Songwriting- the 6 mechanisms behind every successful line and music

Songwriting- the 6 mechanisms behind every successful line and music

We can all agree that music is that cutting-edge piece that transcends the material plane and directly contacts the human mind, creating a rhythmic illusion that bounds the receiver to a 2-6 minute melodious trance.

Writing a song, a mesmerizing one, is one of the greatest assessments of the human mind, the manner in which words are synced with upbeats or metallic tones to produce a catching rhythm is yet to be an untapped description of jaw-dropping.

But have you ever stopped to think what goes into the mind of a musician that eventually carves out such a mind-blowing release? have you ever paused to consider what in specific did the spice girls’ add to wannabe, a 1996 debut album, to make it the catchiest song ever? Have you ever put to thought the mechanism, the fuel, the fulcrum behind gloomy Sunday, the Hungarian cursed song, which made it so effective to the point it was said to have authored at least over 100 Hungarian and American suicides?

Well, copious research accompanied by a private survey has brought us to a realization; a rather revealing one that unearths does essential factor that made Michael Jackson beat it, a stunning global hit. Here are protocols 90 per cent of English songwriters follow while composing music

1.       Ever considered melody?

What in particular do humans first notice about a song before delivering the icebreaker? It’s the “beat” of the melody. All songs or rather most songs on earth are inclined to the three and four-chord progression, but what has separated the weekends save your tears from Jamie fox’s New York City is simply the melody.

If you have already envisaged yourself pulling that earworm of a song from under the rug, then it is important you don’t exist outside the due process; your melody, the melody of the song, defines the song before the lyrical aspect is appreciated or commended the melody and flow is first looked into, consider pulling through with that melodious rhythm that would prod listeners into motion, you know, the stepwise movement.

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Designate an ample amount of time and put this aspect into a deep study, are you seeking to be the face of music like Whitney Huston? Or Oprah Winfrey. Then sit down and, for God’s sake, browse through a consecution of options and pick that tune that helps you jump into verses without shattering the entire structure of the song.

2.       Utilize all chords known to man

One of the possible reasons your song would be tossed over to the other end of the earth with no one paying attention to it is if it comes out as a cliché like; we have seen Marshall Mathers become a harbinger for that gunning-style entrance that pumps your blood while listening to his music.

Any other person that strikes a chord in that similitude would likely be ignored because we have already seen that, you don’t go to the open market to buy the same outfit, well you look like someone who can do that but most people don’t, while listeners would hinge on a particular type of music they may be doing so on the count that they appreciate the individuality and uniqueness of that particular singer.

strike cords like Eminem and watch the world ignore you, it’s rather you opt for something else, like something new, something fresh, people like new and fresh things; begin by assessing your ability with all the cords known to man.

3.  Produce a striking rhythm

Have you ever listened to a country song? Have you ever been in a situation where you don’t like a particular song, but you can’t just muster up the energy to switch it off or change it? Most, if not all, country songs are like that they have a catchy rhythm that entraps you subconsciously.

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Of course, your brain won’t explain that kind of feeling because you like country songs but have never developed to appreciate them. The lyrics may be whack and old-style by the rhythm produced hypnotizes your being.

If you do not change it immediately, it’s most likely you’d keep playing it over and over again that’s how effective country music syncopated melodies are likewise, you can work with that, not the country music jam, but the notion surrounding it, the rhythm should be appealing something people would vibe to unconsciously.

4.       Write a song people can respond to live

We see nightclubs, bars, pubs, and men’s caves; what’s always booming through the thick plastered walls are easily hummed lyrics of afro songs and fast-paced trap lines. These are songs that can make a mass sea of bodies’ dead or alive, move to the beat.

these are songs that can be performed on a live stage and captivate the minds of people. In our fast-paced high-tech stampeding generation, high-tempo rhythms and smoothly blurted-out words are what people respond to easily its either that or the rapidly grumbled-out words that are native around black MCs and upcoming stars finding their way around the music industry.

To deliver an effective song, consider the listeners, consider your audience; you can listen to previous songs and find out what made people over them. Search out the lines that people declared the final nail in the coffin and work with that. Do not steal it though, no don’t do that unless you are comfortable with resource-stealing law suites; then yes, by all means, rip a line off a released song.

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5.       Have insight into song structure

A number of songs contain a definite structure that goes as

  • Introduction
  • Verse
  • Pre-chorus
  • Bridge
  • Instrumental solo
  • Outro

Obviously, this is very popular among elite musicians like Imagine Dragons and Billie Ellish, but that’s them; how about you? Your music structure is very important because that’s what carries listeners along. A ruptured or poorly structured song can lead to a lot of damage including blotting out eardrums and spreading hate for your music; structure it adequately with this popular pop format

  • Intro
  • Hook
  • Verse
  • Chorus
  • Verse
  • Chorus
  • Bridge
  • Chorus
  • Outro.

6.       Get creative with lyrics and rhymes

This is the hardest part of songwriting—writing the actual song. Scribing down the lyrics, not just any enthralling lyrics, but ones that are very much required for the rap genre. It can sometimes be very tricky but believe me, you’d always come across that dead end, you’d always come across that word that can’t be rhymed.

But one sure secret that can pull you out of such uncomfortable situations is to write when you are provoked, sad, and energetic. Write only when you are not okay because that’s when you are susceptive to expressing emotions.

While you are busy writing out your emotions, be sure to tweak it a little till it comes out delightful. Consider songwriting as poetry; the use of poetic devices such as rhyming schemes, assonance, alliteration, puns, and metaphor would be included. They help in fashioning the entire structure of the song till they are cohesive, catchy, and mesmerizing.


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