Why should we hire you -5 solutions on How to answer the question; “Why should we hire you?”

Getting a Job can be difficult; with the rigorous process employed and the unemployment rate, it takes more than mere qualifications to land a dream job. Imagine picking 1 out of 100 candidates who applied for a vacant post and have been invited for an interview; what criteria will you set to help you arrive at the Best Candidate? Now see yourself as the candidate having to navigate through the same amount of applicants for that one spot.

Okay, relax. I am not trying to scare you. I am here to help you. After reading this article, you will be fully equipped to tackle the question: Why should we hire you? Also, I will give you an example so you can learn from it.

One question that must come up is, “Why should we hire you?

The question above is an incomplete one (just saying). It has some extra words after it. Those words best explain the meaning of the question. When I started, I created a Scenario of having to be contending for vacant posts with 100 persons. The question is, “Why should we hire you instead of one of those numerous candidates”. In other words, “Why do you think you are the fit for the Job?“.

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I know that look. You are tempted to start speaking and probably have in mind to tell them why you are better than those other candidates, but wait, relax your mind; we are here for you.

Why the Question?

The hiring manager wants to know more about you, your skills and most importantly, what you bring to the table. Looks do not get you Jobs. You indeed need to dress smartly, but if I am looking for a Support Technician, I will certainly not be concerned about what the person before me is putting on. No; instead, my concern will be on what he can add to the company, his qualities. Answering this question well can win you your dream job.

How to Answer the Question: Why should we hire you

  1. Reflect on the role, the company, and the experience.

Now, to determine a breathtaking answer to the question, you first need to reflect on the role or office you applied for quickly. Understand what duties your aspiring office poses on you, understand how best you can deal with pressure during your service delivery, consider the fact that you relatively are not indispensable, reflect on the company’s work ethics, and maybe one you gathered from investigative research, and finally fuse your answer with a previous working experience if any.

The above trick is very important because if you don’t have a sound understanding of the role you are applying for, the company’s working ethics, and you lack experience, irrespective of how professional your answer is, it may relatively not meet the standard of the interviewer.

  1. Point out your Outstanding Qualities

This has got to be the easiest thing you need to do to birth a wonderful answer to the aforementioned question. I call this self-manipulation; in this aspect of the fight for quality delivery, you must wear yourself, sink into your being, and have a deep introspection.

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Here you have to ponder the qualities that make you outstanding in the field. Discover what qualities you possess that can make you a spotlight among other workers because you cannot be the only one in your desired office. Please, keep a smiling face despite how difficult it may be to spit out answers.

  1. Identify a Problem, Become a Solution

Having outlined the quality that makes you outstanding, connect it to how your special Qualities can be of good use in that area. Here you have to be very careful with what you say here so as not to inject pride, and create a bad impression on the hiring manager. Be tactical with whatever answer you give here. Keep it straight.

What you say here contributes to 70% of your hiring chances. This is where great wisdom comes into play. The answers here have got to be simple, well spiced and decently presented. Try as much as you can not to despise the people who have already been working before you. Rather, make them understand that your presence can amplify the quality delivery of services.

  1. Explain How you would Fit into the Existing System

Having advertised yourself and strictly making powerful references to the qualities that distinguish you from your contemporaries, the next thing to do is to discover how you’ll blend into the already existing system and amplify its delivery.

Here your answer should be professional, and it should come with a fair touch of experience; here, you have to make powerful points that’ll catch the undiluted attention of your audience to convey the right impressions. One of the most important qualities of humans is adaptation, which is not to be ignored. You need to promote your ability to adapt to adverse working conditions that may arise as a result of unplanned events.

  1. Align your Answer to the Company’s Goals

You need to know what works for them and understand how they fight their obstacles to meet their desired target. Your ability to align the services you render painstakingly to the company’s goal makes you a magnanimous staff in a firm.

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This helps minimize your hurdles and challenges and skyrockets your chances of becoming the best staff member. So in other to answer this question, you need to dilute the company’s goal with a solution to your working ethics.

Expert Example on answering the question: Why should we hire you

I possess all the relevant skills and experiences for this job, and I trust myself to be the candidate you are looking to Hire. Firstly, I bring a wealth of Background knowledge and, in relation, a good orientation in people and behaviours, which will be key in this role.

Moreso, I am a go-getter and love to challenge myself to make every place better than the way I met it. I put a lot of hard work into every task and am open to new ideas anytime. I’m a fast learner as well.

Lastly, I would like to add that I work well as an individual contributor and team member.

All these skills collectively make me a complete package for this job.”

There are other ways to answer this question. The above is just in a general sense; you can streamline this more to your preferred role or go ahead to explain those Skills. With this, you should be Home and Dry.

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