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Writers King Professional Resume & CV Writing Services is owned by Writers King LTD and provides job posts and Freelance services. We also provide employers with a simple platform to connect with qualified individuals.

Please read the Terms of Service if you consider using any of our services or product.




“Service” refers to any of the Writers King Professional Resume & CV Writing Services’ job alert, informational, or other services. The individual, business, or entity employing our service is referred to as the “client.”




These terms and conditions apply to all services provided to the client by Writers King Professional Resume & CV Writing Services.


We make no promises that you will receive the jobs we bring your way. The final decision is made by the hiring company.


Our website contains information provided by third parties (advertisers, employers, and job seekers), and we cannot vouch for the veracity of any of the data that is posted therein.


Any employment or information posted on our website or through any other third party is not our responsibility.


We cannot promise you a set quantity of alerts or information each month. Information and alerts are distributed in accordance with the availability of jobs.


Any communication that is not sent owing to your provider’s network service being unavailable or for any other reason is not our responsibility.


Since this is merely an informative service, we cannot vouch for the accuracy of any job postings or user data.


The service we provide to you on this website may be shared by you or anyone else.


With or without prior notice to the Client, we retain the right to end this service at any moment.


We make no claims that users of this service are trustworthy or liable for any fraud that might occur as a result of information obtained from this site.


External links may be present in our service, but we make no representations or warranties regarding them or the content they contain.


After they expire, job postings made on the internet are not removed by us. Only the application process is disabled.




We will not be held responsible for any claims resulting from the provision, operation, delivery, or defect of the service, nor will we be held responsible for any special, indirect, economic, or consequential loss or damage, however they may arise or be caused (including loss of profit or loss of revenue), resulting from negligence or other causes in connection with such provision, operation, or use.


In connection with the provision, operation, or use of the Service through us or any of our partners, we shall not be liable for any claim resulting from job openings by any employer, information on our website, loss or damage howsoever arising or howsoever caused (including loss of profit or loss of revenue), whether from negligence or otherwise. In any case, the Company’s liability shall not exceed the fees that the Client directly paid to us during the year or month in which the default event happens.


When using the service, the Client is solely responsible for protecting us from any liability to third parties.


Any loss or damage incurred by the client as a result of direct or indirect use of the services we provide is not our responsibility or liability to the client.


To understand how we manage the data we collect, you can see the Privacy Policy page.

Last Update: 19th September 2022