you need to work on formatting, writing errors, and plagiarism. Your thesis must be in proper formatting provided to you by your institutes, make sure your written thesis follows that format.

In this last step, proofread your work to check for writing errors like grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Though, you can check for writing errors after you complete any part of your thesis as per your schedule.

This way, you can easily find and fix writing errors because checking for errors as a whole is not easy because the thesis is way lengthy.

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Every educational institute has no-plagiarism policies which mean your thesis must not have any degree of plagiarism and this is not something you can do manually. You should use a plagiarism checker free of cost to find the percentage of plagiarism in your thesis.

The plagiarism detector will provide you with the exact percentage of plagiarism and if it is more than the accepted plagiarism percentage, you need to work on it.

Last Words

Many students are confused about writing their thesis that’s because of the pressure from the universities but, with proper guidance every difficult thing is easy, that is what we provided in this post.

In the above sections, we discussed the five tips that every student can use for effective thesis writing, make sure you read and implement them in your thesis writing.


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