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Maintaining an accurate and professional presence across all of your social media profiles can be a challenge, but it’s becoming increasingly important as more people turn to social media to learn about you.

It’s important to keep your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles updated and relevant because many potential employers use these sites to find and learn more about candidates. And that’s exactly why we are here!

 If you’re in the market for a new job or just want to market yourself more effectively, a good first step is to update your social media profiles. Make the most out of your social media profile today by allowing our professionals to decorate your profile to stand out and become discoverable by recruiters.

It’s easy to sign up for every social media platform out there and then feel swamped by the prospect of keeping them all up to date. Pick the profiles you’ll use for social media wisely for your profession. For example, a Tumblr account might be ideal for writers, while a Pinterest or Instagram account would be useful for photographers.

To be discovered by potential employers and new contacts, it’s also important to maintain profiles on “standard” social networking sites like Twitter and LinkedIn.  Social media profiles that are well done can increase your online visibility, facilitate communication with supporters and customers, and boost your digital standing. Therefore, you must create the best first impression for everyone that stumbles upon it. Why waste time pondering how to organize your profile in an eye catchy and optimized way? Contact us at writer’s king and get the most out of your social media profile. We’ve got you covered!

As you create profiles on various social media platforms, start considering each one as a potential entry point for your brand. A potential customer’s first impression of your brand may be formed after viewing your social media profiles, so it’s important to make a good impression so they stick around to learn more.

Included below are five characteristics of highly effective social media profiles.

First, the Name People See When They Visit Your Social Media Profile

Okay, I guess this is elementary. It makes sense to use your given name as the name associated with your social media profiles. This is usually the case. But there are times when that just doesn’t make any sense. A pseudonym could be preferable when interacting on social media sites like Twitter where it is not required.


Second, Your Username and URL for social media

Your username is part of your URL across most social networks; it doesn’t have to be the same thing as your display name. In most cases, once you pick a username, you’re stuck with it forever. When choosing a name, it’s usually best to use your own. If you serve as the company’s public face, it may be more appropriate to use the company’s name instead of your own.

Thirdly, your profile picture across all of your social media accounts. Which should you use, a logo or a picture of yourself? A headshot is the best option for a personal profile picture.

What about a business?  The answer depends heavily on what you hope to achieve. Include a photo of yourself if you lead a small business or are the public face of your organization. You should use a logo if you want your company to be instantly recognizable or if you don’t want your name attached to the business.

Maintaining a consistent profile picture across all of your social media profiles is also recommended. In this way, your identity will be consistent across all of your digital presences.


Fourth, A Hyperlink to Your Social Media Profile

While the specifics of doing so will vary from network to network, you should always look for ways to increase the visibility of your profile’s clickable links. To give two examples, you can promote your site by including a link on the “home page” of your Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. Having your link prominently displayed increases the likelihood that readers will click through to your site. You can monitor which profiles are sending the most visitors to your site by creating a landing page for each social media platform. You can use these pages to share network-specific content, like recent blog posts you’ve written about Facebook, or to offer a discount exclusively to people who found you on Twitter.


Lastly, The Content of Your social media Bio

Include a few sentences about yourself or your company in the bio section of your primary social media profiles. Consider this section as a place to include relevant keywords and your elevator pitch. How would you summarize your company in a sentence or two? It’s also a good idea to make the most of the space provided by your bio. The character limit on social networking sites like Twitter means that brief descriptions are all you get.

The “about” section of your profile on social media sites like LinkedIn can be up to 2,000 characters long. Here is your chance to introduce yourself, highlight your strengths, and make a positive first impression.

For this to be effective, you need to provide more information than just a list of your past and present endeavors. Alternatively, you could write a short story that ends with a simple request. Last but not least, wrap up your bio with a direct request for action. The call to action could be a link to a free report, an invitation to a phone call, or a mission statement that ends with the question, “Will you join me?”

Please note social media profile characteristics are not limited to the above, there are other elements to consider when creating your social media profile.

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